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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

UN Conference 2/3 May 2015 - Fascinating

The UN Conference this weekend in New York City was perhaps one of the most revealing conferences that the United Nations has ever had.

There were about 50 attendees and around 400 who attended via the internet.

So - exactly who are these UN Leaders, where did they come from, what are their overall goals, what do they want from us and what do they plan on doing over the next 10 years?

Most importantly : How will it effect you?

The answers they stated will surprise you.
1) Who Are They:

First you must realize that the Universe is teaming with life. Each plane of exixtance is based ofn frequencies. We live in the 3rd Dimension, 1st Harmonics.
a) Lower Material Planes:

1) Our Plane - 3rd Dimension, 1st Harmonics - We vibrate at about 50 - 100 Mhz.
2) Astral Plane - 3rd Dimension, 2nd Harmonics - Vibrates about 100 times faster - or 10,000 Mhz
3) Galactic Plane - Vibrates at 1,000,000 Mhz.

b) Energy Planes:

4) Celestial Plane - the Angels, where our souls go when we die - vibrates at 100,000,000 Mhz. Here matter and energy merge and here is where the Angels come from.
Those who lead the planet ware the "Fallen Angels." They were thrown out of heaven and down - through a Star Gate through the sun - and into this plane and they are only allowed into the Astral and Galactic Plane.

This explains why they love symbols of the sun and why the Egyptian Symbols all had a Sun Type Symbol.

"The Heavens Are Hidden Through A Golden Disc Of Light"

The came down form the Heavens and inhabit Humans - the "SONS OF MEN."

The Fallen Angels just hop from body to body and have a 40,000 year cycle and belive that after this time they will be brought back to their "Heaven,"

They are re-incarnated over and over again.

The SONS OF MEN live only once and then we either go up into the "Heavens" or down into a lower harmonics where things are filed with elemental things like Fire and Brimstone to think like a Cabbage Plant forever more.

They fear the name of Yeshua and run from Harp Music.

Pulsing Energy in the field of 10,000 - 1,000,000 Mhz will destroy them - or at least make them run.

Apparently they were sent here only to Watch, Observe, but somewhere along hte way they were corrupted like Lucifer.

2) What do they want:

They want to go back to "Heaven."

They feel like they need to learn Compasion before they can go back to "Heaven " and they have 40,000 years to learn it and their cycle is over.

They think in a backwards kind of manner which is why they were thrown out of Heaven in the first place.

For example:

They feel like they need to make war to understand the need for peace.

They feel like they need to kill to understand life.

They feel like they need to hate and give out as much pain as they can to fully understand the need for love.

In addition - they "FEED" off of our pain so the live inside Human Bodies and give the bodies pain so they can have what they call an "Esoteric Ecstacy" or an "Esoteric Orgasm." The more pain they dish out - the happier they are.

Since they only reside in a human Body they do not have to feel the pain they dish out nor do they fear dying - so they dish it out every chance they get.

They travel up and down through the Galactic, Astral and our Plane and gain wealth - they take wealth from others so they can have time to try and figure out how to go home. In other words - if you are not a Fallen Angel or have not sworn loyalty to Lucifer - you are screwed.

This is why my requests from the Living GOD are blowing their brains - is they do not cash these bonds or Treasury Forms they GOD will destroy them. GOD somehow tricked them into giving me some incredible titles and if they do not honor them they loose it all. No heaven ever.

Technology is also now being used to try and figure out how to get back to the "Heavens."

They study us to try and determine how to place their souls into artificial beings and have these "ROBOTS" give off the same frequencies we mere SONS OF MEN emanate when we have sex and fear and pain so they can get an Esoteric Orgasm  on a continual basis. In this way they can live forever and get an "Esoteric Orgasm" any time they wish.

We Humans are their mere slaves.

Other beings brought into this plane of existence serve these Fallen Angels.

3) What Are Their Plans For The Future:

Complete Anarchy - THE PLAN must be carried out. Religion destroyed, the economy destroyed - all must be readied for the NEW CYCLE beginning in 2025.

In other words - they plan to disrupt and destroy and kill as much as they can between now and the year 2025. Then they will rebuild in the name of Lucifer and in 2032 Lucifer will throw up a tent over the north Temple Mount and declare himself as god according to Hanz Kovlenback, Chief Jesuit Murderer, 4/15/2000.

4) How Are They Getting Away With This:

These powerful Fallen Angels have taken over the bodies of willing servants and these servants now run the planet. They care little about laws and decency - some of these Fallen Angels are the most perverted freaks you may even encounter and their Slaves (Humans, Tall Grays, Tall Whites, Draconians, Archons)  are just as perverted and will be destroyed along with these Fallen Angels.

As man turns away form GOD they gain more and more power.

Think about it - through the TV we are bringing in lies, perverts, murders, Gays, and Demon Possessed People into our homes and we go to a Corporate Church twice a month and then put GOD back on the shelf when we get back?

Lucifer then goes back and petitions GOD and asks for power in our homes to destroy us because we bring Lucifer's Perversion (Satan' Perversion) into our homes.

We give them power.
5) How does this effect you:

Collapsing economy

Over $1.50 in taxes for every gallon of gas you buy.

Cars in Germany get 250-300 MPH while yours get what - 25 Mph?

Electric Cars with a 3,000 mile range are only available to the Higher Ups in the military. You - the Public - are "Too Stupid" to understand Plate Batteries and this why you can't buy these:  is what I was told by the CIA Director and head of Washington State Technologies.

Disrupted Family Life

Bad Health: Cancer, Heart disease, MS..

6) What About the Tension here on Earth today:

There is an Intergalactic/Interharmonics War and the war is causing huge tension among their Hierarchy as beings in these realms are beginning to understand who these Fallen Angela are and what they are doing.

This war is causing huge tensions here on planet Earth.

7) Why is GOD now opening the gates of Hell to bring in all the Demons?

If these Fallen Angels repent and turn towards GOD and ask GOD to change the way they think - to abandon the ways of their MASTER Lucifer - and do this through HIS #1 SON (Yeshua) then the Living GOD will accept them back into "Heaven."

There time is very short.

Those that refuse to repent will tear this planet apart like spoiled little children.

Those that do repent will need to prove it through their works here on Earth in reversing some of the Evils they have perpetrated.

It is that simple.

If you read the Bible in the original Hebrew and the New Testament in the Greek and have GOD's eyes to understand then this is no surprise to you.

If you mind is filled with the teachings of Demon Possessed Men then you will never understand this.

OK - Too Much Info.

I wish to thank those at the United Nations for allowing me to participate in this two day conference.

I will now break ranks and talk about two other issues:

(A) Nuke is SE of Indianapolis in a warehouse - --- I am seeing a Train Station.

The Nuke is headed towards a Nuclear Facility either in Southern Ohio -- Waverly? or towards Western Kentucky at the tip - just as the river heads South?

Something about Langley Fudge Boys Pay Back?

Your Langley Fudge Boys Assistant Director will understand - also - you killed an FBI Director. Bad Jujubees Fudge Boys.

Detonation 17 May (+- 3 Days). The war will cancel all debts with China and allow the US Corporation to nationalize all of the Chinese holdings in North America.

The location of the final destination is changing as this Fudge Boy has an attitude.
Look up - N3KL.ORG

While the rest of the world is saying the Solar Cycle is over GOD DOES NOT AGREE.


Any questions?
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Dr William B. Mount


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