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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Red Dragons - You Were Sent A Message

Red Dragon Family - your masters in Rome sent you a message, bow to them.

(((Pray - Visualize - that those demanding war are immediately and completely immobilized for life)))

A few years ago I warned the White Dragons 48 hours before the Fukushima (Sendi) Earth Quakes on 3/11. They  did not listen and they had someone create an Underground Lighting Strike - as evidenced by both the actions of the waters and the Blue Flash. You now have 4 million pounds of radioactive waste dumping into your bays.

You have refused to clean it up. You have refused to use lightning as we described, radionics machines and other methods the Soviets used to contain Chernoble when the US hit their reactors with a simple Pin Point Heat Wave.

Your Dragon Family Intelligence finally got President Bush Jr to sing like a canary so in response you hit the US Submarine Bases between New Britain and New Ireland with 4 Bunker Buster Nukes 2 weeks ago - which is basically a 155 Artillery Barrel capped on one end and a 5-15 KT Nuke inside pointing down. It creates a very directed hole - destroying any bunker.

Our Presidential Handlers in the White House did nothing - Nothing.

A Nuclear Attack against American Forces and our President "Numb Nu.." did nothing

Dumb Dumb John Kerry did, however, run like a Coward to Russia for help. One of Putin's Doubles met with him.

A few days after that the Roman Pope told the Rothchilds (Bauers) to send the Red Dragon Family a "Message They No Coulda Forget."

The next day one of the Chinese Solar Stocks (Hanergy) fell 47% in one second.

Your Yuan and your Ruble are owned by the Rothchilds - you are too cowardly to kill the Jesuits and Nationalize your own currencies.

You are owned by the Rothchilds, who bow to the Roman Pope and Lucifer the Loozer.

Red Dragons - you  and your Russian Allies paid on nothing GOD directed so HE will give you no backing. You are on your own and you do not have the guts to challenge the Rothchilds.


In the mean time - the Fudge Boy of Langley have a man running around Rogue in Pennsylvania with a Live Nuke. He realized after the Nuke went off in the Eastern Ukraine that if he torched it off in Tennessee the CIA Fudge Boys would double cross him and kill him - blaming it on "Al Kada White Male Survivalist Veterans."

CIA - Fudge Boys - no one will ever trust you again. Too bad - there are some pretty loyal agents running around in the CIA (And FBI) and they do not wish to see the US go down.

The best thing this Double crossed man  can do is contact an Ambassador for a tiny nation in Canada using a "Walmart Pay As You Go Phone" and hope he can take refuge in one of their nations in exchange for a Live Nuke. Try Bahran or Nepal.

In the mean time - US Park Police - you need to keep your eye on your Memorials and make sure no one from a Black Vehicle leaves a Black Briefcase anywhere around your areas - it is an Old Dirty Bomb. It may work or it may go critical. Just be aware - Hint Hint Hint: Lincoln Memorial folks. You want the exact time and location - call.

China and Russia - watch your step. You have not payed off what you were supposed to pay off and you could easily loose the next go around. A Corporation with 65,000 Active Nukes and 250,000 Nuclear Tipped Missiles and over 100,000 Naval Undersea Nukes is a dangerous beast no matter how you slice it.

One mistake and Planet Earth ceases to exist and the Living GOD will be beyond angry.

Have a nice day.
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Dr William B. Mount

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