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Monday, May 19, 2014

What Is US debt And Who Owns It

First - I would like to apologize to the APFN audience for having allot of messages that are blank. What I print YOU are NOT supposed to read. This US Corporate Government wants you to remain stupid so they can control you.

We are pummeled by the news that the US Debt is this and that - but what exactly is US Debt and what does it mean to you?

Please pray that those who are trying to destroy this planet fail at everything they do.

When the "united states of America" was created as an independent nation way back in 1781 there was a small debt to the English Bankers.

In 1783 - a mere 2 years later - Benjamin Franklin acted illegally as an Ambassador Plenipotentiary and signed the US/English treaty that officially ended the rebellion. After news reached New York CIty British troops then evacuated the city, but not before setting up a very unique financial system.

According to the treaty the US Treasury, along with that of France, Scotland, Ireland and England, belongs to the English Crown. See Treaty of 1783.

Fast forward to just after the American Civil War - which was started by English Owned Newspaers and most of the weapons used were sold to the states and the US by jolly old England.

In 1871, a mere 6 years after the war ended and before Rhode Island officially ended slavery, the"united states of America" was sold down the river by President US Grant when he signed the Organic Constitution of 1871.

This new Organic Constitution replaced all US States with corporate governments and the "united states of America" became: THE UNITED STATES (Or UNITES STATES OF AMERICA) and you, as in individual, became a corporation.

Thus in accordance with the Virginia Charter of 1706 all land is now owned by the English Crown and the land and the laws belong to them --- we are slaves of the crown of England, which has agreed to have the Rothchilds manage ALL of their wealth.

In other words - the slavery we just ended was re-initiated by US Grant and the King of England.

All Hail Our Masters.

ALL US Agencies and Departments are private corporations owned by the English Bankers operating on US Soil without business licenses - in other words - operating illegally.

WILLIAM MOUNT - A corporation, who is registered with the US Office of Registrar and who's birth certificate is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and who's Social Security Number is traded on the London Exchange. This corporation is a slave to the English Bankers, which own this corporation.

William Mount is an American citizen of the "united states of America" who's only representation is the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. All other forms of representation has been killed by the Rothchilds - the Bauery Boys from Germany who answer to the Great WHite Brother Hood - Lucifer's Finest Scumbags.

All wars then are simply to increase power among the bankstas and to increase profits for the Rothchilds and their minions.

In 1944 the Bretton Woods Agreement was signed whereby the US Corporation became "Under Redevelopment" by the International Monetary Fund newly created to control the US COrporation, 54.5% owned by David Rothchilds - Lucifer: see: USC 2, Sec 286, Senate Report 93-549, USC 5, Sec 101-105.

In recent years under President's Bush and Obama the Cloward-Pivens Model has ben fully adopted, wish is now leading us into complete economic collapse and towards WW3, at which point none of this matters any way.

If for some reason, the international bankers, the Golden and Black and White Dragons, and President  Putin actually listen to GOD and what I am down here on Earth is successful and we d not have this coming war those around the world will need to face the fact that the US Federal Reserve Dollar (Private corporation) is worthless, the UN needs to go away and moved to Asia, The US Corporation needs to be closed with the prosecution of these corporate terrorists who call themselves the United States, and a new government of the "united states of America" of  people, by the people, and for the people is created.

At this point in time it is irrelevant who owns the debt.

Within hte last few years the United States, using the combined forces of the IMF FBI, English Crown's CIA, the IMF Run DOD have spread terror world wide and forced foreign nations, state pension plans, county and city pension plans, corporations around hte world and private citiznes who do business with the United States and it's corporations to accept certain payments in Bonds.

Rememeber - the UNITES STATES DOLLAR is a debt note.

For every dollar in print the people of the united states of America must pay the Federal Reserve 3 1/2 cents per year. This is why the printing presses are running non-stop. The more dollars (Debt Notes) in circulation the more YOU owe the Federal Reserve System.

