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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Incredible Industrial Game Changer - The 3D Fax

This machine is one of the most incredible tools now available to industry.

Imagine being a small business and being 7,0000 miles away and being able to manufacture a part to exact specifications and then ship it express mail to the company that needs it.

If, and when the dollar devalues thing will be very inexpensive world wide to manufacture them here America. This means that a large company in Russia ,China or even India could send us a 3D fax of the part needs and it could be made here in America.

Imagine being able to preserve an Archaeological Wonder and send copies of it to 30 or 40 museums around the world in seconds - or to the Department of Defense in seconds.

Imagine being able to send a needed part to a central "PLL" Point for the US Army and having it sent immediately to the field visa courier - the need for part on hand would decrease. This would make a leaner, more efficient, cheaper unit to deploy.

The Defense Contractors like Boeing have had this for years and the cost has been through the roof. The specific product was re-manufactured in a tub using lasers and  a type of polymer that resembles a soft plastic

Now using sand as a base mixed with a type of inexpensive epoxy this product produces a fairly durable end product and this technology is now available to the General Public and fairly inexpensive.

Learn more by watching this incredible video:

Incredible Industrial Game Changer -The Portable 3D Fax Machine - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount

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