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Friday, May 29, 2015

Coded Message For The Leaders - Updated

The following is a coded message for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

There is a spiritual war going on between Good and Evil and the good is currently taking down Lucifer and his minions. It is for this Intergalactic and Interdimensional War that this message is written.

Jesus is French for Light and when you praise Jesus you praise the god of light - Lucifer.

God's Name is The I Am That I Am - Yeshu Raha Yeshu

His Number One Son's Name is Yehua - the A meaning servant of.

Every knee shall bow and every toungue confess that Yeshua is Lord.

Below every major Catholic Church built to worship Jesus is a temple to Sophia Pistis, "Mother of Lucifer."

The Message::::

Sophia is here and back in force and is stomping the snot out of the evil. Her forces have also arrived. Sopjia wants her planet back Now.

Her inheritance will be dispersed as soon as the "Ringing Cedar of Russia" and "Warren Buffett" come forward - which includes around $15.5 Trillion Dollars in gold.

Sophia may be reached at

From these 42 tons of gold will be given to Deutch Bank to help stabilize the planets economic system and 15 Tons of Gold to the  to the Ringing Cedar of Russia. One ton of Gold is to be given to the Mantle Feo of Russia.

The Pleadeans will bring whatever it takes to do this.

"From this will flow MY inheritance."

First - Russia will pay the bond I posted in Deutch Bank in full - which amounts to around $20 Billion currently.

Second - Sophia's  partner will receive $34 Billion

Finally - Warren Buffet will receive $3.5 Billion. The 34 + 3.5 will stabilize the planet at 37.5 Degrees above us.

The Galactic Council and the Pleadeans are taking over immediately.

The 12 +1 Chrystal Skulls in the Celestial Harmonics on Saturn's Rings have returned to Andromida for a download.

The 12 + 1 Elders here on Earth represented by these Chrystal Sculls will no longer be kept waiting and I am apparently the 13th Elder.

All 26 will eventually end up on Earth to stabilize the planet.

If this is not done immediately then Lucifer's time Line will be erased and the Fallen Angels will be as if they never existed.

"We Are The Golden Mean Of The Earth"
On a personal note:

After I got this call my phone got so hot I had to turn it off. Then - just posting this Coded Message was one pain in the Hiney.

Somebody does not want this message delivered - which make any sane individual realize that maybe there is some sort of validity to this message - other wise why would someone try and stop me?

What is so important in this message that the DOD and CIA would purposely shut down my computer several times, and over heat my phone,  to stop this message?

My recommendation: Warren Buffett, Deutch Bank and Ringing Cedar - you need to contact "Gia Sophia." If you do not, and she is real, then you are history.

Consider Jade Helm 15 and a nation with 65,000 Active Nukes, 250,000 Nuclear Tipped Surface to Surface and Surface To Air Missiles and over 100,000 Undersea "Hedgehogs" and 135 "Doomsday Nukes" purposely being broken apart by the Gay Boy in our White House in less that 5 weeks.

Consider also the Underground Base under the White House being torched off 10 minutes after I posted my warning 3 days ago forcing an Evacuation, or the Nuke that went off in the Eastern Ukraine 8 February 2015 I tracked for over 30 days?

Perhaps you could set your Egos aside for one moment and Humor Me and contact this "Gia" ?

Time is critical.

OK - let's see what happens.
The News You Need???

Dr William B. Mount

Another Personal Note: I just got done listening to the Director of Lockheed Martin discuss the Esoteric meaning of Light and our building of Star Ships at the UN HQ.

What if this Gia and Galactic Council thing is real - and you do not contact her --- then you are toast, baked to a crisp and then thrown down into the lower Material Harmonics (Band Widths) forever.

You do the math.

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