Friday, May 30, 2014

Obama Admin Goes After Yet Another Foreign Bank

Eric Holder, Attorney General for the US Corporation, has gone after yet another Foreign Based  Bank - this time BNP Parabis SA.

(((((Please pray - focus - that Eric Holder fails in everything he dose form this point forward))))

In an obvious attempt to drive foreign banks out of America The Obama Administration is attempting to fine this bank about $10 Billion Dollars for violating US Corporate Sanctions.

The US Corporation has stated that if the ban pays the US Corporation this $10 Billion in Bribes then the US Corporation will stop investigating this bank.

The bank is not being fined, nor are any bank employees being charged with any wrong doings. They just need to pay Eric Holder $10 Billion and the US Corporation will cease any current investigations on htis bank- for now.

This seems to be common place recently as the US Corporate Attorney General threatens more and more banks with paying "Hush Money."

Of course - the Justice Department has no accounting of exactly where this HUSH MONEY goes.

The purpose here is to shut down the European and American Banking Systems and lead us into World War Three.

In addition, the US Corporation is currently investigating over 10 large International Banks to determine if these banks payed folks to conduct "Fraudulant Activities." There is no apparent definition of "Fraudulent" in the investigation - it is whatever Eric Holder decides. Two banks who are willing to admit they are being investigated include: Zions Bank Corp, Salt Lake City and PNC Bank - part of Fortress Financial.

Both of these stories may be found in the Wall Street Journal today.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) I saw a very interesting film today laying out the next few False Flags.

The film is called: "Pope Francis and the MH 370 Ritual Pentagram of Protection."

The Narrater believes the Illuminati will torch off Yellow Stone around 31 August and create a Nuclear False Flag in Rome around 26 January while the Pope is away in the Philippines. I concur. Unless London goes up in smoke this is one of their many evil plans.

2) Please be aware that since I live in an area not conducive to receiving information thanks to the FBI stealing my investments London may indeed be at risk - and in such a way as to make the IMF a Dusty Pancake blowing in the Radioactive Wind.

Not kidding IMF Director.

3) Did anyone notice that the former CEO of Microsoft bid $2 Billion to buy an LA basketball team worth $600 million?

When you are dealing in Realms Above Reality all that you read and see may be false - the entire Sterling Affair" was set up to get these Microsoft folks a team.

Remember - the DOD and CIA are the primary purchasers for Microsoft products - so for some reason the CIA is using this Microsoft CEO as a front to buy a Basketball Team in Lo Angeles. The question is why?
GOD told You So:

Two of Obama's Top Aids resigned today - Eric Shenseki and J Carney = Press Secretary. It has only just begun.

Pope Francis and the MH370 Ritual Pentagram of Protection - YouTube
The News You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William B. Mount

VA Cuts D-Day Veteran's Payments To $6 A Month

The Veteran's Affairs Corporation (Owned by the IMF) has cut a US Soldier's Pension (Who was in D-Day) form $300 a month to $6 a month - just in time for the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

((((Please pray that this decision is immediately reversed))))

An 86 year old veteran, (survivor of D-Day) Joseph Teson of Watervielett NY, was receiving about $300 a month when the VA retroactively changed his benefit amount and claimed that he must now pay back $3,000 in over payments.

This leaves this veteran with about $6 a month.

The Obama Administration has reached a new low and it is time to go, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

This is not the only thing the VA has done in recent times to stir your blood.

Remember all the Waste, Fraud and Abuse cases I filed with the VA and IIRs using Treasury Form 211?

The VA stealing money from not only the IMF (Owned by the Rothchilds, money managers for the Roman Pope)  but from the Rothchilds and the Roman Pope.

These concerns were sent through Diplomatic Channels directly to the IMF, the Vatican Bank, and the and the Roman Pope.

The Mills Of The Gods Grind Slow But Exceeding Fine.

When these folks are done with the Directors of the VA they will grind them up into cat food. The next time you feed your cat form a can say hello to those who stole form the Pope. The whole affair will begin with Shensenski (VA Director) resigning and end when most f the Directors are "Dealt With."

(They can't burry them in a cornerstones because nothing is being built right now.)

Maybe the VA director did not get the Memo - Thou Shalt Not Steal From The Pope.

So 6 Zeroes will strike again, and hard.

The "Double List" was a cover story - but it is a true story as well.

Now that this theft has been formally recognized by these folks they must complete the task the CIA (Owned by hte Queen of England) set out for them through the British Royalty ---- or face the same fate as General Shenseki.

For You Intel Geeks- It Aint's Over:

1) You have failed to follow FGOD's Instructions so 6 Zeros will now take the economy down. so says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

2) The White House will now start sending out Homeland Security Agents to blow US oil Pipe Lines. The US cannot stop being a Debtor Nation or there can be no more World War 3. Area to be hit will include outlying areas - like Montana and North Dakota.

Vehicles to be driven by Homeland Security to blow these limes will be SUVs - primarily White and Black. If you see this occurring document this and call your local police - State Highway Departments.

3) on 15 June A  President Obama  Double will be in Martha Vineyards. At approximately 6:03 PM zulu Time a lone shooter (Actually 3) will shoot for a head shot. He will be using a Russian made rifle similar to a Nagantz Rifle and the press will claim it is a "Lone Shooter" and blame the Russians from Eastern Ukraine to start this coming war.

4) If the Presidential Assassination fails then on 26 June a tiny briefcase nuke (Dirty Bomb) will be detonated in the center of Atlanta - Forming a red Gas?

The victims are currently being trained but they desire lots of Black Women to be the "Victims." This is a Two-Fer.

     a) They can claim the Blacks were targeted by the Evil Black hating Russians.
     b) Talk about how the Black Women are forced in to Prostitution and then get more welfare moneys      for them - but none will actually reach the streets.

5) Has anyone noticed the Name Similarities: Boro-Shenko, Yana-Shenko, Tama-Shenko? Yanakovich was evicted by the US?

6) The Financial Arnmageddon begins in a few days, so says the I AM That I Am. Did you notice that the CEO of the New York Stochk Exchange - Duncan Neiderauer - has cleared out his office and left town?

7) Gigs Up US Intel Folks: Yet another nation demands it's gold back - this time Austria.

8) For your Eyes Only: Ann Coulter and Michelle Obama both have Adams Apples. Look it up on the net --- these girls are really boys.

Sean Hannity - how did you miss the Adam's Apple on Ann Coulter?

9) We have recently read allot about the Draconinas (Demons) inhabiting folks all over the world. When you see a face change on TV it is a "Manifestation" of this Demon. The Draconians are only one form.P

Apparently the frequency variation in the TV camera's causes a change in their ability to hide themselves inside their hosts.

Remember the quote of the Roman Pope a few years ago: "Our Role is to act as hosts."

The Planet Aldeboron, in the Taurus Constellation, is their home planet and they are evil to the core.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William B. Mount

▶ Pope Francis and the MH370 Ritual Pentagram of Protection - YouTube

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hemp - The Crop Of The Future

There is a very strong and valid argument to start growing Hemp in America today.

((((Please pray - visualize - that the US Corporation goes away and is replaced with our Republic Immediately))))

Today there is a very strong argument to begin now only using existing crops of Hemp (Canibis Sativas) in America for industrial uses.

We are not talking about the Dope that make you a Dope - with THC components as high as 33%

We are discussing the original Hemp, averaging .5% THC

Here are the arguments in favor of this:

1) It would employ thousands of Americans.

Why should we in America be forced to buy foreign made Hemp rather than growing it here employing Americans.

Jobs that would be, if fully utilized, in excess of 50,000 directly invloved in hte trade.

2) The crop grows naturally and would not destroy the Ecology of the land.

