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Monday, October 19, 2015

It May Be The End Of The Euro

For 1,000 Years Germany has been the Financial Headquarters of the Holy Roman Empire.

German banks have been running the Roman Empire since the year 962 when it was consolidated into a unified empire, pushing the remaining forces of the French out of their boarders.They Empire Dissolved following a defeat to Napoleon in 1804 but remained in tact underground and re- rose following the defeat of Napoleon.

These banks, run primarily out of Frankfurt, even sent some of their own bankers (Bauery Boys, changed their name to Rothchilds and claimed to be Jewish) to London to control these banks beginning in 1815.

Keep in Mind the Magna Carta was written in 1215 but three years earlier the King of England deeded ALL of the United Kingdom - Scotland, England, Ireland) to the Roman Pope and in 1703 the Virginia Charter was written, and approved by the World Courts in Austria, gave ALL of North America to the United Kingdom and thus to the Vatican.

Further, the US/UK treaty which ended the American Revolution 0 the Treaty Of Paris - gave the entire US Federal Budget t the King of England.

In 1870 a Bank was created to run this Holy Roman Empire named Deutch Bank. If consolidated what was scattered by Napoleon and re-initiated the Holy Roman Empire, eventually answering to the Vatican Trust.

After the 6th Air Force bombed these banks out of existence during WW2 we were double crossed by our leaders and the US rebuilt these banks in their National Socialist (NAZI) Image.

With the Advent of Computers the easy creation of Hedge Funds and Derivatives arose.

The change moved quickly. Under President Reagan once ounce of gold could only be sold 9 times, under President Clinton 100 times, and under Obama an infinite amount of times. In fact he has allowed open selling of US Treasury Bonds that are never even delivered to the tune of $1.2 Trillion Dollars a month.

Today the world has over $1,000 Trillion (World GDP $83 Trillion/Yr)  worth of Derivatives and Hedge Funds and most of the Eurpoean ones lie at Deuthc Bank.

When Deutch Bank goes it will be the end of the Euro and thus the Dollar will fall hard a few weeks later.

Then - well, that's for tomorrow night.

Deutch Bank has already failed the US Stress Test and is in the process of preparing to literally be split apart and declare the Derivatives and most Hedge Funds worthless.

So Be Ready folks for what comes.

BE READY - YouTube

This week we will be discussing another Intelligence Briefing I received yesterday and how YOU can prepare for what is coming.

This is for sure: The White House wants Americans dead and this Banking Crisis is 100% DC Made and our Intelligence Comminity is now getting very worried.

Very,Very worried.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


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