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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thrive Cooking For Fun The Kitchen Makeover Or Rice And Thrive

Welcome to the New Cooking Channel sponsored by us - we feel YOU have a right to know.

In this New Cooking Video we show how to stretch your food budget using Thrive Life foods and Rice.

The entire meal for 4 - a Huge Meal for 4 - costs about $8 and is filled with Vitamins and Minerals and your kids will love it. That is not easy to do moms.

This costs savings will become very important as costs of everything just keep going up and up, right?

For you single Dads and Moms - we focus on making good tasting meals quickly that your kids actually love.

You will also spend less and less time shopping for food as you will accumulate good, nutritious foods in the pantry very quickly when you do as we have done - purchase $100 a month of Gluten Free, GMO Free, Thrive Foods per month.

We joined to add to our food storage. What we find is we not save Money $$ and time.

I actually paid the $130 bucks to "Join" and now I save about 5% on what I buy and I have a relationship with a company capable of sending me huge amounts of food at one time if I need it.

If there is a "Food Crisis" or "Riots" or "Looting" my food will now come to my front door since I am a "Member." WE can also supply our Nephews Restaurant with food if there is a "Crisis" so he stays employed.

Watch, Learn and Apply.

We also must give credit to my wife and we hope to see her in later videos.

The Video:

Thrive Cooking For Fun Number 2 "The Kitchen Makeover" or Rice And Thrive - YouTube

Cooking From Bill and Jane

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