When I lived in Kansas I noticed it grew every where as thick as Blackberries and over 7 feet tall. It is a weed that a farmer simply must tolerate.

3) It comes back over and over again - thus avoiding the need for replanting.

4) Hemp os a Pioneer Plant - It is easy to grow no marginal land - thus allowing farmers to grow crops in areas that other crops will not grow.

5) Hemp can be made into all sorts of products, such as:
    a) Cloth, almost equal in quality to cotton.
    b) Animal Feed - containing a complete animal protein for cattle, sheep, chickens, dogs and cats.
    c) Paper - being of superior quality than many woods and not needing as much bleaching in the process.
    d) Oil for running auto,mobiles.
    e) Rope.
     f) Thousands of other uses.

6) Obstacles to legalizing Hemp today:

The biggest obstacle to legalizing Hemp for commercial use comes form both the CIA and FBI.

The CIA imports illegal drugs and funds it's Black Ops Programs (Murders, political pay-ofs, and Underground Base Construction) with the profits and the FBI runs Fusion Centers to sell the drugs all across America.

If the CIA and FBI leadership was not so stupid they would realize that growing large Hemp Fields (.5% THC) across America would cross breed (Cross Pollinate) with the Illegal Hemp (10-22% THC) and make them worthless to the local illegal Dope Buyers.

 In fact - is these Brain Dead FBI and CIA Directors really had any brains they would get the US Corporation to not only to pay to genetically modify Hemp to have no THC (HEMPTY) they would plant these crops all across America.

No locally grown Hemp means more income for the CIA and  FBI, more dead America's and more money for the Sandanista Drug Lords (Obama Allies) in Mexico, and more rifle and pistol sale to the Mexican Drug Lords by US Corporate Attorney General Eric Holder.

FBI - think about it. You would not have to send in FBI Snipers into China to kill Chinese Soldiers - you could pay off Chinese to kill Chinese soldiers.

CIA - rather than trying to kill Putin by small bribes to key people in the "third tier" under his Russian DOD, you could pay off key leaders to do the killing themselves.

Vodka and Caviar for every one.
Let the Declaration of Independence stand on it's own merits - it was written on paper made of Hemp ---- outlawed by the English Owned US Corporation.

Please pray - visualize - that the US Corporation is abandoned and our Republic returns.

A message to Chinese and Japanese Intelligence: When I see Immusist and Kelp being used in Chinese and Japanese hospitals in mass quantities then I will know you tell the truth. Until then - all you say to me is pure garbage and you only passify me with your talk.

English: You Lie,
Japanese:  "Uso Tsuku, "
Chinese: "Luangtong."
The News You Are Not Supposed To Know

Dr William B. Mount

Plastic In Your Buns Please


In a recent series of articles we have learned that the same chemical used to create Yoga Mats is also found in the breads sold at Subways.

((((Please pray that those who allowed this will be neutralized by GOD  immediately.))))

The chemical is: Azodicarbomide and is a Sulfur Compound used to help either Fluff Plastics or Bleach Wheat Flour.

It is used in breads made across America, poisoning folks from Russia to South Africa, form India to Brazil. Major companies that use this compound include almost ALL American based companies, including the following chains:

1) Franz Bakery
1) Mc Donalds
3) Burger King
4) Dunkin Donuts
5) Wendy's
6) Arbys
7) Jack In The Box
8) Carl's Junior
9) The list goes on and on and on.

Although this compound is outlawed in Europe the Buns may still be shipped there with a variation in the labeling on the bread  - little do the Europeans know.

a) So - what exactly is this compound:

It is a Plastic Foaming Agent that makes Plastic soft and Pliable.

b) Who makes this compound?

It is an easy chemical to synthesize and it is made across the globe by various manufacturers like the Big Pharma companies.

Make the product, make you sick, sell the cure.

c) What does this New Compound do to us?

The World Health Organization has clearly stated that this compound, in extremely low doses, is "Linked To" (Causes) Athesma. Allergies, and other respiratory issues.

Azodicarbomide is also high;y carcinogenic. Eat Wheat Bread in America, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and England and you WILL be exposed to a cancer causing agent.

One last thing bakers tell me Azodicarbomide does to you - it make you really, really, really hungry just like Aspertane and Sucrose does. So you eat and eat and eat instead of feeling sick - and you get fatter and fatter and fatter.

If you limit your intake the chemicals still build in your body and you get more and more hungry, eventually breaking the diet and gaining all the weight back and then some.

Azodicarbomide  also  causes deformities and genetic alterations in your children.

Wonder why your kids are not that smart and have health issues?

Ya Think it might be the food they eat?

Since your body does not recognize things like Processed foods like Corn Syrup and Azodicarbimide it either ejects it or stores it in your fat cells - so you swell up like a pear and no matter what you do you get fatter and fatter.

Your Buns are made up of chemicals.

"A Little Plastic in your buns?"

Actually you have allot of Plastics in your buns - so stop eating garbage.

So what happens when I go out to dinner?

A few hours ago we went out to a local restaurant tonight named Johnny's, a great place to sort of Unwind and the end of the day.

We had Ice Tea and  ate some Clam Chowder and Potato Skins. These foods were so laden with chemicals we almost fell asleep while driving home. It was that bad.

From now on we will just eat the Potato Skins and go 100% Gluten Free, limiting our food intake from these Non-Organic restaurants.
So here is what you need to do to get healthy, loose weight, and keep it off.

1) Do Not Eat:

a. Wheat
b. Dairy - Goat Milk and Cheese may be OK for some people.
c. Canola Oil
d. Chemicals

2) Eat:

a. Sea Weed - like Kelp
b. Eat Immusist - it is like the Surfactant found in Kelp - but more concentrated. Minimum: 5 drops per day. One bottle should last you a whole year.
c. Eat Organic Foods. No garbage in, no garbage out.
d. I eat allot of meat - grass fed non-vaccinated. I can eat and eat and eat meat and I am still loosing weight and never slow down. My blood pressure is 120/80.
e. I eat Diatamatious Earth in my coffee 5 times per week, just a tea spoon. You can get a 50 pound bag at a local feed store for $35.
f: After brushing my teeth I now put my tooth brush into non-aluminum baking soda and leave it in my mouth - no more Gum Recession.

Using the abovve procedures we have walked folks out of: Malaria, Cancer, Autism, MS, Lupus, Heart Disease, HIV, Hepatitis, Lymes Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Hepatitis, Babesiosis, and a host of tother disease I cannot even pronounce with 100% success and no relapses unless they stop doing what we recommend.
The Following Story is Banned from most websites and has information the US Corporate Government does NOT want you to know.

Dr William B. Mount


Azodicarbonamide Manufacturers, Azodicarbonamide Suppliers & Exporters on

10 other companies that use the same Subway yoga mat chemical in their buns -

azodicarbonamide: chemical product info at CHEMINDUSTRY.RU

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Are We Ready For A Dollar Exchange?

Are we ready for a dollar exchange?

(((((Pray -- visualize hard - that those ELitists in charge are run off Planet Earth immediately)))))

Are you ready for a dollar exchange?

The Federal Reserve Bank has been ordered by the IMF to begin printing US Treasury Notes and begin exchanging $100 dollar bills around 1 July with Asset Based Currency.

The Federal Reserve Bank, IMf, and US Treasury are all corporation owned by the Rothchilds, but few folks realize this. See USC 5, Sec 103 and check out the organizations the US Corporate President may manage - only Homeland Security.

The Asset Backed US Treasury Note will be backed with will be Unharvested Oil, Gold Futures and SIlver Futures ---- in other words ----- thin air.

