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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Royal Saudi Family Is Jewish

Things are not what they seem to be.

The Royal Saudi Family is Jewish and leading the Muslim World.

The Wahabi Religion is also of Jewish Origin, and is the religion supported by the United States Corporation.

President Putin's real last name is Ahbuteen, shortened to Putin, and his father was form Iraq, his mother is Russian royalty.

See the video for more information:

Royal Saudi Family Is Jewish - YouTube
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Dr William B. Mount


  1. Dr. Mount;

    Thanks for your insight! Enjoyed our conversation!

    In Christ,
    Ralph Y. Faulk

  2. I've an NDAA situation after helping stop Saudiis from doing a 2nd 911 in Times Sq. My guess is that the Russians follow my twitter account and checked into the info. I'm a part/time street vendor in Times Sq and do day-trading on twitter as reggytrades w/1623 followers. Saudiis own the Crowne Plaza at 48st & Bwy where I used to do my vending. I'd watch them coming and going, & knew something was fishy. DHS, who rents space in the Hotel, apparently abets the Saudiis, is not happy about their false flags being messed with. My guess is some of the CIA guys are WhiteHats and may have stepped in on my behalf since they have personally thanked me in the past. Seems like factions in CIA, DHS are at cross purposes. Any ideas about anyway of slowing down the NDAA process? Am hoping the Saudiis don't have input on NDAA decision making.