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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fight Back

First - please pray (Visualize) that you understand this article and that these articles go viral to wake up America.

Second: If you have a Microwave Oven of Television you are lost, irradiated on a daily basis. It does not matter what you watch - only that you watch or use the Radar Range (Microwave Oven).

We are being conditioned in America for our own destruction and we feel helpless to even move in any direction. Please be aware that this is a fight between GOD and Lucifer and it has been going on for Eons.

What you can do is pray, do what GOD asks of you, and be prepared for any thing Lucifer will throw at you.

We fight not against flesh and blood but against Powers And Princes of Darkness led by their Commander and Coward Lucifer - or Satan.

Here are some examples of conditioning we all receive daily:
1) The United Nations Conference last weekend was very, very informative. One of the most important things the said was: "We do Not Even Know How Automated Trading on the New York Stock Exchange is Done, it is all done through Artificial Intelligence nad we have Price Setting."

So we have two things going on on Wallstreet:

1st) Prices for metals and many stocks are set in London

2nd) The Artificial Intelligence Programs control much of the stock market prices (NYSE, American Stock Exchange, Japanese Stock Exchange, Chinese Stock Exchange, etc.)

This means that as the market collapses around you that you will believes everything is Great based on the Stock Exchange's Values>.

Example: Stocks are up, unemployment is down - the economy is in a FULL RECOVERY.
2) There are some good generals.

A recent video circulating has a 4 star general stating he will not fire on US Citizens.

In order to become a Major you have to be in a Satanic Cult - sacrificing Humans monthly. SO what this "General" is stating is that he will sacrifice Americans monthly but not fire on Americans?

Think about it.
3) In a few recent interviews the "Guerilla  Economist" exposes the US Corporate Evils on their planned attacks on America - an he dies a great job at it.

We are thus conditioned to Hate the US Military and Obama, and fear them killing us. It is a type of conditioning for us to accept our own destruction.

What we need to be doing is praying and preparing, not fearing.
So here is an example:

The Rothchilds Round Table in London has just set up the nuking of America. In their recent plan they intend to Nuke 2 US Cities (Atlanta and San Francisco) before 12 March 2016 using pre-positioned nukes.

On 12 March 2016 (=- 3 days) they will detonate a series of nukes across the world in this order: LA, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Boise, Capitols of France, Moscow, China, then the nukes will be detonated in the US heading South and East in a V pattern. Simultaneously release of Bio Weapons will then occur to kill around 4 Billion Worthless Humans as they hide underground. They will throw everything they have at us - Earthquakes, floods, etc.

The world will be readied for Lucifer's Return at the beginning of the New Cycle in 2025.
4) So - do we just roll over and die?

Pray - Visualize - that those planning and implementing these Evil Plans are immobilized by the Living GOD for the rest of their lives - and so immobilized they can not even speak.

We can win this by doing as GOD has directed us to do.

Watch the video THE CURE FOR CANCER and stock up.


In the last days even the shadows of the Believers will heal those in the streets.

So - enjoy life and appreciate what GOD has given you.

We live once to be judged, they have to stay here eons and eventually will be cast down into the Lake Of Fire never to return.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Whistleblower: 4 Star General Foretells Impending Collapse Of America - YouTube

The Guerrilla Economist V's Interview With 4 Star General - YouTube

4-Star Admiral Slams Obama: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrated All Of Our National Security Agencies - YouTube


He used to be a Satanic Human Sacrificing Priest until he turned to the Living GOD and his son Yehsua.

FIGHT BACK - Most Spirits will roll over, for those persistent ones play Harp Music and pray.
GOD has a plan: If my bond was paid on and the FBI was smart enough to pay me back what the stole from me according to GOD, and the US Treasury paid me all they owe me - these stories and videos would have never been made. I would have moved to Montana years ago and left the press.

If Lucifer was smart - he would have ordered me paid off long ago.

Since Lucifer is too stupid to pay me, and his Minions share this stupidity, imagine what GOD will allow me to print and video tape over the next coming years?

When I open my eyes and I am no longer on Earth my job will be done.


Aging Reversed
Morgellons Reversed
The Cure For Cancer
Stroke Damage Reversed - In A Cat
Fountain of Youth

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