If they go ahead wirth the exchange then it will begin something like this:

a) The First Week you can exchange $100 Federal reserve Notes for $92 US Treasury Asset Backed Dollars

b) Week 2 it will for to $88 US Treasury Backed Dollars for $100 Federal Reserve Notes

c) Week three it will be $79 US Treasury Backed Dollars for every $100 Federal reserve Notes.

d)  So on and so forth until their ration becomes 10/1 where it will remain.

Federal Reserve Notes held overseas will not be exchangible for the New US Treasury Asset Based Dollars and will be exchanged through the SWIFT accounts at roughly a 10/1 ratio.

The gap will be used to pay of the Federal Reserve Debt - which YOU do not owe - "Caudio Fejisoriao."

At the same time both China and Russia will issue their Gold Backed Rubbles and Yuan.

Either way it is all designed to screw YOU and benefit the Luciafian Elitists.

This is a spiritual battle and it must be won in a much higher Harmonics.

For You Intel Geeks:

1) You have evacuated Peace Corps volunteers form the Ukraine and planning to send many of them to Thailand. Are you insane, they just had a Coup?

2) Then you offered to send many to Argentina knowing that the US is trying to stir up riots, a and a Coup there to kill those who wet the current Pope up in power (Dead Men Tell No Tales), are you mad?

3) Auto Tellers across the nation are running out of money due to the outsourcing of servicing the Auto Tellers, this the machines are only allowing $200/day to be taken out, not $400/day. Do you think this Outsourcing of Bank Services causes a Security Issue?

The finding of a $4 Billion Dollar Error in the Bank Of America last month -- wasn't that due to outsourcing as well?

Well - uh - Duh!

Wake Up Office of the Comptroller of Currency.

4) A Prelude To War: Jordan ejects Syrian's Ambassador, Syria ejects Jordan's Ambassador yesterday in a Tit For Tat.

5) 1 June comes awful quick - buckle up You thing releasing Fukushima's radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean yesterday is bad, that the Carlsbad Caves having a Melt Down is bad - you ain't seen nothing yet.

6) Operation American Sprikng came and went - not one word in the media --- not one word except that General LD Dempsey (DOD Commander) caved in and did nothing --- which makes him a Coward and a Liar.

7) Atlanta Craig's List is advertising for "Players In A Mock SImulated Disasters June 27-29 . Pay is $100 per day."

Sounds an awful lot like a Mock Shooting of Muslim Extreme Attack, Doesn't it?

I wonder what the DOD and Homeland Security has dreamed up for them?
More Miracles From Our Creator - the Living GOD:

I wish some extra prayer. I have a friend who refuses to use EDTA and Immusist and eat Sea weed, yet he is laying in bed dying. I do not know what to do?

We just won another Veteran's Case. A friend ran a vet through the DAV and not only has he started eating Immusist and gave up 12 Cokes a day it looks like he will be awarded 100% VA Physical Disability Service Connected and receive enough Back Pay to buy his house back. From the streets to a nice home ---- all done by the owner of Immusist. He did it at his own expense.

All I did was point Jim form Immusist  in the right direction. He did the rest. He stuck with this guy through Thick and Thin but look atthe results......

And you winder why I believe in Jim and in  Immusist?

It works and Jim brought a Vet form the pits to a very respectable place.

Never give up on a Vet - they were there to help you when you needed it, maybe in a forest fire, maybe in a flood. Now I stick by them every chance I get.

By the way - this month Immusist has just received  quite a few calls of how of the children of Alzheiemrs Patients are sneaking 4-5 drops of Immusist per day into their parents Juice and they are "Coming out of a fog", begin walking to dinner, going out and getting the newspaper, dressing, going to the bathroom themselves ---- the list of these Alzheimer's Patients just goes on and on and on.

The surfactants in Immusist are similar to those found in Kelp, only more concentrated.

Form what I have seen it changes your body chemistry - 2-5 drops per day - and your body then begins to heal itself.

Folks - you can't afford Obama Care - stay healthy.

I would not have believed it if I did not see it for myself.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William Mount

US Gasoline Consumption Down Almost 75% Since 1998

What You are About To Read Will Shock You:

U.S. Gasoline Consumption Plummets By Nearly 75%

Regular readers are familiar with my narratives on the U.S. Greater Depression, and (in particular) some of the government’s own charts which depict this economic meltdown most vividly. The collapse in the “civilian participation rate” (the number of people working in the economy) and the “velocity of money” (the heartbeat of the economy) indicate an economy which is not merely in decline, but rather is being sucked downward in a terminal (and accelerating) death-spiral.
However, even that previously published data, and the grim analyses which accompanied it could not prepare me for the horror story contained in data passed along by an alert reader. U.S. “gasoline consumption” – as measured by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) itself – hasplummeted by nearly 75%, from its all-time peak in July of 1998. A near-75% collapse in U.S. gasoline consumption has occurred in little more than 15 years.
Before getting into an analysis of the repercussions of this data, however, it’s necessary to properly qualify the data. Obviously, even in the most-nightmarish economic Armageddon, a (relatively short-term) 75% collapse in gasoline consumption is simply not possible. Unless we were dealing with a nation whose economy had been suddenly ripped apart by civil war, or some small nation devastated by a massive earthquake or tsunami; it’s simply not possible for any economy to just disintegrate that rapidly, without there being some ultra-powerful exogenous force also at work.
So how can this raw data, produced by the government itself, be explained? To begin with; the government chooses to measure U.S. gasoline consumption in a very odd manner: by measuring the amount of gasoline entering the domestic supply-chain rather than by measuring actual consumption at the other end of the supply-chain – i.e. “at the pump”.
Why does the U.S. government, which (among other things) leads the world in the manufacture of statistics not produce any simple/direct measurement of gasoline consumption? How can the St. Louis Fed produce nearly 100 different charts on gasoline and diesel prices (for any/every price-category which can be imagined by these statistics geeks), but not a single chart on gasoline supply/demand?
There are several reasons for this unbalanced, anomalous, and simply absurd statistical methodology. First of all; the reason why the U.S. government produces a near-infinite number of charts on prices is because prices are what the Gamblers (i.e. bankers) use as the basis for their $100’s of trillions in gambling in the rigged casinos which the bankers call “markets”.
While supply/demand data is of utmost importance in the real world; the banker-gamblers don’t dwell in the real world. As regular readers already know; their derivatives casino, alone, is roughly twenty times as large as the entire global economy. To the bankers; the “real world” is nothing but fodder for their insane gambling.
Why use this data, at all, since it is such an inferior/distorted means of measuring U.S. gasoline consumption? Because the EIA uses exactly the same data to publish its own “estimates” of U.S. gasoline consumption:
Note: Product supplied measures the amount of gasoline that went into the supply chain and isused as a proxy for gasoline consumption. [emphasis mine]
The other half of this ridiculous statistical hodge-podge, where endless quantities of trivial/irrelevant price data are trumpeted, while any/all data which actually measures the (real) economy is suppressed (if not buried entirely) displays a government desperately trying to hide this massive economic collapse.

