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Saturday, October 10, 2015

FBI Correct: US/UK Leadership Are Insane And Forcing Nuclear War

Those in the Federal Agencies who have talked to be are correct: The leadership on the US/UK have gone insane and are forcing Nuclear War today.

(((Pray that the World War 3 fails to start.))

As you read this the orders to NATO troops (Sanctioned by the Jesuit Pope) have been given to conduct Military Exercises as if the Full Scale Nuclear War has already begun. This means digging in, watching over 5,000 cities in Europe, Asia and Africa getting Nuked, decontaminate, and then re-establish communications with your higher ups. I helped develop this insane doctrine.

If these nukes are launched Israel alone will lunch about 2,500 US Made Nukes at Asia, Africa and Europe every where form 1 Mega Ton down to 20 KT.

Each US Carrier currently carries around 2,000 nukes not including their missiles meant for their aircraft.

Most US Submarines carry 144 Nukes, except the Killer Subs.

If these nukes do launch do the math - what is left of the planet - so why conduct any exercises?

This assumes that one of the 140 Planet Killing Nukes do not automatically detonate as many are set to do under the Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) Treaty.

In addition NATO/US/UK are "Practice Launching" Nukes from Scotland and the Balklins at Russian and Chinese targets.

How the heck do you "Practice Launch" a 100 KT ICBM?

Further - over 100 Nuclear Armed British, American and Australian submarines are being deployed to their Primary Launch Locations.

This necessitates the Full Deployment of all nuclear forces world wide and this time it is not to "Shoot Jesus Out Of The Sky" tomorrow.

So what prompted all this?

Russian Leadership refused to do as GOD asked them to do and God has raised up a scrawney little Cowardly Gay Boy who is 1/6th Afro American to come against over 180 Nations in the BRICS Alliance.

Muslims: Consider your allies carefully:  If Obama were Muslim would he eat Pork or be have a Wife who is a man?

Muslims - you have been led down the road to Pardition by a Satanist.

What prompted the exercise today was that China announced that the Yuan is now capable of handling International Transactions so the Rothchilds have gone utterly insane, demanding to destroy China and Russia.

Russia: I will give you a temporary way out but if what GOD has asked you to do is not done then this is only temporary.

Obama and his 5 doubles are all chipped and you know where he goes. Torch off one of the 6 Underground Bases left that are connected to Fort Belvior and show these cowards that if the war starts they go first. If he and his cowardly little handlers feel they go first they will "Run Away" and stand down. Remember - that Rabbit has fangs.

Either way - please pray that Irish. French, US. UK Union Troops (I....UK..US..U) troops stand down immediately.

Russia: The Ball Is In Your Court.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

If the NSA computer ever becomes sentient it will stop all these Mad Men at the top and put leaders in place to preserve Planet Earth rather than try and destroy it.

Sorry my stories and videos are nowt fancy - they are meant to stop World War 3 and allow people to Cure themselves of their diseases and prepare for what is coming.

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