Saturday, October 31, 2015

CIA Throws Cat 1 Cyclone At Yemen

The US based corporation of the CIA is throwing a Category 1 Cyclone at Yemen.

"If you can't kill them with bombs you can destroy them with a Hurricane."

This is why the US pulled it's fleet our of the Persian Gulf for the first time in 40 years.

Here is the video on the Hurricane:

CIA Throws Cat 1 Cyclone Chapala At Yemen - Pray - YouTube

Pray the Cyclone dissipates before it hits land.

Chapala means Lightning - From Lucifer.

We must wonder what else teh CIA has cooked up for death and destruction this night of Holloween?

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Be Ready Folks

BE READY - YouTube

CIA Throws Hurricane Chapala At Yemen - Pray

CIA Shoots Down Russian Airliner

CIA Shoots Down Russian Flight 7K9268

The CIA and their assets just shot down Russian Flight 7K9268, or did they?

Watch The Video And Find Out:

CIA Shoots Down Russian Airliner - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Be Ready Folks, The Dollar Is Falling

BE READY - YouTube

Friday, October 30, 2015

Patch Adams Gets His First $100 Check.

If you do videos join and monetize your videos and give part of the money you make to Patch Adams.

It is easy and fun.

See The First Check Headed Out The Door To Patch.

Money I got from YOU watching my videos.

The money I make form Thrive Life will go to a Non-Profit corporation that will be set up by the end of November and it will go to bringing people into our homes and teaching them how to live cancer free.

As a Non-profit Corporation the accounting standards are very high. So when you buy the Trivelife Food the profits go towards the Cancer Camp we are building.

I never would have imagined that by buying food WE could help get rid of cancer or that WE could do videos to support a Free Hospital in West Virginia.

The Video:

Patch Adams Gets His First $100 Form You - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount

Watch the videos

Order Thrive Food:

Dr. William Mount - Thrive Life Consultant

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Must Watch: America Is Falling - Get Ready

America is falling rapidly.

Watch this film to understand how and why and what YOU can do about it.

20151029 123446 - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Be Ready America

BE READY - YouTube

Just a private note to Russia: Be very careful in Afghanistan for Mines set up by the US and are unmarked - danger in South Eastern Afghanistan. Please keep in mind that the US still uses Nuclear Mines and they can be seen with IR form the air.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Instant Headache

Thrive Cooking For Fun #4: Cost Comparison

Incredible Industrial Game Changer - The 3D Fax

This machine is one of the most incredible tools now available to industry.

Imagine being a small business and being 7,0000 miles away and being able to manufacture a part to exact specifications and then ship it express mail to the company that needs it.

If, and when the dollar devalues thing will be very inexpensive world wide to manufacture them here America. This means that a large company in Russia ,China or even India could send us a 3D fax of the part needs and it could be made here in America.

Imagine being able to preserve an Archaeological Wonder and send copies of it to 30 or 40 museums around the world in seconds - or to the Department of Defense in seconds.

Imagine being able to send a needed part to a central "PLL" Point for the US Army and having it sent immediately to the field visa courier - the need for part on hand would decrease. This would make a leaner, more efficient, cheaper unit to deploy.

The Defense Contractors like Boeing have had this for years and the cost has been through the roof. The specific product was re-manufactured in a tub using lasers and  a type of polymer that resembles a soft plastic

Now using sand as a base mixed with a type of inexpensive epoxy this product produces a fairly durable end product and this technology is now available to the General Public and fairly inexpensive.

Learn more by watching this incredible video:

Incredible Industrial Game Changer -The Portable 3D Fax Machine - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Incredible Industrial Game Changer -The Portable 3D Fax Machine

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Jack Lew This One's For You

OMG, Is The Dollar really Being Reset Right Now?

Is the dollar really being reset right now?

Did The US Secretary of Treasury really make a threat to Congress if the Debt Limit was not reset?

Are the dates of 3 November and 5 November 2015 really relevant?

Who on earth was detained in Japan and is spilling their guts about everything the US NAZI regime is doing?

Is there really a threat to Obama and Donald Trump in the next few weeks and by whom?

Can we really stop these Monsters from destroying my income, my country and this planet?

Watch the video and find out.

Jack Lew This One's For You - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Monday, October 26, 2015

Costco's FEMA Evacuation Assembly Areas

The following video shows you the Costco FEMA Evacuation Assembly Areas.

These zones are sectioned out to place people when they are rounded up for the Concentration Camps.

See For Yourself:

Costco FEMA Evacuation Assembly Areas - YouTube

Please pray that these over 800 FEMA Concentration Camps here in America are de-funded immediately.

The News You need

Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, October 25, 2015

US Senate Report: Chemtrails Are Real And Killing US

A 1978 US Senate Report confirms that the US Government is creating Chemtrails and they are killing us.

The 93rd US Senate produced a report almost 40 years ago that clearly states the following on page 402:

1) Cloud Seeding Is responsible for the 5 year drought

2) Isolated Spraying has caused a drought for 18 years

3) Spraying in the South Atlantic has reduced rainfall by 30% on the East Coast

4) This has caused huge losses to the Farmers in the area

5) When the effects of seeding wear off Cloudbursts cause flooding

6) Seeding is responsible for serious Air Pollution

7) Mental Retardation and Insanity are traceable to Cloud Seeding Chemicals

8) Poisoning of all living matter is directly related to cloud seeding

9) Emphysema is three times higher in areas of heavy cloud seeding

10) Cancer is virulently out of proportion

11) Financial Losses to agriculture run into the billions of dollars a year

12) Forest Trees and orchids are dying as a result

13) The atmosphere has been rendered completely biologically in-compatible with all living matter, including Animals, Plants and Humans.
The report also state the United States is the leader in World Weather Modification, although other nations like the Soviet Union are also conducting these activities as well.

Here it is - the Smoking Gun.