If you choose to measure the amount of gasoline leaving U.S. refineries and entering domestic inventories and call this “gasoline consumption”; you can hide the actual collapse in gasoline consumption – until those retail inventories are overflowing, and there is simply no more room in the storage tanks.
This is what we see today in the U.S.: a gasoline market which had been deliberately-and-dramatically over-supplied with gasoline at the wholesale end of the supply-chain (the refineries) has now practically ground to a halt. The same nation which previously amazed the world as it accumulated more automobiles and more miles of highways per capita than any nation on Earth (and by a huge margin) now has such an insane glut of gasoline that it’s massive chain of refineries have had to simply turn off the taps – until this pathetically anemic economy manages to burn-off some of that glut.
This conclusion becomes even more visible/obvious when we view the gasoline data just from the start of the mythical “U.S. economic recovery” to the present. At the start of the “U.S. recovery”; U.S. gasoline consumption was at a rate of 52 million gallons per day (already more than 20% below the 1998 all-time peak). In the five years since the start of this pretend-recovery; U.S. gasoline consumption has fallen all the way to 18 million gallons per day.
Since the beginning of “the U.S. economic recovery”; U.S. gasoline consumption has plummeted by nearly 2/3. As the pseudo-recovery began, and supposedly “strengthened”; U.S. refineries were ordered to fill up the inventories of their dealer network, in anticipation of the increased gasoline consumption which would have occurred in any real “recovery”.
But there never was an increase in U.S. gasoline consumption, because there never was a U.S. economic recovery. Rather, the Greater Depression has simply (and relentlessly) continued to pulverize the U.S. economy like a meat-grinder. To hide this devastation (as well as is possible), the government produces a wide array of its pseudo-statistics, that all contain myriad “adjustments” – which make it possible for these liars-with-numbers to distort the statistical picture of the U.S. economy beyond recognition.
Meanwhile, any/all statistics which measure raw data (and thus cannot be perverted with “adjustments”) are either suppressed (like the civilian participation rate), or not even measured, at all – as is the case with U.S. gasoline consumption. At the retail end; none of the “sales” statistics are adjusted for inflation, not even with the absurdly-fraudulent “CPI” numbers.
By not deflating sales data (at all) the collapse in U.S. gasoline consumption “at the pump” is hidden within all this unreported inflation. As explained in previous commentaries; it is this same, unreported inflation which allows the U.S. to convert its large, negative, GDP readings (which would otherwise reveal the Greater Depression) into “economic growth”. It is this same, unreported inflation which allows the government (and employers) to hide the fact that U.S. wages have collapsed by more than 50%.
But what the liars-with-numbers cannot hide (any longer) is the collapse in U.S. gasoline consumption which has accompanied the continued, downward spiral of the Greater Depression. The storage tanks are now all full. The only way to (temporarily) hide the collapse in U.S. gasoline consumption any further would be to construct even more storage facilities. However, there is no possible economic justification for increasing storage capacity in a market of steadily/relentlessly declining demand.
Indeed, the exact opposite is true. The U.S. economy of the 21st century (a mere hollowed-out huskof what it was only 20 years earlier) will require less and less gasoline storage facilities over time, reflecting a supply network for a steadily shrinking market. As the One Bank completes its plundering of the U.S. economy, and completes its transformation of the U.S. Middle Class into the Working Poor, it is also simply using up more and more of its economic lies.
The Great Inflation Lie will continue to allow the U.S. government (and other Western governments) to crank-out absurd/imaginary positive numbers for GDP. It will continue to allow the U.S. government to crank-out absurd/imaginary numbers for retail sales (and hide the ongoing collapse of the entire U.S. retail sector).
But it can’t hide the fact that U.S. refineries have nearly stopped producing gasoline for the most-motorized society/economy the world has ever seen. It can’t hide the fact that there haven’t been so few people working in the U.S. economy (on a percentage basis) in 35 years.
Readers who are stubbornly faithful to the plethora of pseudo-statistics which the U.S. government uses to hide this collapse may have been skeptical of my original denunciation of the “U.S. economic recovery”. They may have been more skeptical with assertions that this Wonderland Matrix of lies is being used to hide a Greater Depression.
However, there is no further room for skepticism when official, government numbers indicate a near-75% collapse in U.S. gasoline consumption over a mere 15 years, and a 65% collapse in consumption since the start of the (supposed) Recovery. Numbers such as this can only be encapsulated with acronyms like “DOA”.
When we look at the EIA’s “gasoline consumption” numbers, and when we see the St. Louis Fed’s chart of the U.S. velocity of money (heartbeat of the U.S. economy); we don’t see an economy which is dying. We see an economy which is already dead.

Readers are encouraged to join me for The Daily Grind, my daily dialogue on precious metals markets, and the events which drive those markets]

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Another GOD Told Us So May 2014

What you are about to read about is events that stated here on APFN and PRAVDA would occur if no one took action to stop them and they are now in being reported in the Wall Street Journal.

Kind of nn I Told You So Form the Living GOD.

((((Please Pray - visualize - that those who can stop these horrible actions do stop them before they occur))))

1) There is an area between the boarders of Kazkhstan and Mongolia that the US has been funneling weapons into for the last year from both Afghanistan and form the air. The region is know as the Xinjing State of China.

This area offers little for people and is mainly an area of folks who graze animals. It has been peaceful there for as far back as anyone can remember.

Suddenly, after we warned the Chinese, Russian, and Mongolian governments about what the US Corporation is doing the area erupts with violence.

A few days ago a few men drove through the market in the capitol of the region hurling US Corporate supplied explosives into a crowd killing over 31 people and injuring dozens more: See Wall Street Journal 23 May, Market Attack Kills Dozens in Western China. A month before that another Car Bomber killed 3 people.

Suddenly the Wall Street Journal erupts with all sorts of claims about how the evil muslim extremists have been causing terror there for hundreds of years. This is a lie - it was a very peaceful region until the US got involved there.

Another set of attacks as occurred just north of the Thailand Boarder with China where again, US Corporate weapons are being shipped by orders of David Rothchild, London. Here last month a guy went nuts in a train station killing 29 people. Call it Mind Control or Drugs - this is beginning to happen all around the regions we discussed here on APFN.

The end game here is to create a new nation called Xinjiang as a permanent base for the UK Backed US DOD to create terror both in China and Russia. What better way to smuggle guns and explosives then by using nomads and their bands to traffic these items like what htey have done in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Bosia, etc.

China had better wake up.

Since the late 1700's England has been selling China Opium in exchange for gold, occupying the nation using either US or UK troops until 1950 after the US based Government of China moved to Taiwan with most of China's Gold.

The US then sunk 12 Destroyer Escorts off the coast of Japan into the Mariana's Trench where only US Subs could recover the gold, some is some Chinese gold stored in Taiwan and most of their gold and silver was taken by the US to the US, while some went to certain parts of Northern England coated with Cosmolene and sunk in various British Lakes. See: Book Of Mukulak and Book of Codes, Benjamin Fulford.

Since 1950 Chinas been struggling to build it's economy back up and cast off foreign influence. Unfortunately Money talks and BS walks so the Chinese Leaders have sold the soul of China for US Dollar Profits.

This is how it has worked since the end of World War 2: The UK/US Industrialists first built factories in Japan using US Tax Payer's Dollars and after their nation began to acquire wealth raised the value of the YEN form 500 Yen to $1 to 80 Yes/$1. Thus the wealth they had accumulated loss almost 85% of it's value --- they paid 500 Yen for a dollar and got back 80 yen. The Japanese Market fell horribly.

The US then did this ti Mexico, then to Taiwan, Brazil (To a small extent)  and now is about to do it to China and the CHinese Leadership is  now fully aware of this. In this way the US Dollar became the world's reserve currency - yielding  the Rothchilds huge profits in the Trillions of Dollars while you worry about paying your mortgage.

China now wishes to avoid going the way of Japan, Taiwan and Mexico and is trying to create a World Currency while the Rothchilds are using the UK and US Corporation to splinter China into many nations.

In the mean time some major corporations, like Boeing, are moving their main factories t oChina but as the economy slows these factories, build on food producing land - sit idle. You can't farm it the land any more so food prices rise in China to the point where they will buy even Poison GMOs just to feed their people.

China's Economy is in such a Free-Fall that the US "QEs to Infinity" did not work and now China has begun it's own QE1 to pump money into their failing banks.

China has gone so far as sinking an Oil Well in Vietnamese Waters and sending in agents to burn their Chinese owned factories in Vietnam and Cambodia so as to bring these factories back to China and employee Chinese Workers, not foreigners.