That $50 bill in you pocket cost you $1.75 to keep it in your wallet.

In order to get out of this mess the contract between America's and the United States Corporation states clearly you may file a US Treasury Corporation Form 5444E, but they no longer honor them.

The US no longer honors treaties or laws - it has become a rogue nation. Nothing matters except killing, stealing and war. These folks will do anything to start this coming Nuclear War. There is no law in the area controlled by the United States.

Seven years ago I appealed to the Russian Leaders for world wide assistance stopping this coming war and the destruction of America and  they have responded in their own way by forming the BRIC nations and now starting a new United Nations of Nations in Astana (Kazakhstan) and beginning to bring in a Gold Backed Currency along with China.

May I remind the Chinese and Russian Leaderships of: Marduk, Adama, mars and now Planet Earth. The Spirits at Valaam are not form the living GOD.

You will play this GOD's way or end up utterly destroyed.

Yes - the wings of those who control those in Agarta (Vrilya's) from  Aldeberon (Winged Bull Symbol) 68 light years away are being clipped through Harmonic Disturbances in the 4th harmonics --- a child could do this with a frequency generator in 10 to the 10th power and a directional antenna described in the US Army Engineer Handbook  (10,000,000 Mhz) Yet - those who remain here on Earth who answer Lucifer (10 to the 18th Khz Creature) are plenty dangerous and unless you do this GOD's way you will end up in a living hell after you torch off this planet.

Even if you did create a Frequency Generator of 10 to the 18th power and mess with Lucifer and his demons through Harmonic Disturbance and take out the 50,000 Frequency Generators (Radionics Machines) under Cambridge (England) you would still have a hard time using these machines.

Lucifer has been at this a very long time and we are still likely to end up as nuclear waste blowing in the wind across the solar system.

President Putin - how does living an eternity in the 2nd Dimension, 1st harmonics sound - kind of like Hell,m right?

The Bible calls it THE PIT or Eternal Damnation and Fire. You think like a cabbage for eternity.

So suppose we do get our nation back then who owes the debt?

Why - the International Monetary Fund of course - not the American People.

Caudio Fujisorio - You do not owe someone else's debt.

Did you authorize this debt, for foreigners to get Free Homes and Welfare for life plus $3,500 a month from the Social Security Corporation - all 60,000,000+ of them (30,000,000 live overseas)?

Did you authorize Illegal Foreign Entanglements lasting over 90 days that costing Trillions of Dollars to fund them?

Did you just authorize 70,000 Russian Made Rifles to be purchased by the United States Corporation to be sent to the Syrian Terrorists - (Wall Street Journal Today)?

Did you authorize two remote controlled jets to be flown into the World Trade Centers on 9/11 or the cost of one Cruise Missile to hit the Pentagon on 9/11?

If you did not authorize it - you do not owe it legally.

Caudio Fujisorio - you are not liable for debt authorized by others.

This all hinges of whether those mentioned above do it their way (War) or God's Way.

Pray - I mean really pray - that GOD sends his forces NOW to remove these Lucifarian Dirt Balls immediately. Otherwise - al lis lost.

So - you think - you can sue the government and make things better?

Well - yes you can in a recent Supreme Court Ruling - a Corporation may sue a corporation. Good luck in getting a win. The US Supreme Court is a Corporate Court of the United States.

US Supreme Court Rules Government Officers Liable | FREEDOM MINDS FOR THE REPUBLIC

So now on the verge of Economic Collapse planned to begin 1 June - exactly 7 years after I returned home to find my home occupied and my savings gone - the 7 year cycle is up - and now we are on the verge of a full scale war with Syria, Ukraine, Russia, China, Libya, Nigeria, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico - pick your corner of the Globe US Forces are killing there.


What do NAZIs do - they kill Jews, Blacks, Gypsies, American's, Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Australians, Indians, Nigerians, Canadians, French, Spanish, Germans, Polish, Bellarusians, Iranians....... they Kill for fun.


You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William Mount

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