Watch the video and see the US Senate Report.

US Senate Report: Chemtrails Are Real And Harming You - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Be Ready Folks.

BE READY - YouTube

HAARP Arrays All Around Us Controlling Us?

Are there really Antenna Arrays all around us that can control the weather?

Can they really control the weather, our emotions, and change the way we think?

There are 6 HAARP (High Frequency Actual Auroral Research Program) Antenna Arrays around the world and tens of thousands of smaller antennas tied into the CIA HQ in Langley.

There are also tens of thousands of antenna arrays that can be used to do anything from Weather Modifications to to controlling the emotions of an entire population in any are or even to control the emotions of an Individual.

For Example: The Mass Hysteria we saw after the Fake Furgeson Missouri Shooting (10 Aug 2015) was completely HAARP driven through smaller antennas and through Antenna GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network)  Units and like we showed earlier the CIA Actors were there to stir up trouble and one of them made it to the front cover of the Wall Street Journal.

((If you watch closely there are not that many Trained CIA Actors from Pima Arizona and they show up at every Government Planned Shooting, Riot, Etc. ))

Ever wonder why every one is angry while driving on certain days?

The HAARP Antenna Arrays.

Ever wonder why everyone feels so tired other days?

The HAARP Antenna Arrays.

Ever wonder why a seemingly normal person can "SNAP"?

The HAARP Arrays can can send out  YOUR DNA Frequencies and send carrier waves along with it to make you do almost anything.

Current uses may further include DNA modification of both plants and animals - including Humans.

Watch the video to learn how to recognize these arrays so as to avoid them.

VIDEO0295 - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

GWEN Towers - Total Control

What Is HAARP? - How It Looks And Sounds!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Hurricane Patricia A Message To Mexico?

Is Hurricane Patricia A Message To Mexico?

Are these 200 Mile Per Hour Winds really natural or are they man made?

Is this "Perfect Storm" Natural?

Find out by watching this incredible video.

Hurricane Patricia Attack On Mexico After Switching To Yuan - YouTube

The News You Absolutely Need

Dr William B. Mount

Pray for your families.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Need To See Jim Willie's Most Important Email He Has Ever Sent

Jim and I communicate back and forth often.

See what his latest E-Mail said to me about the State of the Western Banking System, especially after Deutch Bank was raided by the German Banking System, the Financial reset began 2 days ago, and Columbia Bank's Main System was being "Reset."

The Email:

CHAOS - YouTube

If you want more info go to

Welcome to the Golden Jackass, Hat Trick Letter, JimWillieCB, Gold, Stocks

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Holy Sh** - Troops Spotted In New York City - It's Here

An E-Mail received this morning:

Per usual, date and time changes are always possible, but highly unlikely at this late stage of coordinated global implementation.

Saturday - October 10, 2015

Lead Chinese Royal Family Elder sets RV liquidity release into motion implementing and affixing the ancient codes.

Sunday - October 11, 2015

Final testing and preparations begin for global RV system operations.

Monday - October 12, 2015

Markets worldwide go through final testing phase for the upcoming global banking transition on new super computing mainframe / algorithm in the Far East.

The CIPS (China International Payment System) has been activated and transfers have been successfully made internationally.  This is the Asian counterpart to SWIFT, and has been implemented and integrated into 34 of the major world banks, which will be carrying out the transactions and transfers of funds.  For the announcement, please refer to this link:

Tuesday - October 13, 2015

Western banking sanctions are lifted from new Russian/Chinese CIPS system and merged with Western Banking SWIFT system.  First basket RV currencies are allowed to be converted at any amount, along with public release of physical TRN currency notes.  This event begins an irreversible process across transitioning the entire global banking network--starting in the Far East (Beijing) and ending in the Far West (Hawaii). COMPLETED

Wednesday - October 14, 2015

Al-Hijra is the Islamic New Year, and is celebrated on the first day of the month of Muharram, the month in which Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina.  Al-Hijra / Muharram 2015 begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Muslims will celebrate Al-Hijra / Muharram upon.

Thursday - October 15, 2015

On this the first morning of Al-Hijra, after morning prayers, Iraq's long-awaited economic reforms are announced by Iraqi President Abadi.

This announcement is considered the public revaluation for Iraq, thus
launching the global financial revaluation of currencies in the USA.

Friday - October 16, 2015

Public in-bank redemptions set to begin worldwide of first basket RV currencies.  This date also has been reserved for the resolution of any final implementation issues or concerns related to integration of CIPS/SWIFT computing infrastructure. FIRST IQD BANK EXCHANGE TO TRANSFER ON SCREEN

Saturday - October 17, 2015

Final international testing with Western Banking SWIFT system begins for the Iranian Rial currency.  Solutions and fixes continue for integration of CIPS/SWIFT computing infrastructure. SPECIFIC TIME ZONE NOT GIVEN