To further complicate matter, Eric Holder - Attorney General of hte US Corporation - has announced it is trying to hunt down CHinese military members in china using the FBI and further has announced that the US Army Cyber COmmand will triple in size over the next year for the purpose of shutting down the Chinese Computer Systems completely.

In simple Terms: The UK and the US Corporation have openly declared WAR on China - openly hunting down members of their military for killing and destroying their entire economy.

The intent here is for President Obama (Rothchild) to force China into a "Pearl Harbor Scenario", cancel all Chinese Debts, and squash them using the 300 US Submarines carrying in upwards of 70,000 Nuclear Warheads and sitting below 8,000 feet in the ocean. The more American's Killed the better.

Either way - China is in deep trouble.

The Chinese  land is polluted, food producing land covered with cement, and millions now live in the cities. Vast areas of China's inland highlands remain undeveloped and could be utilized with little cost or effort - but the Chinese Government, and to Golden Dragon Society, ignore this fast. They remain highly divided and will remain so until they listen to what GOD has to sat and do it.

China is now a Debtor Nation.

The Industrial Production Base for the world was beginning to be moved to India but the workers there proved unreliable and the infrastructure of roads and electrical distribution remains second rate. Although thousands of plane loads of US Hundred Dollar Bills were flown to India and remain there little can be done until it is used to build reliable roads and power grids.

Many factories are now being built in Russia to manufacture Ford, Boeing, GM and many other UK based manufacturing corporate products. Road networks are adequate, there are no major religious holidays to destroy production, the workers are reliable and they can be paid around $200/mo as opposed to 10-20 times that here in America.
In the mean time - on to other parts of the world, the US has been orderd by the Rothchilds to:

1) Break the Congo into several tiny littel countries. Send in weapons, create a cirsis, and split the nation up into tiny, more easily controllable, nations.

2) Do the same to Brazil - see the Wall Street Journal - - -the Native in the Jungle now have lots of US made weapons -- those who live deep in the Brazilian Jungle have weapons. We discussed this 4 years ago on Channel 77 Seattle --- President Obama sent $3 Billion to Honduras as cover to buy these weapons for the Jungle People and now  this "War"  is in the Wall Street Journal. The Brazilian Government did NOTHING to stop it.

3) The US Corpration is now placing a military base just south west of the Timor Sea to be used to harass the South East Asia Islanders and split these nations up into tiny, controllable regions.

The base may be as far south as Exmouth - good airport, good roads, good harbor, etc.

Samo Samo - send in weapons and money, create a revolution, kill millions, come in with "Democracy" and run the nation - raping the environment and making billions of dollars.

Indonesia is the first island to be hit hard by the UK/US - so that the gold mine there (3rd Largest in the world) remains squarely in US Corporate (Rothchilds) hands.

Then they will ramp up the revolution in the Philippines to take control of Joint Management of Yangsha Island (Scarburrough Shoal) - a Mountain of Gold China wants.

4) Another Wall Street Journal Article 23 May we warned folks about years ago here on APFN and on PRAVDA- there is a revolution in Thailand created by US forces in an attempt to get China and India in a war. Well - the Thailand Military has put a stop to that and thrown out the UK/US backed government.

5) If the Rothchilds cannot stage a shooting of an Obama Clone in Martha Vineyards 14 June 2014 then they will be in total disarray. This is the last major Lucifarian Holi Day on the first year of the Age of Aquarius - the day of "Good Will," the day the UN prays for Lucifer's Teacher to come to earth --- "World Invocation Day."

The Rothchilds  need a Pearl Harbor or 9/11 on this day or they will be proven unreliable by Lucifer and may be thrown out --- with the primary targets for Nuclear Destruction being London, DC, Under Denver and under South Central Nebraska.

6) The Black Pope - Chief General of the Jesuits, has resigned two days ago and abandoned ship - he does not wish to be around when his plans to start WW3 fail. Like most Jesuit Scum - they are cowards and according to their head (Hanz Kovlenback) need to be terminated in order to bring the money back to the people.

7) The US Meat production is about to fall horribly due to:
     a) US created drought in South West America
     b) Like the Bundy Ranch in Nevada being put out of production due to oil, millions of acres of land all across America is now being shut down by the Obama Administration.
     c) Taxes are killing the small farmers so they are selling out.

8) Poop begins to hit the fan economically 1 June - exactly 7 years to the day I found out the FBI stole my money and refused to return it so the 6 Zeros will now strike hard and will continue to strike hard until these leaders do as GOD has asked.

9) GOD will strip these high ranking Illuminati of Money and power harder and harder, increase their infighting making life itself unbearable, turn their allies against them so badly they hurt and continue to do so until they cry Uncle and come forward - So says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come. It begins 1 June.

10) Again, as s reported in the Wall Street Journal, thousands of stores across the nation will now be closing - like Office Depot, Radio Shack, etc - but don't worry, as they shrink in size their stocks will go up in value.

The Market is Rigged.
11) Expect within a few years the Mississippi valley will begin to shift hard - the Eastern US moving North, the Western  US moving South. The US Depot of What Do I Know has been injecting Phosgene Gas - Yes, Poisonous Phosgene Gas - into the Thunder Horse Oil Reserves to increase pressure and make her blow for 3 years now - and now it will move.

Head ready to explode - TMI

By for now.

The News The US Does Not Want You To Know

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, May 23, 2014

Portland Biologocal Test (Eboli Outbreak) Runs As Predicted

We have recently been told that there is an E-Boli outbreak in the Portland Area - nothing could be further from the truth.

((((Please pray - visualize - that you eyes are opened by the Living GOD and those that created this disaster are utterly destroyed immediately.))))

Think about it.

This morning it was released that the Portland water was contaminated with E-Coli.

Then, on their own Portland Water Bureau website they announced: Boil Water Notice Issued For All Portland Water Bureau Customers And Some Affected Regional Water Providers.

So here is what seems terribly wrong with the story:

1) Several of these Regional Water Suppliers that have been warned about the E-Coli outbreak are on hteir own wells, not relying on the Portland Water Bureau company for water. SO how could htey be contaminated unless someone went theyre and contaminated their water?

2) The City of Portland has several water sources. Within minutes they should have been able to turn off the contaminated water source and flushed their lines.

3) With a huge E-Coli Outbreak the local hospitals, and those of the surrounding areas, would be jammed with sick patients.

4) The News release has clearly stated that tests proved positive for 3 days in a row - then why not warn folks three days ago?

5) If this was meant to shut down a local water bottling company there would be no effect since their filters take out E-Coli.

6) Portland Water Company will be closed for the next 3 days.If it was an emergency don't you think their Customer Service would be opened throughout the weekend?

What you will find is the following:

1) Chemical Trails over Portland with a certain chemical in it that make people sick stating last Monday night - the 60th Air Wing of the USAF out of Fairchild Air Force Base hard at work.

2) On Monday Black Vehicles came to several areas in Portland (Form Homeland Security) and took certain containers and poured them into the water system. These containers were provided by the CIA from their Plum Island New York Bio-Weapons facility and they are testing how far this certain "Bug" will spread and how fast it will spread.

Homeland Security is not your friend - they are currently poisoning American's on Portland.

These folks are just plain evil.

You think - NO - they can't be that bad.

Oh Ya ---

The FDA just approved a new sweetner for use by humans, but not by cattle, pigs, dogs, cats or even chickens. It is a modified Aspertane, 100 times s more deadly - called Avantame.

Brought to you by the Ajinamoto Company, the same company that makes MSG and Aspertame - you now have Avantame, designed to kill humans.

Why would the FDA approve this for use by humans but not cattle, pigs, chickens, and even rats?

