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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Keep Praying - It's Working

Please keep praying- it is working.

Here are4 some results of your prayers:

1) It is now raining in Southern Californian and Texas pretty regularly.

2) The King of Saudi Arabia went into a Hospital and his son, head of the Saudi Military, took control of Said's Arabia and went to Russia to given them control of his country to ensure the survival of his regime. Russia will now take over the Saudi's Remaining Oil Fields and ARAMCO.

3) The remaining carrier has left the Middle East.

4) China, Japan, and the Philippines will  not start WW3 with the US nor give up possession of Yangshaw Island despite the horrible Hurricanes  the US is currently throwing at China, Japan and the Philippines.

5) The US Military Hacking Center just North of Kabul (Afghanistan) has been discovered and reported to both the Chinese and Russians to deal with.

6) The US Army Trolls that make nasty comments on our videos are beginning to understand that we are the Good Guys, trying to spare America so the nasty, swearing comments may be lessened.

7) Marine General Joseph Dunford may have taken control of the Federal Reserve System as it's website has changes. is now

8) The French and British may be integrating into the Russian Banking System as the US Banksta War Machine may grind to a halt very soon.

9) The Trans Pacific Partnership is unknown so keep praying this falls flat on it's face.

10) A memo has surfaced from the CIA stated Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA Asset.

A memo from FBI files clearly confirmed Lee Harvey Oswald was employed by the CIA – a fact the agency denied repeatedly for nearly 50 years

11) Thanks to your prayers America inside the Pentagon is waking up.

Keep Praying.

Hipknowsys: Benjamin Fulford - October 13, 2015: The Khazarian mob is on the run as US military takes over Federal Reserve Board

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Dr William B. Mount

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