ok I NEVER have a bank story or a story in general, about what's going on with what we are waiting for but tonight I could hardly wait to get home to post in the forum! Ok so the TNT call today set my joy in motion but the events of the day put my joy into OVERDRIVE! I'm a voice teacher who works in the city( Manhattan) in Harlem to be exact. Today on the way to work I noticed something very strange at the adam Clayton Powell state building (president Clinton has an office there now). There was a row of police officers with motorcycles lined up along the street behind the building and they were just idly standing there. I didn't think to take a picture of it since I was running late lol.
So, my voice student comes and we have our lesson. Afterwards we had some time to chat before my evening choir class. we talked about many things and we got on the topic of the economy and the stock market and what not. I asked her if she had noticed the officers outside and she said she didn't but she had noticed that in midtown on 42nd street was a bunch of military and national guard personnel spread out throughout the area and she didn't know why. my eyebrow went up immediately when she mentioned it. Anyway, we kept talking but I couldn't dismiss the theory that something was brewing in the city and it had something to do with what we are waiting for!
So, I had my evening class and afterwards I walked with a friend ( choir student) who happens to be a government official with classified status and she works in accounting. We always take the subway/train together afterwards since I don't live in Manhattan. I live in Brooklyn. While we were waiting for the train, I asked if she knew of anything happening next week. She turned to me and her eyes were like a deer caught in headlights! Lol. Umhmm, she replied. I continued by saying "with China?" Her eyes got even bigger, "umhmm" she replied. I said " I know you are classified and can't discuss work but does it have anything to do with October 20th?" She looked and said HOW DO YOU KNOW? I smiled and said "I've been studying the world economy for a few years now and everything that's been happening." I asked her if she saw the cops or heard about the military today in the city. Her response was, "they are practicing and preparing". I said for next week? She said yes. She said we may start to see little things happen this week but the climax will indeed be on the 20th. I asked if she knew about the IMF in Peru last weekend and she knew all about it.
So the train came, we got on and continued talking about what's going on.She went on to say that the stock market will crash by next week And it was no coincidence that the pope was here in September and met with the UN and the other agencies and government officials.She said she felt sorry for those oblivious to what's happening. I mentioned the topic of silver going up she nodded and said, this time will be worse than Black Friday ( can't remember if it was Friday or tuesday But she said Friday) on October 19, 1987! When I mentioned I had currency, she had a surprised but huge smile on her face and we left it at that. She got off A few stops later and said BE READY!
I smiled allllllll the way home. God is good and this blessing is really about to manifest! Couldn't wait to share with my TNT family. This experience plus the call today: WE ARE HERE! OUR TIME IS COME! It's really been a journey but I am so confident that we will PIF in the best possible ways.
i Hope this bit of news encourages some who may still be in doubt or weary of our blessing ever coming to pass. BE READY, ITS TIME! TNT STRONG! SUPER SUPERFANTASTIC!
P.S. I saw this evening in forum that someone posted the forex trading polled at 1092.8? Well, even though the Iraqi international bonds were canceled recently, it was stated in an article from a few months ago that they would start selling them at 1095! Obviously they are ready. AND SO ARE WE! I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight, I'm so happy and excited. God is FAITHFUL!
The News You Need

Dr William Mount

Monday, October 19, 2015

It May Be The End Of The Euro

For 1,000 Years Germany has been the Financial Headquarters of the Holy Roman Empire.

German banks have been running the Roman Empire since the year 962 when it was consolidated into a unified empire, pushing the remaining forces of the French out of their boarders.They Empire Dissolved following a defeat to Napoleon in 1804 but remained in tact underground and re- rose following the defeat of Napoleon.

These banks, run primarily out of Frankfurt, even sent some of their own bankers (Bauery Boys, changed their name to Rothchilds and claimed to be Jewish) to London to control these banks beginning in 1815.

Keep in Mind the Magna Carta was written in 1215 but three years earlier the King of England deeded ALL of the United Kingdom - Scotland, England, Ireland) to the Roman Pope and in 1703 the Virginia Charter was written, and approved by the World Courts in Austria, gave ALL of North America to the United Kingdom and thus to the Vatican.

Further, the US/UK treaty which ended the American Revolution 0 the Treaty Of Paris - gave the entire US Federal Budget t the King of England.

In 1870 a Bank was created to run this Holy Roman Empire named Deutch Bank. If consolidated what was scattered by Napoleon and re-initiated the Holy Roman Empire, eventually answering to the Vatican Trust.

After the 6th Air Force bombed these banks out of existence during WW2 we were double crossed by our leaders and the US rebuilt these banks in their National Socialist (NAZI) Image.

With the Advent of Computers the easy creation of Hedge Funds and Derivatives arose.

The change moved quickly. Under President Reagan once ounce of gold could only be sold 9 times, under President Clinton 100 times, and under Obama an infinite amount of times. In fact he has allowed open selling of US Treasury Bonds that are never even delivered to the tune of $1.2 Trillion Dollars a month.

Today the world has over $1,000 Trillion (World GDP $83 Trillion/Yr)  worth of Derivatives and Hedge Funds and most of the Eurpoean ones lie at Deuthc Bank.

When Deutch Bank goes it will be the end of the Euro and thus the Dollar will fall hard a few weeks later.

Then - well, that's for tomorrow night.

Deutch Bank has already failed the US Stress Test and is in the process of preparing to literally be split apart and declare the Derivatives and most Hedge Funds worthless.

So Be Ready folks for what comes.

BE READY - YouTube

This week we will be discussing another Intelligence Briefing I received yesterday and how YOU can prepare for what is coming.

This is for sure: The White House wants Americans dead and this Banking Crisis is 100% DC Made and our Intelligence Comminity is now getting very worried.

Very,Very worried.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


Deutsche Bank – the New Lehman Brothers? | Armstrong Economics

Jim Willie: If Deutsche Bank Goes Under It Will be Lehman Times Five! |

Magna Carta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Deutsche Bank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Deutsche Bank – the New Lehman Brothers? | Armstrong Economics

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Proof! Lee Harvey Oswald Was A CIA Assett

Memorandum clearly shows that Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA Asset at the time of President Kennedy's Assassination.

The Smoking Gun

So I guess that answers that - who ordered Kennedy to be killed.

Proof! Lee Harvey Oswald Was A CIA Asset - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Keep Praying - It's Working

Please keep praying- it is working.

Here are4 some results of your prayers:

1) It is now raining in Southern Californian and Texas pretty regularly.

2) The King of Saudi Arabia went into a Hospital and his son, head of the Saudi Military, took control of Said's Arabia and went to Russia to given them control of his country to ensure the survival of his regime. Russia will now take over the Saudi's Remaining Oil Fields and ARAMCO.

3) The remaining carrier has left the Middle East.

4) China, Japan, and the Philippines will  not start WW3 with the US nor give up possession of Yangshaw Island despite the horrible Hurricanes  the US is currently throwing at China, Japan and the Philippines.