They are this evil.

Please see: Avantame. A New And As yet unknown BioChemical Threat by Stephan Fox.

The News You Are Not Supposed to Hear

Dr William B. Mount

Almost All American's Have Parasites - Here is the Cure

Almost all American's have been exposed to Parasites and a new study shows that about 80% of American's tested clearly have parasites in their stool.

(((((Pray (Visualize) that your minds is opened by GOD.)))))

What that means is that you feel tired, worn out, and eat and drink coffee to stay awake throughout the day.

Sound Familiar?

Who cares how you got the parasites. Just look up at the Chemical Trails being created by the 60th Air WIng out of Fairchild Air Force Base. There are other Air Wings around the world doing this. The NEW USAF Refuelers are now fitted with Chemical Sprayers --- look around.

The point is - you have them.

The idea is to CURE Parasite infections - which means--- create an environment whereby your body heals itself.

So what are your options?

1) Ed Skilling's Photon Genius. This puppy will boost your immune system so the parasites go away.

His Machine is the Best Rife Technology you can buy.

Costs start at $3,500 and sun up to $16,000 for their premier machine.

Every Doctor's Office should have one.They would get allot of repeat customers.

 "Fish On."
2) Drink Bitter Wormwood Tea - Artemesia Annua. Use about 1 Teaspoon a day for a month and then back off to only 4-5 days a week.

This tea is used all over the world for parasites except the US, Canada, and England.

I mix this tea with Burdoch Root, Marshmallow and Dandy Lyon Root to help my kidneys and Liver Lobes and help clean my blood stream.

Like everything we use here at my house - - - start with small amounts and work up. Some folks have so many parasites I have seen people get very sick with a large cup of this tea.

Cost here is about $50 per year.

Many people take the Bitter Wood in tablets -- but start slow or you will spend weeks on yotr back like I did after I got Malaria and tried this in a tablet form.

Since I started eating IMMUSIT I have not had much Bittier Wormwood Tea.

Regular Tea reduces balding - yup, the Bad Testosterone is reduced by 70-90% using Green Tea Daily and thus reduces balding so I drink Green Tea - occasionally with the Bitter Wood in it.
3) Go to the doctor and destroy you r liver lobes and kidneys form Flagil and dozens of other drugs they will give you. Every time to retake another batch you will do more and more damage to your insides.

Cost here to go to your doctor is huge, considering the side effects of the drugs they will give you.
4) Baking Soda. There are folks who swear by this - eat one teaspoon of Baking Soda per day and all diseases go away.

Ever since I have been using Baking Soda (WIthout ALuminum) in by brushing my face has begun to clear up, my Geographic Tongue has gone away, my gums are no longer receding and my overall mouth health has improved allot.

Cost here is a few dollars.
4) IMMUSIST. We see children as young as 2 years old using 3 drops of Immusist per day kicking out parasites in their stool - allot of parasites.

A $100 bottle of Immusist at 5 drops a day will last almost a year.
The News YOU are not supposed to see.

Dr William B. Mount

▶ 80% of Americans Are Infected With Common Parasite That Causes Death, and Are Completely Unaware! - YouTube

IMMUSIST - Assist Your Immune System Today!

Alternative Cancer Treatment | Alternative Lyme disease Treatment | Alternative Cancer Therapy

The Cure For My Wife's Migraines

For years my wife has suffered from migraine Headaches, sound familiar?

(((((Please pray - visualize - that your eyes are opened.)))))

At first she though it was from over work and stress. She ran 2 gas stations in Tacoma, Washington.

When I met her she had several types of cancer and high Blood Pressure.

We began eating Sea Weed for her cancer and EDTA for her High Blood Pressure.

We ate the Sea Weed every day and only ate 1,000MG of EDTA once a week.

Her cancer went away and her blood pressure went form 195/175 to 150/130 - a great improvement.

We then discovered IMMUSIST - a surfactant very similar to that found in Kelp.

After 1 year of 15 drops of Immusist a day her Blood Pressure dropped to 120/80 after a large cup of coffee.

Her Headaches continued.

We eliminated Gluten, Dairy and Canola Oil and her headaches dropped off a bit but she still used 4-6 Advil per day.

I noticed her nerves were becoming a jumbled mess in her head and she was forgetting things ----------- Pre-Alzheimers. I am a Medical Intuit.

Realizing that 1/3rd of her calories per day were from sugar I began having her eat 400Mg of Gymnema every day - not the Extract but pure Gymnema.

The headaches were gone in 4 hours - permanently.

Apparently the High Intake of Sugars causes the nerve cells to degrade and fat to be added on to the body.

Our experience shows that if she keeps eating the Gymnema tablets, Sea Weed and Immusist her brain will be fully healed within one year.

She has also decided not to eat large amounts of Chocolate and Gummy Worms (Organic Gluten Free) and concentrate on things like meat, vegies, etc.

What you have read is very important. Here is why:

The VA Hospital is a prelude to what you will get with Obama Care. I am on the NO TRAEAT list because I refuse to take any LSD derivative and participate in their silly studies.

I have a patient record who received Breast Reduction Surgery at the Seattle VA for a treatment for Malaria - this i snot a joke.

You need to know ways to stay healthy so you do not need the VA Health Care or you will get VA type treatment that is more than likely going to kill you.

I watched an 86 year old man go into Tacoma General Hospital 2 years ago from a head injury. The Hospital gave him a flu shot and he died 5 days later.

The attending Physician told us that the hospital had chosen to let him die. If he was younger they would have treated him but he was too old to save.


The bill for the 86 year old man for the week he was in the hospital when they killed him was over $100,000. Thank GOD we had put all of his assets in an Irrevocable Living Trust (Cost $2,000) - they could not be touched.

So learn to stay healthy or you will pay with your pocket book and your life.
If I had the money I would buy Ed Skilling's Machine and boost my immune system even more.

For now IMMUSIST and an Ion Cleanse(Electronic Foot Bath)  machine form E-Bay will do.

If I could have just two items it would be Sea Weed and Immusist.

The News YOU are not supposed to get.

Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, May 22, 2014

GOD Told Us So May 21st 2014

Now for an update on what GOD said here on APFN and on Pravda that we are now seeing.

Please pray that GOD opens your eyes and protects you financially in this coming economic down turn.

1) All New Born Babies in Europe are now being chipped - in the inside of their left arms. This is coming to America within the next 6 months. You will be chipped or loose your Government Welfare Check - this is my guess, not from GOD. China may hack the US Computer Base so bad this cannot be implemented.

2) Wall Street Journal, 20 May: "Chinese Charged In US Hacks"

When we exposed the VA selling military records around the world for profit many soldiers went to China with the Encryption Codes in their cell phones. As you recall we have done many stories on the Chinese Military Computer Geeks (Blue Army) hacking  into every US Government Computers and Private companies that do business woht the US Corporation. The changes the Backup Routine in the Batch Files and the US does not have anyone smart enough to fix it so every time a corporation changes it's back up routine China, and now 12 other nations, get the update.

An Idiot could fix the problem - but US Intel Groups are so smart they are stupid. Look at Windows 7 and 8.

Now the FBI is targeting those in the Blue Army for extermination. In other worlds - the IMF Owned FBI is moving into China to kill these Chinese Soldiers. US Leaders have gone utterly MAD attacking China in China.

3) Wall Street Journal: "President Investigate the VA": As we discussed the VA has 2 lists, one for those who take their Anti-depressants (LSD Derivatives) and participate in their "Studies and a second list for those who do not.

If you do nat use their HAPPY PILLS and help pad the doctor's pockets with moneys  you do not get health care.

GOD is going to tear the system apart and the WHite House with it - hHE is tired of the VA Committing Murder. The evils have reached his ears.

