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Friday, October 16, 2015

What The F?

Is the US So Fu**ed as the US Treasury Director Stated in a call last week?

Is he too stupid to do as GOD has asked him to do, really, and he will not even call this Ambassador?

Would he rather watch the United States Corporation fall?

Will they not skin him alive for this knowing he could have prevented it?

This is not a Joke Jacob, they will skin you alive inch by painful inch.

Here are events this week that directly effect YOU:

2015: Oct 17: News of Today:

1) Eight years is up - it is time for a New Beginning in GOD’s Time Frame. A few days ago Jacob Lew of the US Treasury told a friend  “We are Fu**ed when the Yuan hits the market.” It hit Monday, the same day Russia shot down a US Jet over Syria. The war is starting.

2) US invaded Camroon to seize Chad Oil Resources that were only recently released.

3) US is landing troops in the Disputed Islands surrounding Yangshaw Island - a mountain of Gold jointly administered by the Philippines and China for 70 peaceful years - Obama demands the island.

4) Putin  called Obama an “Oatmeal Head” in an international broadcast.

5) Putin’s Father’s last name was Abuteen - he was from Iraq. Hs mother was from Russia and his loyalty to Russia or Lucifer will be severely tested over the next 4 days. Will he do as GOD has directed him to do and show his love for Russia, or as Lucifer directed him to do and fall on his sword. HE has 4 days.

6) Saudi’s are issuing Bonds because they are almost out of oil and with Russia keeping the Yemen Oil in Yemen’s hands and Oman Oil Deposits in Oman’sHands the Saudi’s are out of options.

Pray for your families and see the video BE READY on You Tube.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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