5) The US Military Hacking Center just North of Kabul (Afghanistan) has been discovered and reported to both the Chinese and Russians to deal with.

6) The US Army Trolls that make nasty comments on our videos are beginning to understand that we are the Good Guys, trying to spare America so the nasty, swearing comments may be lessened.

7) Marine General Joseph Dunford may have taken control of the Federal Reserve System as it's website has changes. is now

8) The French and British may be integrating into the Russian Banking System as the US Banksta War Machine may grind to a halt very soon.

9) The Trans Pacific Partnership is unknown so keep praying this falls flat on it's face.

10) A memo has surfaced from the CIA stated Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA Asset.

A memo from FBI files clearly confirmed Lee Harvey Oswald was employed by the CIA – a fact the agency denied repeatedly for nearly 50 years

11) Thanks to your prayers America inside the Pentagon is waking up.

Keep Praying.

Hipknowsys: Benjamin Fulford - October 13, 2015: The Khazarian mob is on the run as US military takes over Federal Reserve Board

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, October 16, 2015

Thrive Cooking For Fun #3, Soup and Salad

Here we show how to make Soup and Salad in an inexpensive way that is nutritious and healthy.

I know it is hard to focus whole the world seems to be falling apart but these cooking  videos will teach you many ways to  to cut your food costs and travel expenses.

One last thing that is very important - if we do have Planned Riots and Food chain Disruptions if you are a member of Thrive Life you simply pick up the phone and order the food and it comes UPS to your front door.

UPS is now working with the US Post Office to ensure food deliveries around the nation.

Just go on  line to : and wither buy using my number of join and save 5%.

All of my profits are either going to Patch Adams Free Hospital or to our Cancer Camps we are not developing.

When I get a suitable home in either Kalispell Montana or Jackson Hole Wyoming Area I will immediately begin inviting people to come a learn how to cure cancer, autism, etc.

Give me your stage 4 and 5 Cancer Children and we will walk them out of Cancer at NO cost. Your ordering Thrive and your watching my videos will pay for this. All we need now is a home.

Both Immusist and Citri Care can give out my number and it is on THE CURE FOR CANCER video.

God bless your family.

Dr William Mount

The Video: Thrive Cooking For Fun #3 on You Tube
Thrive Cooking For Fun #3 Soup & Salad - YouTube

What The F?

Is the US So Fu**ed as the US Treasury Director Stated in a call last week?

Is he too stupid to do as GOD has asked him to do, really, and he will not even call this Ambassador?

Would he rather watch the United States Corporation fall?

Will they not skin him alive for this knowing he could have prevented it?

This is not a Joke Jacob, they will skin you alive inch by painful inch.

Here are events this week that directly effect YOU:

2015: Oct 17: News of Today:

1) Eight years is up - it is time for a New Beginning in GOD’s Time Frame. A few days ago Jacob Lew of the US Treasury told a friend  “We are Fu**ed when the Yuan hits the market.” It hit Monday, the same day Russia shot down a US Jet over Syria. The war is starting.

2) US invaded Camroon to seize Chad Oil Resources that were only recently released.

3) US is landing troops in the Disputed Islands surrounding Yangshaw Island - a mountain of Gold jointly administered by the Philippines and China for 70 peaceful years - Obama demands the island.

4) Putin  called Obama an “Oatmeal Head” in an international broadcast.

5) Putin’s Father’s last name was Abuteen - he was from Iraq. Hs mother was from Russia and his loyalty to Russia or Lucifer will be severely tested over the next 4 days. Will he do as GOD has directed him to do and show his love for Russia, or as Lucifer directed him to do and fall on his sword. HE has 4 days.

6) Saudi’s are issuing Bonds because they are almost out of oil and with Russia keeping the Yemen Oil in Yemen’s hands and Oman Oil Deposits in Oman’sHands the Saudi’s are out of options.

Pray for your families and see the video BE READY on You Tube.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Royal Saudi Family Is Jewish

Things are not what they seem to be.

The Royal Saudi Family is Jewish and leading the Muslim World.

The Wahabi Religion is also of Jewish Origin, and is the religion supported by the United States Corporation.

President Putin's real last name is Ahbuteen, shortened to Putin, and his father was form Iraq, his mother is Russian royalty.

See the video for more information:

Royal Saudi Family Is Jewish - YouTube
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Russia Just Authorized Shooting Down US And NATO Aircraft

The Russian Federation will give the orders to shoot down American and NATO planes that interfere with their mission of eliminating all foes to the legitimate United Nations Recognized government of Syria.

In other words - when the US Jest go to resupply ISIL/ISIS the Russian Federation along with the Chinese troops now in Syria are authorized to shoot down Americana and NATO jets and helicopters.

There have already been several instances over both Syrian and Iraqi Air Space where US planes have been shot at with Man Pack Missiles but not from Jet launched missiles with Nuclear Tips.

At 0600 hours today (2 Hours Ago) Syrian Time Russia Federation Jets and helicopters WENT HOT on taking down American and NATO Jets and Helicopters.

The time for restraint is now over as GOD's protection has left both the United States and the nation of Israel.

Obama and Handlers - Please note that New York City, DC, Under Denver and under South Central Nebraska, London are the primary targets once a Nuclear War begins. Be assured that these targets are already on the grid and their take downs would only take minutes once the US authorizes a Nuclear Strike.

Please pray for the safety of your families and that those formenting Nuclear War connected with those in London and DC are immediately flattened for life.

2 Chronicles 7: 14: "If my people humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn away from their evil ways I will hear from the heavens and forgive them and heal their land."

So Release The Dogs Of War.

Obama and Handlers - GOD promises all of you that you will not like the results.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

I Have A Dream

I have a dream.

I have a dream that we can bring families  with children with Stage 4 Cancer to our house and teach them how to eat so as to get rid of their cancer for life.

