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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why The Earthquakes/Train Wrecks World Wide

Following is why we are seeing the large number of Earthquakes and Train Wrecks world wide.

1) On 14 July 1944 the United States Corporation was set up under the Bretton Woods Agreement by  the Signatures of the treaty to control world wide populations, maintain the World Currency under the Gold Standard, and dozens of other conditions for a period of 70 years. After this there was to be negotiated a New World Wide Treaty.

2) One of the things the US Corporation did was establish the Office of Population Control under the State Department (Now, Office of Population) with an unlimited budget to control world wide populations htrough wars, murders, disasters, etc.

3) This Corporate Treaty ran out 15 July 2014 so the US Corporation no longer is in charge - it's veto powers are over -- but, old Dinasaurs die hard and there are many currently in power that feel this US Corporate Empire must be maintained "As Is."

4) One of the things the US Corporation has now done since about 1970 is too not only change weather patterns but also destabilize the Earth's Crust. What better way to maintain populations and status quo than to destroy entire nations by shaking the ground?

This shaking is causing world wide both large Earth Quakes and Train Derailments and - to a limited success - loss of ships.

The feeling at the top is that these Human Sacrificing Lucifarians (Satanists) are doing us a favor by "Reducing Excess Eaters and Poopers." You can watch their interviews on You Tube.

The primary targets for these 2 Figure 8 TRB 3s is the Pacific Plate to to kill people in the Pacific Rim nations.

5) As man turns towards Evil the Sun is being used in a large part by GOD to try and reach us. Last night there was a huge Proton Burst - Protons have weight. This causes earthquakes and train derailments world wide: IE the Earthquakes in Nepal and Northern Japan this morning, along with dszens of smaller ones along the Pacific Rim.

6) One of the things the Underground Cities build in around 2000 was a double TRB3 aircraft that is in the figure of an 8 and uses Magnetic Propulsion for move. A picture of the TRB3 may be found on the net or below. These two  Figure 8 aircraft wsit atop the Pacific Plate and are currently using certain frequencies near 152MHZ to create both underground electrical strikes and expanding bubbles to destabilize these plates.


7) The Atlantic Ridge is a bit different and needs Nuclear Stimulation to let loose - so - various US Departments are participating in drilling small holes in this plate and "Nuking" the Atlantic Ridge. To date only small earthquakes have been produced but a large one is planned for the Official Kick Off of Operation Jade Helm. We shall see.

9) So - last night we had a huge Proton Burst form the sun and Nepal has another huge earthquake, along with Japan and there are allot more to come and the Full Moon is not scheduled for another 2 weeks.

10) We also had a nasty train derailment in Philly this morning - although this one was caused by sabotage by a Disgruntled Union Worker. Here comes the CIA created "ISIS" attacks. Symbol for the Jesuit Scum: IHS -- ISIS, Horace, Seth. They worship Lucifer.

11) Also watch the people begin to go nuts - Angry - when the Sun spots out large amounts of energy. Again - you can track this on N3KL.ORG

OK - Too Much Info - GOD says that until we turn towards HIM we will see the Sun increase in volatility. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Triangle UFO Above Germany Leaves Questions In Its Wake (VIDEO)

noaa_proton_G8_3d.gif (640×480)

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