By the way - the head of the VA - General Shenseki - got a $4 Million DOllar Bonus for committing murder last year. HE was aware of the situation because i told his office. He is a murderer.

4) GOD has showed us that the us has been shipping arms into Thailand for years trying to start a war between China and India.

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal had it's front Page Story on the revolution in Thailand.

You can blame the IMF for ordering the DOD to ship weapons into Thailand to create this war. It is supposed to spread into all of South East Asia so the English Bankstas can get control of the Oil Wells off of the coast of Vietnam - the US can SAVE Vietnam form the Evil Chinese.

War for Bankstas Profits.

5) The final story stems form the US State Department shipping weapons into Western Brazil in order to destroy Brazil and break it into many tiny countries - divide and conquer.

Wall Street Journal: 21 May: "Amazon Murder Mystery Raises Tensions in Brazil."

Enough I Told You So's. When GOD speaks HE is never wrong and HE does what HE chooses when HE chooses and why HE chooses.

I am wrong all the time and I get tired - I Slung Lumber for a few hours yesterday and I am tired.

God is never wrong.

WHatever GOD is, whoever GOD is, HE can change the sun in seconds and give some Numbscull like me frequency codes to shut down US Radar while I am putting cedar siding on a Gazebo.


Bringing YOU The News You Are Not Supposed to Know

Dr William Mount

Japan Demands Access To It's Gold

Yesterday Japan demanded access to it's gold from the World Bank/IMF. It is currently being held in a

Trust Account by the Global Debt Facility to "Benefit All Of Man Kind. Wolfgang Struck is the authorized signature for this account.

Please pray that the World Leaders either do as GOD has directed or they are replaced by GODLY men immediately.

This request is the first form the BRICS nations - all 140 of them - and stems from the fact that world debts are now being made in gold.

The problem here is Japan has now bought into the idea of QE to Infinity and has thus purchased over $2 Trillion in Federal Reserve Bonds, that were distributed to Japanese Banks and then converted into cash. 

Unfortunately rather than going towards debt reduction or to the people 90% of the $2 Trillion (200 Trillion Yen) has gone into the pockets of the leading 1,000 industrialists in Japan.

This formula has been repeated in dozens of nations around the world in order to continue the English Empire, using US Forces to support these top Bankstas.

Leading the way in the destruction of the English Empire are Russia and China - now demanding payments in Gold. Other nations that signed the BRIC treaty are now also beginning to follow suit.

The answer to Japan is now on hold, but the US Treasury Corporation has already been told how to respond and has sent a memo stating that: No Nation Has The Right To Access Their GOld, It Is Held in Trust For All Humanity."

Since the United States is a corporation it is not bound by any treaty.

Further - Human is defined as:" Not Able To Inherit Anything, A Hu Monster, first created when King Richard made babies on his way to the Crusades. his children could not inherit any part of his kingdom and were called Hu-Monsters....Humans." The term came form India where Humanan is the Monkey GOD.

In other words Japan - You Can't Have Your Gold Back and there is nothing you can do about it without severe consequences. 

To further complicate matters Investment Grade Silver is now running out in China and Japan - which means they are also running out of Industrial Grade Silver. In order to stimulate additional production these BRIC nations will needed to run their own Gold/Silver exchanges and drive the price up to around $50/oz for Silver and $2,000/oz for gold. If their economies recover then this price will likely double. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

What Is US debt And Who Owns It

First - I would like to apologize to the APFN audience for having allot of messages that are blank. What I print YOU are NOT supposed to read. This US Corporate Government wants you to remain stupid so they can control you.

We are pummeled by the news that the US Debt is this and that - but what exactly is US Debt and what does it mean to you?

Please pray that those who are trying to destroy this planet fail at everything they do.

When the "united states of America" was created as an independent nation way back in 1781 there was a small debt to the English Bankers.

In 1783 - a mere 2 years later - Benjamin Franklin acted illegally as an Ambassador Plenipotentiary and signed the US/English treaty that officially ended the rebellion. After news reached New York CIty British troops then evacuated the city, but not before setting up a very unique financial system.

According to the treaty the US Treasury, along with that of France, Scotland, Ireland and England, belongs to the English Crown. See Treaty of 1783.

Fast forward to just after the American Civil War - which was started by English Owned Newspaers and most of the weapons used were sold to the states and the US by jolly old England.

In 1871, a mere 6 years after the war ended and before Rhode Island officially ended slavery, the"united states of America" was sold down the river by President US Grant when he signed the Organic Constitution of 1871.

This new Organic Constitution replaced all US States with corporate governments and the "united states of America" became: THE UNITED STATES (Or UNITES STATES OF AMERICA) and you, as in individual, became a corporation.

Thus in accordance with the Virginia Charter of 1706 all land is now owned by the English Crown and the land and the laws belong to them --- we are slaves of the crown of England, which has agreed to have the Rothchilds manage ALL of their wealth.

In other words - the slavery we just ended was re-initiated by US Grant and the King of England.

All Hail Our Masters.

ALL US Agencies and Departments are private corporations owned by the English Bankers operating on US Soil without business licenses - in other words - operating illegally.

WILLIAM MOUNT - A corporation, who is registered with the US Office of Registrar and who's birth certificate is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and who's Social Security Number is traded on the London Exchange. This corporation is a slave to the English Bankers, which own this corporation.

William Mount is an American citizen of the "united states of America" who's only representation is the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. All other forms of representation has been killed by the Rothchilds - the Bauery Boys from Germany who answer to the Great WHite Brother Hood - Lucifer's Finest Scumbags.

All wars then are simply to increase power among the bankstas and to increase profits for the Rothchilds and their minions.

In 1944 the Bretton Woods Agreement was signed whereby the US Corporation became "Under Redevelopment" by the International Monetary Fund newly created to control the US COrporation, 54.5% owned by David Rothchilds - Lucifer: see: USC 2, Sec 286, Senate Report 93-549, USC 5, Sec 101-105.

In recent years under President's Bush and Obama the Cloward-Pivens Model has ben fully adopted, wish is now leading us into complete economic collapse and towards WW3, at which point none of this matters any way.

If for some reason, the international bankers, the Golden and Black and White Dragons, and President  Putin actually listen to GOD and what I am down here on Earth is successful and we d not have this coming war those around the world will need to face the fact that the US Federal Reserve Dollar (Private corporation) is worthless, the UN needs to go away and moved to Asia, The US Corporation needs to be closed with the prosecution of these corporate terrorists who call themselves the United States, and a new government of the "united states of America" of  people, by the people, and for the people is created.

At this point in time it is irrelevant who owns the debt.

Within hte last few years the United States, using the combined forces of the IMF FBI, English Crown's CIA, the IMF Run DOD have spread terror world wide and forced foreign nations, state pension plans, county and city pension plans, corporations around hte world and private citiznes who do business with the United States and it's corporations to accept certain payments in Bonds.

Rememeber - the UNITES STATES DOLLAR is a debt note.

For every dollar in print the people of the united states of America must pay the Federal Reserve 3 1/2 cents per year. This is why the printing presses are running non-stop. The more dollars (Debt Notes) in circulation the more YOU owe the Federal Reserve System.

That $50 bill in you pocket cost you $1.75 to keep it in your wallet.

In order to get out of this mess the contract between America's and the United States Corporation states clearly you may file a US Treasury Corporation Form 5444E, but they no longer honor them.

The US no longer honors treaties or laws - it has become a rogue nation. Nothing matters except killing, stealing and war. These folks will do anything to start this coming Nuclear War. There is no law in the area controlled by the United States.