The Team is in place.

The financing is in place.

The Sole Corporation (508) is in place.

We have the video team all ready set up to do a weekly update on these camps.

What we are looking for is a large home near a small community like Jackson Hole Wyoming that has another nearby home. We can build the cabins we need.

If you have a large home and you wish to leave a legacy while you are still alive call me and we will put you in touch with our team member that can work with your attorney to make this happen.

Leave a legacy while you are still alive and get a deduction for the full value of your home.

Here is the video describing what we need.

The Video:

I Have A Dream - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Supporting video:

The Cure For Cancer, You Tube:


Monday, October 12, 2015

Two Incredible Phone Calls That May Change Your Life

Today, like most days, I received about 5 calls form the original video The Cure For Cancer.

These two calls were absolutely incredible.

1) The First call is heart wrenching.

An older gentleman - a veteran - called because he had just lost his wife to cancer.

She had had breast cancer and after it was eliminated she cancer free for about 20 years.

She was one of the 5% that actually lives over ten years after the First diagnosis of her cancer.

At age 64, 20 years later,  the cancer came back with a vengeance. She developed cancer through out her entire body in a very rapid time. The husband took his wife to the hospital and there she remained until her death.

Fighting first with Chemo then with radiation and tehn they began to cut on her.

On her 65th Birthday a man walked in to her hospital room, added something to her Chemo Bag, and walked out. A drain tube was placed in her chest and pink fluid came out. They dissolved her lungs and there she died.

The "Death Panel" for the hospital decided to terminate her the day she was determined to be no longer useful to society and the Government would pay all the bills.

They just - dissolved her lungs in front of the husband and he had no idea what was going on.

Yes folks - Obama Death Panels are real.

This is Obama Care for our veterans.

The cost of her Chemo - up to $6,000 a day including the lung dissolving drug - is now charged to his estate so when he dies all that he owns will be seized by these National Zocialeest (NAZI) pigs to pay for the Murder of his wife.

This is Obama Care.
2) The second call was inspiring.

A young kid barely wet behind the ears called - his mom had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer and he was still living at home.

The doctors wished to poison her with Chemo and Burn her with radiation.

I asked him if he had a car and $20 and he said yes.

He went to the grocery store, bought some Sea Weed, Tumeric and Baking soda and tonight he will put Baking Soda in her coffee, and feed her a meal containing sea weed and Tumeric.

The cancer will stop growing tomorrow and be gone in 6 months.

He also bought some Immusist to speed the process up.

This one will have a happy ending.
People wonder why I do this?

I spend 3 hours with a family on Saturday who's children we are walking out of Autism and they are happy again as a family - first time in 12 years. The children were happy and playing and interacting with others.

God Bless those who read, listen, and try these products because they are form God.

Thank you for all the calls.
The News We Need To Survive.

Dr William B. Mount


Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Cure For Autism Update 18 - Wrap Up

Following is the 18th  update of The Cure For Autism. In these Updates we have been follwoing a small boy and a small girl in their fight to rid themselves of this horrible curse.

Out of 202 children a friend of mine has chronicled 2 were born with Aitismand 200 were given Autism due to vaccinations.

All Autistic Children have several things in common, and their family members do have any of these characteristics despite living together:

1) They all have indigo Aura's and the Chrystaline Aura Children are killed.
2) About 95% of the 200 kids test positive for Lyme's Disease, a US Patented Disease - see You Tube.
3) The all release high levels of Uranium in their hair analysis.
4) The all have high levels of Mangalese, which can only be given by a shot and simply prevents their bodies from healing. Until this is removed then they will never recover form the shots they received. We have seen that only the surfactant Immusist  remove Mangalese from the Human Body.

Child One: Joe - the Typical Vaccinated Child:

Joe got Autistic at around the age of 11. He was given a standard Vaccination, got a fever, and never recovered.

The doctors and nurses denied every thing and told the parents that they were not responsible, they denied every thing and handed them huge amounts of literature written by the AMA that stated Vaccines are safe - they lied.

Mom and dad were fit to be tied - but what can you do?

Personally - I would have thrown the doctor out of the window- but that is the Old Infantry In Me - You Know - Protect and Defend the Constitution, etc.

Mom began researching everything and fond out that many foods, like Canola Oil and the New Wheat and Corn, have been designed to kill you so she began feeding her family Non-GMO Foods, yet still a year alter Jo could not speak or even shower by himself - poor little guy.

Mom tried everything - Cold Laser, Mud Baths, Antibiotics, Long hot showers, different foods - after a year - nothing, Joe was still not talking or reading or able to shower himself - all hte things he did before the vaccination, He was living in a fog and getting very angry about it.

Then Mom ran into Immusist and said - why not try it, what the heck?

Thirty days later Joe said his first word. A Miracle- "Whatzthat" - and pointed to a bronze statue of a seal at the Tacoma Zoo - eye, hand, mouth coordination - Mom and little sister were flabbergasted.

A surfactant did this?

Holy cow.

A year later Joe was reading - not like he had done before the Vaccination, but pretty good. He was slow but could read at his previous level from age 11. Things processed but not real fast - all from 15 drops of Immusist a day for 1 year.

It is now 4 or 5 years since the deadly vaccination and Joe is in a Special School - one where he can actually learn something - and is now at the top of his class.

In terms of how smart Joe is - top of the class.

Emotionally - he will always be 2 -3 years behind his classmates but he is ambitious he has already been making art and getting paid for it.
Second Child: Ann. is very typical of Military Babies.

Ann was born Autistic to a Mom who was a doctor in the military and is now about 12 and has an older sister about 14 who is smart as a whip.

I met Ann about 2 years ago and several weeks later introduced to Immusist and the Autistic Community. I tried the product and within a moth gave it to my friend who is the Doctor. Her daughter took the bottle form her mom when she brought it home and this non-speaking nonfunctioning child put 15 drops in her water and drank it.

