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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

UN Meetings 13 and 14 May 2014

Once again coming to you from the heart of the United Nations - it's temple library - as a member of Theosophical Society - another report on a fine set of meetings.

Pray with me that YOU learn what YOU are supposed to learn from these meeting.

I am once again grateful to the United Nations and Lucis Trust for allowing me to not only listen to these broadcasts but report on them as well. About 50 people are present at these meetings and around 400 listen to these broadcasts world wide.

Only here on APFN will you be able to read, and understand, what those who control so much of your lives are thinking and doing. These reports are backed up on Dr William Mount  Blogspot.

The two meetings (New York, and London) we set for last night and this morning.

As in all meetings they center around the small group of  followers using their minds to reach up through the harmonics (12 Dimensions, 12 harmonics) and bring down the energies of those who live in the higher harmonics, what some call: Archons, Spirits, Demons, etc.

The meetings are filled with meditations and ask all of their followers to join their minds together and form a sort of "Group Fusion" at times that correspond to the time of the full moon --- apparently the Energy Grid surrounding the planet is weakest at this time thus allowing these beings to be brought down form a higher Harmonics.

During this time of Aquarius these energies are becoming very strong.

These particular meetings correspond with the First Full Moon of Taurus in this new Age of Aquarious.

The main focus of the talk was on the teachings of The Buddha. As a prince he had apparently rejected all worldly good and began focussing on the Spiritual End of things. While sitting under a tree he had an Out Of Body Experience (OBE) and was thus "Enlightened" as to what is important and what is not.

This date of Buddha's first OBE was at the full moon of Taurus - so it is termed the Holiday of Weesak.

Buddha was taught by these spirits during his OBE that all human suffering is caused by our incorrect desires - desiring things we do not need and that we must purge our minds of material desires and live a simple life so we too can reach enlightenment - especially during this time of "Weesak."

Th Business Plan of the UN clearly states that these folks will eliminate all religions by penetrating the minds of your children  through:

1)  Send in Elementary School Teachers to teach our children these thoughts. David Rockafallar: "Who cares what you think, we have the minds of your children."

2) Begin writing books to support these teachers.

3) Create Book stores to sell these books and Crystals, and other "New Age" stuff.

4) Publish these books in every language and send their authors around the world to speak.

5) Send in Radio Talk Show Hosts to penetrate the market with these ideas and slowly take over the market

6) Begin with a few movies and then slowly saturate the market with these movies.

7) Slowly penetrate TV stations and Newspapers until the entire market is controlled and sends out these ideas and theologies.

8) Finally, this was added rather recently, penetrate the internet and saturate this new medium with these thoughts and ideas. If you do not agree you will be discredited and pushed off the net.

This is their business plan and they will achieve it.

Here again are the first 8 Harmonics:

3rd Dimension:

1) 1st Harmonics - (10 to the 5th) The Human Body does best when it vibrates at 78Mhz, poorly at 52Mhz. This is where we are.

2) 2nd Har (10 to the 8th Mhz) (1st Ray of Light) - Astral Plain - where the Demons, Angels, Shadow People, Orbs, etc hang out.

3) 3rd Har (10 to 9th) (2nd Ray) Mental Plane. Where our thoughts go.

4) 4th Har (10 to 10th Power) (3rd Ray) Astrology and Magnetic Forces - here at a vibration of 10 Million Hertz the Magnetic Propulsion Systems can send a ship across the galaxy at really high rates of speed making Warp Drive look like a Ford Model T.

5) 5th Har (10 to the 12th) (4th Ray) Physical development - where Lord Gneshu hangs out.

6) 6th Har (10 to the 14th) (5th Ray) Alchemy where metal can be grow here on Earth when it's frequency is matched.

7) 7th Har (10 to the 16th) (6th Ray) Altrusm, love, service.

8) 8th Har (10 to the 18th) (7th Ray) Ceremonial Magic - where the Devos (Lucifers Bunch hang out). art is an expression of this harmonics.

9) 9th Harmonics and above - (10 to the 20th Power) (8th Ray) Energy and matter merge and US Space Craft cannot penetrate this Harmonics.

Thus the 4th Dimension should vibrate at somewhere around 10 to the 30th power.

Now for some other really interesting stuff:

We here on Earth act to bring down the energies of the Archons (Asherons, Annanauki) which apparently hang out in the 3rd Harmonics in a planet on the rings of Saturn. The have no creativity and throve on our emotions and spiritual energies.

The Tall Grays are their slaves - the "Gem Hadar" on Deep Space 9.

The Draconians control the Tall Grays and are themselves slaves of the higher beings  which live on Shamballa - the "Wayoons" on Deep Space 9.

We are the mediators which allow these folks to operate here in this harmonics. Their energy is transported through us to allow them to operate here in Earth.

In the 4th Harmonics on another nearby planet lies Shamballa - I believe it physically lies under Tibet and is accessed through the Temples and caves under the temples in Darjling, India and through some areas in Tibet. This is where the UN Christ resides and this Christ can access the Mind Of God - or, Lucifer - the Angel of Light.

Nibiru (Annanauki) may actually be, or greatly connected to, the planet of Shamballa., or maybe the planet that has the Archons on it in the 3rd Harmonics - the Jury is still out on that one.

As you recall in the VRIL projects Hitler send his minions out looking for these entrances and through the Small Grays (Now off of the Earth) was able to contact them and gain some technology through them for these flying craft.

The link between the 3rd and 4th Harmonics - Asheron Planet and Shamballa Planet - is Lord Buddha.

(((The link between the 3rd and 1st Harmonics is us.)))

Lord Buddha is supposed to come to planet Earth every Weesak for a few minutes.

The two UN meetings were focussed on using the minds of all those listening to fuze together and fight the forces of Evil that are destroying Planet Earth. These forces of Evil are formitable and therefor we really need to focus to bring down these Asherons.

The meetings ended with meditation and at the time of the Full Moon thee group was to meditate on these group goals.

Again I would like to thank those at the UN Headquarters for allowing me to listen to these remarkable broadcasts.

Dr William B. Mount

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