Seven years ago I appealed to the Russian Leaders for world wide assistance stopping this coming war and the destruction of America and  they have responded in their own way by forming the BRIC nations and now starting a new United Nations of Nations in Astana (Kazakhstan) and beginning to bring in a Gold Backed Currency along with China.

May I remind the Chinese and Russian Leaderships of: Marduk, Adama, mars and now Planet Earth. The Spirits at Valaam are not form the living GOD.

You will play this GOD's way or end up utterly destroyed.

Yes - the wings of those who control those in Agarta (Vrilya's) from  Aldeberon (Winged Bull Symbol) 68 light years away are being clipped through Harmonic Disturbances in the 4th harmonics --- a child could do this with a frequency generator in 10 to the 10th power and a directional antenna described in the US Army Engineer Handbook  (10,000,000 Mhz) Yet - those who remain here on Earth who answer Lucifer (10 to the 18th Khz Creature) are plenty dangerous and unless you do this GOD's way you will end up in a living hell after you torch off this planet.

Even if you did create a Frequency Generator of 10 to the 18th power and mess with Lucifer and his demons through Harmonic Disturbance and take out the 50,000 Frequency Generators (Radionics Machines) under Cambridge (England) you would still have a hard time using these machines.

Lucifer has been at this a very long time and we are still likely to end up as nuclear waste blowing in the wind across the solar system.

President Putin - how does living an eternity in the 2nd Dimension, 1st harmonics sound - kind of like Hell,m right?

The Bible calls it THE PIT or Eternal Damnation and Fire. You think like a cabbage for eternity.

So suppose we do get our nation back then who owes the debt?

Why - the International Monetary Fund of course - not the American People.

Caudio Fujisorio - You do not owe someone else's debt.

Did you authorize this debt, for foreigners to get Free Homes and Welfare for life plus $3,500 a month from the Social Security Corporation - all 60,000,000+ of them (30,000,000 live overseas)?

Did you authorize Illegal Foreign Entanglements lasting over 90 days that costing Trillions of Dollars to fund them?

Did you just authorize 70,000 Russian Made Rifles to be purchased by the United States Corporation to be sent to the Syrian Terrorists - (Wall Street Journal Today)?

Did you authorize two remote controlled jets to be flown into the World Trade Centers on 9/11 or the cost of one Cruise Missile to hit the Pentagon on 9/11?

If you did not authorize it - you do not owe it legally.

Caudio Fujisorio - you are not liable for debt authorized by others.

This all hinges of whether those mentioned above do it their way (War) or God's Way.

Pray - I mean really pray - that GOD sends his forces NOW to remove these Lucifarian Dirt Balls immediately. Otherwise - al lis lost.

So - you think - you can sue the government and make things better?

Well - yes you can in a recent Supreme Court Ruling - a Corporation may sue a corporation. Good luck in getting a win. The US Supreme Court is a Corporate Court of the United States.

US Supreme Court Rules Government Officers Liable | FREEDOM MINDS FOR THE REPUBLIC

So now on the verge of Economic Collapse planned to begin 1 June - exactly 7 years after I returned home to find my home occupied and my savings gone - the 7 year cycle is up - and now we are on the verge of a full scale war with Syria, Ukraine, Russia, China, Libya, Nigeria, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico - pick your corner of the Globe US Forces are killing there.


What do NAZIs do - they kill Jews, Blacks, Gypsies, American's, Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Australians, Indians, Nigerians, Canadians, French, Spanish, Germans, Polish, Bellarusians, Iranians....... they Kill for fun.


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Dr William Mount

Sunday, May 18, 2014

oddball post

While the Real Unemployment Figures clearly show over 108 Million Eligible America's not working president Obama is dancing in the Lime Light.

Please Pray that those on top are evicted form their lofty position and Godly men take their places.

The Threat to the President will not be over until the 18th - so this is actually a great place for him to be.

Here we see Obama playing GOD:

Not to be undone - VP Biden has placed his son in charge of the Ukrainian Oil Company Burisma while John Kerry's Son In Law's Close Friend Devon Archer) also gets placed on their Board of Directors.

John Kerry’s friend joins the Board of Ukrainian gas producer, same company as Joe Biden’s son

In the mean time the BLM is conspiring to take more land form Cattle Ranchers, from Texas to New Mexico because of a "Jumping Mouse?"

These leaders are evil to the core.

Just keep in mind Michelle Obama has an Adams Apple: She is a he:'s%20adams%20apple&docid=QoQVtUDZXVVLvM&ei=QHR5U_HAC42DogSv8oHICw&tbm=isch&ved=0CFMQMygBMAE&iact=rc&uact=3&dur=419&page=1&start=0&ndsp=4's%20adams%20apple&docid=-lyExhs__tSacM&ei=QHR5U_HAC42DogSv8oHICw&tbm=isch&ved=0CFIQMygAMAA&iact=rc&uact=3&dur=1161&page=1&start=0&ndsp=4's%20adams%20apple&docid=9Xhsz5NYogqp5M&ei=QHR5U_HAC42DogSv8oHICw&tbm=isch&ved=0CFQQMygCMAI&iact=rc&uact=3&dur=465&page=1&start=0&ndsp=4

By the Way Dumb Dumb John Kerry - the world now knows about your War Preparations and your planned destruction of Damascus just so you can kill. You are evil to the core, and a coward to boot. You try anything and it just may boomerang.

Now a personal Message: The folks form Aldabaron in the Taurus Constellation working with the Vrilyah's (Agarta) underground through the Great White Brotherhood in the Bohemian Grove (Southern Germany) are about to get their wings clipped - so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

David Rothchilds (Bauers), has given the orders to kill Putin, Medvedev, the head of the Martial Arts Organization, and Benjamin Fulford, and many others. You also have failed to follow the advice of 6 zeroes.  What YOU started GOD will allow them to finish you Old Evil Entity - your time here is over: "Get off this planet while the gettin's good or it shall be for you and your followers as it was in Jasenovac in WW2." So HE has said it, so it shall be.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr WIlliam B. Mount


Obama Dances as Empire Burns

While the Real Unemployment Figures clearly show over 108 Million Eligible America's not working president Obama is dancing in the Lime Light.

Please Pray that those on top are evicted form their lofty position and Godly men take their places.

Dupont Circle Shake Shack

The Threat to the President will not be over until the 18th - so this is actually a great place for him to be.

Here we see Obama playing GOD:

Obama poses as Iron King

Not to be undone - VP Biden has placed his son in charge of the Ukrainian Oil Company Burisma while John Kerry's Son In Law's Close Friend Devon Archer) also gets placed on their Board of Directors.

John Kerry’s friend joins the Board of Ukrainian gas producer, same company as Joe Biden’s son

In the mean time the BLM is conspiring to take more land form Cattle Ranchers, form Texas to New Mexico. Here we see another Land Grab because of a "Jumping Mouse?"

Lincoln National Forest, NM

Just keep in mind Michelle Obama has an Adams Apple: She is a he:

By hte Way Dumb Dumb John Kerry - the world now knows about your War Preparations and your planned destruction of Damascus just so you can kill. You are evil to the core, and a coward to boot. You try anything and it just may boomerang.

Now a personal Message: The folks form Aldabaron in the Taurus Constellation working with the Vrilyah's (Agarta) underground through the Great White Brotherhood in the Bohemian Grove (Southern Germany) are about to get their wings clipped - so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

David Rothchilds (Bauers), has given the orders to kill Putin, Medvedev, the head of the Martial Arts Organization, and Benjamin Fulford, and many others. You also have failed to follow the advice of 6 zeroes.  What YOU started GOD will allow them to finish you Old Evil Entity - your time here is over: "Get off this planet while the gettin's good or it shall be for you and your followers as it was in Jasenovac in WW2." So HE has said it, so it shall be.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr WIlliam B. Mount