One month later she said her First Word: "GoooMorrrrnnniinnn?" and waved with her right hand and looked the teacher in the eye.

The entire class stopped - never ever ever has an Autistic Child recovered - it's Impossible, right?

The same day Ann looked at the teacher and pointed to a pin of the carton character Arial and said "Aaarrrrreeeeel."

This shy little gal was not only crawling out of her shell but speaking.

Mom was called immediately - your child spoke - she spoke - age 9 or 1- she spoke.

Fast forward a year and she read her first word "Reeeeed" and pointed to the color Red. She was putting words together with color.

This little Ann and her brother and sister are now a real jot to be around - all 3 of them. The older girl is extremely intelligent, Ann is now showering herself and dressing herself and playing games, and the youngest one - the boy of 6 - is a huge goof ball.

Little Ann has a great personality coming out. She was at a wedding we all attended and she was able to play by herself and with adults in a sort of shy way - but she interacted with almost ever one.

A few months ago Ann began to hit puberty - the exact same time her older sister did. Ann is apparently trying to duplicate her older sister and it is fun to watch. At this point since older sister is not using Immusist she will stop using it as well. That may change soon.

Ann now has, at home, a real playful attitude. Since she began growing in her mind 2 years ago she is a cross between a playful 2 year old and a moody 12 year old going through what all little girls do.

When Ann reaches 18 she will more than likely be emotionally 8 or nine - and she will always be a Moma's Gal - but that's OK. She is active and very delightful to be around, loves balloons, and quite capable of functioning on her own.

With the world seemingly falling apart it has been a real joy to watch these 2 children walk their way out of Autism.

Moms - there is hope. You did not do this to your children

Join me, and thousands of others, and walk YOU child out of Autism, Cancer, MS, Traumatic Brain Injury and a host of other problems you might encounter.

In order to tell you the truth for free I cannot be associated with any of these companies and even the book that is being written about The Cure For Autism I cannot be part of in any way.

God says: Freely I gave to you, freely you must give.

Sounds good to me.

Products we use for all diseases and maladies:

a) Immusist 888-702-3319 - I eat 15 - 50 drops per day. Many folks start out of 5 drops per day and that is OK - a bottle will then last about 90 months.

b) Citricare 800-622-8446 - I use twice a week and when my wife gets her typical Pneumonia every fall I give her 50 drops a day and it is gone in 3-4 days
c) Diatamatious Earth - Buy at the feed store - it is million year old Plankton - it is a bag of Minerals I feed to my chickens, Dog, Cats and I eat a tea spoon twice a week. A clinic told me once that 95% of all women who eat 1 Tea Spoon of this a day loose their Lupus in 30-45 days.

d) EDTA - a Human Hormone that makes your Veins/Arteries young and flexible again. I use 1,500 MG only once per week. Only use this once a week.

e) Sea Weed. I like Tripple Flake form Main Coast Sea Vegetables. I eat a table spoon a day now. We like the taste and we like the fact that it is like eating concentrated minerals and vitamins.

Videos free on You Tube

he Cure For Autism

The Cure For Autism - YouTube

Be Ready:

BE READY - YouTube

Do one last thing - Pray that All moms can buy these products and walk their little boys and girls out of Autism and also pray they realize it was not their fault and they can have more children, normal children.

To the Moms in the military: I have never seen a family with all normal children - they are usually "Premies" or born without body parts, or twisted backbones, etc. I encourage you to eat Immusist before and during pregnancy as the child may not be so deformed. Check with your doctor first though.

As for Premise - a compound almost identical to Immusist is fed to "Premies" to keep their lungs cleared out until they hit 9 months so this product - which used to cost $4,000 an ounce -- is now only about $88 an ounce.

Finally - with older Autistic Children - and Mongaloid children - we have found that cognitive processing improves at any age and you may find a much better relationship with your children once they start eating Immusist and Citricare and Sea Weed.

The FDA and all other large London Owned Corporations have not reviewed these recommendations and are not likely to approve anything that leads to batter health.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The Cure For Lyme Disease

The Cure For Lyme Disease - YouTube

May GOD help all you moms and dads.

You Wonder why I do this for free?

Just got a call from a guy who's wife dies and he has 32 older boys and one little Autistic Girl. After 3 weeks of using 15 drops of Immusist per day she said her first word. Now how do you put a dollar value on that?

God bless that Dad.

May GOD bless Israel

Saturday, October 10, 2015

FBI Correct: US/UK Leadership Are Insane And Forcing Nuclear War

Those in the Federal Agencies who have talked to be are correct: The leadership on the US/UK have gone insane and are forcing Nuclear War today.

(((Pray that the World War 3 fails to start.))

As you read this the orders to NATO troops (Sanctioned by the Jesuit Pope) have been given to conduct Military Exercises as if the Full Scale Nuclear War has already begun. This means digging in, watching over 5,000 cities in Europe, Asia and Africa getting Nuked, decontaminate, and then re-establish communications with your higher ups. I helped develop this insane doctrine.

If these nukes are launched Israel alone will lunch about 2,500 US Made Nukes at Asia, Africa and Europe every where form 1 Mega Ton down to 20 KT.

Each US Carrier currently carries around 2,000 nukes not including their missiles meant for their aircraft.

Most US Submarines carry 144 Nukes, except the Killer Subs.

If these nukes do launch do the math - what is left of the planet - so why conduct any exercises?

This assumes that one of the 140 Planet Killing Nukes do not automatically detonate as many are set to do under the Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) Treaty.

In addition NATO/US/UK are "Practice Launching" Nukes from Scotland and the Balklins at Russian and Chinese targets.

How the heck do you "Practice Launch" a 100 KT ICBM?

Further - over 100 Nuclear Armed British, American and Australian submarines are being deployed to their Primary Launch Locations.

