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Sunday, May 31, 2015

UN Broadcast 30/31 May 2015

This was by far the best and most interesting Conference the Arcane School has ever had. The speakers were top notch and the delivery was incredible.

Following is a review of the high Points of what was said - Part One. The second part may be (May Be) discussed tomorrow and will deal with how the Universe is organized, what Dark Matter really is, and how to access Dark Matter for energy and propulsion and how to use it as a weapon.

The conference theme was:

Let The Group Onward Move Out Of The Fire And In To The Cold toward A Newer Tension

1)  River Between Two Worlds:

 a) Water is ether that is condensed in this 3rd Dimension 1st Harmonics and makes up about 50% of our Blood Stream.

b) The Red Blood Cells are the Etheric Energy and an Inter-dimentional Circuit that connects us to the higher harmonics. The are represented in the Higher Harmonics as an Electrical Fluid so therefor Blood represents ether in it's densest form - IE: Blood is Life. Both Blood and Water act as a sort of Magnetic Recording Liquid.

c) As the blood pumps we actually see about 20% of the blood disappear and then reappear at the junction of the heart - it flows in and out of the Higher Planes.

d) Personality is thus set up by water on the Inner Planes of our souls.

e) Each Major Organ relates to a body in our Solar System: Heart represents the sun, Mercury the Lungs, Jupiter the Liver, Saturn the Spleen, etc. This is why when the Sun has troubles we can feel it in our hearts.

f) Our Soul's love in the spirit world is cold - thus we have to come down to the Lower Material Planes to feel the warmth of Friction (For all warmth is created by fiction). and through this warmth feel compassion. The Fallen Angels are thus the "Lords Of Compassion" and by giving us Pain and Suffering we will all evolve into a higher state of Nirvana and then begin our Spiritual Journey up the Harmonics.

g) All of the Hierarchy were once Humans and here is where we will end up there some day - much like the Mormon Belief where all were brothers and Jesus became the Good Guy and Lucifer the Bad Guy like Good Cop/Bad Cop.

h) The actual Absorbtion of water may actually help determine how healthy we are. Seem funny that this is exactly what Immusist does, doesn't it?

2) The Flow Of Life:

a) Science is Moving towards Alchemy.

b) The discoveries they are finding are incredible. Doctor giving the talk discussed the difference between rural vs city hospitals and discussed the need for more funding.
3) Out Of The Ashes

a) Bernie Rochford - Former Continuing Care Commissioner in the NHS (Health Care Service of the entire United Kingdom now Whistle Blower) discussed the fact that clearly 2/3rd (66%) of all patient care bills were paid out to Dead Patients - despite a mandatory yearly face - to - face patient review.

b) As a Commissioner she went to the Director and asked to stop this - at which point she was promptly fired.  Sounds allot like one of my first complaints about the VA?

c) The accountants simply make up Fake Doctors in their own names (Since these Doctors do not need medical degrees) and pay themselves for the treatment of Dead People. This is exactly what the VA has been doing  in Seattle, Portland, Pittsburg, etc. In addition - for Live Patients they actually make appointments for patients, do not tell them, and the make up notes about the appointments they never had.

d) So while the doctor above is calling for "Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money" the next speaker discussed the Fraud and Waste (Over 66%) inherent in the NHS and just how Evil Government Health Care Workers are when you point out this Waste, Fraud and abuse.

e) Think about Obama Care - Not One Cancer Case Cured of one case of Heart Disease Cured - yet we can do that for around $300. It is a complete program of Waste, Fraud and Abuse. My wife calls it a "Slush Fund."

f) Bernie discussed the "Tension" in her life due to the Nasty Evil things the UK director of the NHS is now doing to her and not one British Official is Man Enough to arrest the Director of the NHS for this Theft.

4) Libuse Savodinova - Vision

a) Libuse discussed the need for vision in her nation of the Czech Republic and how the need to stay focused  and on tract to complete a mission.

b) After the Czeck Republic became independent they elected a man who understood how the people felt and tried to help his tiny little struggling nation move up in the world. Since these people came out of Communism they despised the Russians and ejected any form of Communism and move towards the West.

c) The New President was elected and he seems to love Vladimir Putin and every thing the Russian's represent. The people are furious. This switch in policy (Sounds like Obama) has caused much tension in the Czeck Republic and this tension is causing Division.

5) Final Remarks:

The speakers discussed the need for tension - and they made several statements you have heard me discuss many times here - only now the UN Directors are having their eyes opened:

1) The Spiritual Hierarchy is in mass confusion and no one knows why --- Gee Whillikers, seems like we have discussed this many times.

2) The Christ of Lucifer will not return until the Earth is AT PEACE and is expected  return in hthe year of 2025.

3) Tensions here on this plane are quickly reaching a climax - and we will either have complete peace or massive Nuclear War.

4) A Practicing then Pshychiatrist stated those who believe in Conspiracy Theories may be mentally unstable and many are literally coming unglued at this point in time.

5) There seems to be a planned Ecological and Financial Melt Down coming that may necessitate Nuclear War and this really worries the Directors.
On a personal note:

I would like to remind the members of the Arcane School, Lockheed Martin and the United Nations here in New York and in London that the Nuclear Weapons I identified heading towards YOUR headquarters were not only large enough to vaporize you and your entire staff, they were set to go off at a time you were all in your offices, and that through Great Efforts I was able to identify where they were and thanks to Chinese and Russia Forces they were stopped In Route.

Remember the Colorado Missing Nuke - It Was Headed to London, it was stopped in Halifax.

8 Feb 2015 - Nuke went off just north of Donetsk, Ukraine I tracked for 30 days. The other 2 nukes were headed toward Stalingrad and Murmansk,

The DC outage - Caused by a Nuke a few weeks ago - I tracked for 121 days.

The recent Rogue Nuke in Northern Pennesylvania - could use some help on this one guys and gals. They guy who is packing this decide is getting kind of desperate and may consider Suicide by Nuke at the place of his choosing.

UN Members - you need to be Very Afraid - You are the primary targets so a little help would be nice - wince YOUR lives are at stake.

The war may start sooner than you think - Texas may be thrown out of the US on 1 July by Obama - the Executive Order was signed ---- and the US has countless Nukes - could use some help here boys and girls.

Obama and his staff are Insane and suicidal at this point.

(((Ask Yourself: What kind of Idiot or Insane Suicidal Maniac would try and stop this story from getting out knowing there my be a nuke headed for DC 12 June (+- 3 Days)  less than a mile from the White House?)))

This will be the First Planetary Destruction in History caused by Stupid and Lazy Intelligence Agents - CIA, Massod, SVR, Chinese Red Dragons, .......

Please pray (Visualize) that those in the United Nations wake up and help me stop this insane march towards World War 3 being profligated by the Vatican and Lucifer the Coward.

Oh yea - The US Corporation is now planning to over turn Madagascar - that means War. Allot of untapped resources there.

On a personal Note: Whoever reset my phone tonight does not wish this message to get out and obviously wishes a Nuclear World War 3. deal with them Russia and China.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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