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Friday, May 2, 2014

How Androgel Creates Acne and How To Cure It

We have into what appears to be Acne created by Androgel - Abbot Labs Testosterone Replacement Therapy Gel.

Please pray with me - really visualize - that those who need this get it.

When someone is low in testosterone, either through an Injury or by growing older, this lost testosterone may be replaced in several ways.

1) First - through shots. The problem here is that the shot is usually given in the buttox.

Levels shoot up and then fall off - causing a variable amount of Male Hormone and damage to the liver and Acne.

2) Second - this may be taken orally. Testosterone levels remain fairly constant and Acne is not a problem.

Problem - Liver Damage.

3) Third - The Patch. Here Testosterone is administered daily so level remain constant.

Unfortunately many men do not absorb the solution used ion THE PATCH.

4) Fourth - through creams using Natural Hormone Replacement, or Identical Hormone Replacement.

Problem - absorbability.

When Immusist and water are used on top of this Natural Hormone Replacement the absorbtion rate is now 100%.

Problem Solved.

Since it is an Identical Hormone administered daily there are no know side effects - and this drives the Big Pharma Insane and they strike back viciously.

5) Fifth - There is Androgel

Androgel is a rub on cream that is carried in an Alcohol Solution.

Problem: Acne. The more you use the worse it get,m no matter haw must tetracycline or Doxycycline you take the more Androgel you use the worse the acne.

a) The Problem: Andro Gel Causes Acne:

Why would higher levels of Testosterone promote acne, which is just the opposite of what you would expect?

Why do bacteria levels sky rocket when you use higher doses?

Doesn't high testosterone fight infections?

b) The cause of the Acne:

Androgel is carried in a solution of 67% alcohol.

When it is rubbed on the body the Alcohol turns the surface of the skin acidid, and bad bugs in our body love an acidic environment.

No matter what you do the Acne Causing Bacteria thrives in this Acidic Environment.

c) Solution:

The solution sill blow your mind, but is consistent with what you already know.

Brush your teeth with Baking Soda with no aluminum and dust your face with this Natural Baking Soda.

Within a week your face will be clear, your geographic tongue will be gone, and your gums will be healing.
It took two years of research to figure this one out -

Acidic Skin promotes Acne.

Dusting your skin with Baking Soda makes your skin basic.

Rinsing your mouth out and soaking your teeth in Baking Soda makes your mouth Not Acidic - and your cheeks not acidic.

Your acne goes away.

Your gums heal.

The cure for Acne was so simple yet so far away.

You have the than the Living GOD for this one - he showed me this one but I had to test it out before i published it.


As the UN would say: "If you put pressure on someone they will find a solution and grow through it."

You heard this one first here on APFN.

APFN - please keep praying for this website - no other large website would let me post this except PRAVDA.

Dr William Mount


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