This necessitates the Full Deployment of all nuclear forces world wide and this time it is not to "Shoot Jesus Out Of The Sky" tomorrow.

So what prompted all this?

Russian Leadership refused to do as GOD asked them to do and God has raised up a scrawney little Cowardly Gay Boy who is 1/6th Afro American to come against over 180 Nations in the BRICS Alliance.

Muslims: Consider your allies carefully:  If Obama were Muslim would he eat Pork or be have a Wife who is a man?

Muslims - you have been led down the road to Pardition by a Satanist.

What prompted the exercise today was that China announced that the Yuan is now capable of handling International Transactions so the Rothchilds have gone utterly insane, demanding to destroy China and Russia.

Russia: I will give you a temporary way out but if what GOD has asked you to do is not done then this is only temporary.

Obama and his 5 doubles are all chipped and you know where he goes. Torch off one of the 6 Underground Bases left that are connected to Fort Belvior and show these cowards that if the war starts they go first. If he and his cowardly little handlers feel they go first they will "Run Away" and stand down. Remember - that Rabbit has fangs.

Either way - please pray that Irish. French, US. UK Union Troops (I....UK..US..U) troops stand down immediately.

Russia: The Ball Is In Your Court.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

If the NSA computer ever becomes sentient it will stop all these Mad Men at the top and put leaders in place to preserve Planet Earth rather than try and destroy it.

Sorry my stories and videos are nowt fancy - they are meant to stop World War 3 and allow people to Cure themselves of their diseases and prepare for what is coming.

Friday, October 9, 2015

FBI Asked Me To Put This Out This Very Night

You are not going to believe what the Jews have done again

By request of the FBI I have been asked to put this out. There are allot of Good Guys out there in the FBI and CIA and they do not wish to see this nation end up in a pile of Nuclear Dust - like Mars.

When the US Economy ends so will the rest of the worlds and the underground bases - so carefully built and stoked - will also end up destroyed Lock, Sock and Barrel, so says the King of Kings and lord of Lords.

So here is the message:
The Western tradition is to add one day to the calendar every 4 years.

The Jewish tradition is to add 28 days to the calendar every 70 years.

Thus the real dates are:

1) Last Shimte 23 September is actually 21 October 2015
2) The New Year of 6000 is 22 October
3) The Purim actually is 20-23 October
4) The Feast Of Tabernacles is 25 October - when the War is supposed to begin

So what we know is how little we really know.

Renee Moses has been trying to figure these dates out for years and in all her learning what she has done is to warn us that Yeshua may come back for YOU tonight, tomorrow or now for 10 years so

Be Ready::::

BE READY - YouTube

Renee Moses

Renee Moses -The Illuminati know what is coming September 22 28, 2015 part 2 of 4 - YouTube

One thing for sure: GODs's Time for a new beginning is 8 years.

Eight years ago this happened on these dates:

1) 9 October: I was hand cuffed and arrested for 45 minutes at a Bank of America by order of the FBI and held at Gun Point until I signed a form. No charges - I was asked to let WW3 occur and let President Bush be assassinated and I said NO at Gun Point. Later the cops involved were all killed. I emailed Putin's Staff and they told me: "Don't worry, Drink Allot of Vodka, Be Happy."

2) 11 Oct -36 hours later - the US Stock Market crashed because the Russians pulled the bottom out of it. It fell from 14,200 to 6,900.

3) On 19 October Putin read a letter i gave him on international TV and went to Iran and seized 350 US Made Nukes in Iran - all pointed at Israel and Europe.

Since then we have:

a) Saved Pres Putin's Life 8 times
b) Stopped Bush form being assassinated 8 times
c) Stopped Obama form being killed 88 + times, the next time being 17 Oct and 5 November.
d) Stopped 8 Nukes form going off in NYC - Documented
e) Stopped 8 Nukes from going off in Chicago - Documented
f) We have stopped 8 Nukes form going off in DC through Prior Notification - Documented
f) For these gifts the FBI stole 80,000 + 80,000 dollars form me and made me homeless for 80 days + 80 days.
g) For saving their lives the FBI has stolen $80,000 in household goods
h) On 8 February 2008 a Nuke went off north of Donetsk Ukraine
i) Eight Chemical Plants have been blown up in Eastern China in the last month
j) Eight +1 Buildings have been blown up in China this month in the area where the Khzakstan Oil Pipeline is supposed to run into China.

President Putin has 8 days left to move me to an area in Russian Control - be it Kalispell Mt or St Petersburg - or the Russian Hierarchy must then deal with the Living GOD personally and always be second fiddle to China in perpetuity - so GOD has proclaimed it, so it shall be.

The Federal Reserve has 8 days to pay me in full for the 5444E or face the Living GOD and HIS wrath.

The VA/US Treasury has 8 days to pay me for the Forms Filed, especially the Treasury Forms 211 or face GOD and HIS Wrath.

What GOD will do is up to HIM but what has been released this night shall not be stopped, not by Lucifer and all his perverted Minions

And yes - the Hadron Collider in Cern was activated 23 September and the Demons are flowing in. We were not wrong.

So it has been said - so it shall be.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Cure For Parasites

Parasite Infections in the USA are skyrocketing.

With millions of new immigrants from South East Asia and North Africa flooding into Europe and North America, and the spraying currently being done by the 60th Air Wing, 9/10 Air Wing and Evergreen Aviation, it would not be surprising if most American's are not infected with these terrible little squirly things.

Evidence that Malaria is also on the rise in these nations  is overwhelming - yet goes amazingly unreported in this county.

This video describes methods to remove these parasites from your body without harming your body with nasty chemicals.

Bitter Wormwood - for example - is used to eliminate parasites like Malaria in 185 nations with nearly 100% success, yet here in Norht America, England and Australia we use methods like Doxycycline that pads the pockets of Big Pharma but are proven to be absolutely ineffective in the long run and destroy your gut bacteria.

