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Monday, October 12, 2015

Two Incredible Phone Calls That May Change Your Life

Today, like most days, I received about 5 calls form the original video The Cure For Cancer.

These two calls were absolutely incredible.

1) The First call is heart wrenching.

An older gentleman - a veteran - called because he had just lost his wife to cancer.

She had had breast cancer and after it was eliminated she cancer free for about 20 years.

She was one of the 5% that actually lives over ten years after the First diagnosis of her cancer.

At age 64, 20 years later,  the cancer came back with a vengeance. She developed cancer through out her entire body in a very rapid time. The husband took his wife to the hospital and there she remained until her death.

Fighting first with Chemo then with radiation and tehn they began to cut on her.

On her 65th Birthday a man walked in to her hospital room, added something to her Chemo Bag, and walked out. A drain tube was placed in her chest and pink fluid came out. They dissolved her lungs and there she died.

The "Death Panel" for the hospital decided to terminate her the day she was determined to be no longer useful to society and the Government would pay all the bills.

They just - dissolved her lungs in front of the husband and he had no idea what was going on.

Yes folks - Obama Death Panels are real.

This is Obama Care for our veterans.

The cost of her Chemo - up to $6,000 a day including the lung dissolving drug - is now charged to his estate so when he dies all that he owns will be seized by these National Zocialeest (NAZI) pigs to pay for the Murder of his wife.

This is Obama Care.
2) The second call was inspiring.

A young kid barely wet behind the ears called - his mom had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer and he was still living at home.

The doctors wished to poison her with Chemo and Burn her with radiation.

I asked him if he had a car and $20 and he said yes.

He went to the grocery store, bought some Sea Weed, Tumeric and Baking soda and tonight he will put Baking Soda in her coffee, and feed her a meal containing sea weed and Tumeric.

The cancer will stop growing tomorrow and be gone in 6 months.

He also bought some Immusist to speed the process up.

This one will have a happy ending.
People wonder why I do this?

I spend 3 hours with a family on Saturday who's children we are walking out of Autism and they are happy again as a family - first time in 12 years. The children were happy and playing and interacting with others.

God Bless those who read, listen, and try these products because they are form God.

Thank you for all the calls.
The News We Need To Survive.

Dr William B. Mount


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