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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

OMG, Is The Dollar really Being Reset Right Now?

Is the dollar really being reset right now?

Did The US Secretary of Treasury really make a threat to Congress if the Debt Limit was not reset?

Are the dates of 3 November and 5 November 2015 really relevant?

Who on earth was detained in Japan and is spilling their guts about everything the US NAZI regime is doing?

Is there really a threat to Obama and Donald Trump in the next few weeks and by whom?

Can we really stop these Monsters from destroying my income, my country and this planet?

Watch the video and find out.

Jack Lew This One's For You - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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  1. Wow, I just wrote a long comment and it Vanished: ( So here goes again, Bpearthwatch has a vid, utube with inbound thing to hit in the similar area as bomb threat on or about same time, thank you Mr.w. mount, love your work, Aaron V Allenson