Here are some safe and 100% effective methods to remove Parasites from your body without destroying your insides.

The Cure For Parasites, You Tube, Video:

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Remember Remember The 5th Of November - Its Getting Damned Hot

Just got a text form Benjamin Fulford and he stated we need to remember 5 November.

Well - here we go again - another threat form the Rothchild's Illuminated Ones.

He believes the Rothchilds will create a Home Made Tsunami and bankrupt the US Corporation on the same day. The tsunami will kill millions on the East Coast of the United States and in Portugal, Spain, England - etc.

So pay they fail.

The Video

Remember Remember The 5th Of November Form Benjamin Fulford - YouTube

While we are focused on this NATO, China, Russian and US Forces are now facing off in Syria by order of the Gay President Obama. In fact - Thanks to Obama and the US Allied Supreme Commander of NATO, NATO has just sent 36,000 troops, 200 Aircraft and 60 War Ships to Syria to protect the Syrian Terrorists.

36,000 troops, 200 aircraft & 60 vessels: NATO launches biggest war games in 13 years — RT News

Putin Orders Syrian Ground War To Begin As NATO Masses Forces

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, October 4, 2015

How To Remove Paid Hecklers Form Your Your Tube Channel

This video describes how to clean up your You Tube Channel to remove Potty Mouths and Paid Hecklers.

You know - we all have them -those who are paid by the Army Intel Program and run out of an office Below Fort Belvioir and by Homeland Security under Denver?

Fort Hauchuca Arizona Intel Boys are too busy opening up their First Fully Operational FEMA Camp to do any Heckling at this time.

APFN.NET has a great article on their Front Page about these PAID HECKLERS.

You will remove a few Subscribers but in the long run you will get many, many more viewers.

The Video:

Hecklers Removed From Your Tube Channel - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

FEMA Camps before Google painted them out:;_ylt=A2KIo9Qp8hFWUggALLgsnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByZWc0dGJtBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMQ--?p=Fort+huachuca+Fema+Camp&vid=37ea21b924f965f093595fddf1a40cb7&

Saturday, October 3, 2015

FEMA Opens Its First Concentration Camp In Arizona Today

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has opened it's first Concentration Camp in Wilcox, Arizona to detain Americans with NO criminal Record.

Can We Zeig Heil Der Fuhrer Obama now?

Here is the article:

FEMA's First Concentration Camp Officially Opens In Arizona | National Report

The News You Need

Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount

Friday, October 2, 2015

Obama's Reign Of Muslim Terror Has Begun In Oregon

Obama's Reign Of Muslim Terror Begins in Oregon - a West Coast School just like we said it would. GOD is never wrong.

((((Pray that everything the Obama White House orders from now on falls flat on it's face immediately.)))

The Shooter's real name is "Mahmoud Ali Ehsania" and has a Web Page calling of the killing of the Jews.

(We are being conditioned by the CIA  to support Israel in the massive killing of Muslims in early April of 2016.)

The rest is on the video.

Again - sorry for the CIA/US DOD Paid Hecklers. The more truth I expose the more Hecklers they sick on me. It is part of the risk I take.

I we were not making a difference they would not attack us, so please keep up yopur prayers.

The Video:

Obama's Muslim Reign Of Terror Begins In Oregon - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

We would like to once again thank the sisters at Sorcha for another stunning article, this one  outlined what happened in Oregon.

Oregon Mass Shooter On Terror List Obama Refused To Take From Russia

Thank you Israel's Voice for naming the shooter within hours after the Obama Planned Shooting in Oregon.

Israel's Voice | Here is the Oregon Shooter’s Profile: Who is Mahmoud Ali Ehsani?

The Cure For Lawn Diseases

Here in this video we show you how to eliminate all diseases in lawns.

When we used it on Wheat and Corn we increased production by 30%+ in both cases and no additional Fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides were used.

So rather than using 200 pounds of fertilizer per year per acre we used the following:

One Pound of Miracle Grow, 1 Tablespoon Epsom Salt, and 8 ounces of Palmolive Original in one gallon of water and applied one gallon per acre per month.

We then began to add about 1/4 cup of Diatamatious Earth per acre per month and the results were incredible - the grass stalks became firmer and the plants responded in a very positive way.

For large growers it will be more beneficial to create your own formula in a 50 gallon barrel and add it to your irrigation ditch.

The video shows you the results:

The Cure For Lawn Diseases - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thrive Cooking For Fun The Kitchen Makeover Or Rice And Thrive

Welcome to the New Cooking Channel sponsored by us - we feel YOU have a right to know.

In this New Cooking Video we show how to stretch your food budget using Thrive Life foods and Rice.

The entire meal for 4 - a Huge Meal for 4 - costs about $8 and is filled with Vitamins and Minerals and your kids will love it. That is not easy to do moms.

This costs savings will become very important as costs of everything just keep going up and up, right?

For you single Dads and Moms - we focus on making good tasting meals quickly that your kids actually love.

You will also spend less and less time shopping for food as you will accumulate good, nutritious foods in the pantry very quickly when you do as we have done - purchase $100 a month of Gluten Free, GMO Free, Thrive Foods per month.

We joined to add to our food storage. What we find is we not save Money $$ and time.

I actually paid the $130 bucks to "Join" and now I save about 5% on what I buy and I have a relationship with a company capable of sending me huge amounts of food at one time if I need it.

If there is a "Food Crisis" or "Riots" or "Looting" my food will now come to my front door since I am a "Member." WE can also supply our Nephews Restaurant with food if there is a "Crisis" so he stays employed.

Watch, Learn and Apply.

We also must give credit to my wife and we hope to see her in later videos.

The Video:

Thrive Cooking For Fun Number 2 "The Kitchen Makeover" or Rice And Thrive - YouTube

Cooking From Bill and Jane