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Thursday, May 22, 2014

GOD Told Us So May 21st 2014

Now for an update on what GOD said here on APFN and on Pravda that we are now seeing.

Please pray that GOD opens your eyes and protects you financially in this coming economic down turn.

1) All New Born Babies in Europe are now being chipped - in the inside of their left arms. This is coming to America within the next 6 months. You will be chipped or loose your Government Welfare Check - this is my guess, not from GOD. China may hack the US Computer Base so bad this cannot be implemented.

2) Wall Street Journal, 20 May: "Chinese Charged In US Hacks"

When we exposed the VA selling military records around the world for profit many soldiers went to China with the Encryption Codes in their cell phones. As you recall we have done many stories on the Chinese Military Computer Geeks (Blue Army) hacking  into every US Government Computers and Private companies that do business woht the US Corporation. The changes the Backup Routine in the Batch Files and the US does not have anyone smart enough to fix it so every time a corporation changes it's back up routine China, and now 12 other nations, get the update.

An Idiot could fix the problem - but US Intel Groups are so smart they are stupid. Look at Windows 7 and 8.

Now the FBI is targeting those in the Blue Army for extermination. In other worlds - the IMF Owned FBI is moving into China to kill these Chinese Soldiers. US Leaders have gone utterly MAD attacking China in China.

3) Wall Street Journal: "President Investigate the VA": As we discussed the VA has 2 lists, one for those who take their Anti-depressants (LSD Derivatives) and participate in their "Studies and a second list for those who do not.

If you do nat use their HAPPY PILLS and help pad the doctor's pockets with moneys  you do not get health care.

GOD is going to tear the system apart and the WHite House with it - hHE is tired of the VA Committing Murder. The evils have reached his ears.

By the way - the head of the VA - General Shenseki - got a $4 Million DOllar Bonus for committing murder last year. HE was aware of the situation because i told his office. He is a murderer.

4) GOD has showed us that the us has been shipping arms into Thailand for years trying to start a war between China and India.

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal had it's front Page Story on the revolution in Thailand.

You can blame the IMF for ordering the DOD to ship weapons into Thailand to create this war. It is supposed to spread into all of South East Asia so the English Bankstas can get control of the Oil Wells off of the coast of Vietnam - the US can SAVE Vietnam form the Evil Chinese.

War for Bankstas Profits.

5) The final story stems form the US State Department shipping weapons into Western Brazil in order to destroy Brazil and break it into many tiny countries - divide and conquer.

Wall Street Journal: 21 May: "Amazon Murder Mystery Raises Tensions in Brazil."

Enough I Told You So's. When GOD speaks HE is never wrong and HE does what HE chooses when HE chooses and why HE chooses.

I am wrong all the time and I get tired - I Slung Lumber for a few hours yesterday and I am tired.

God is never wrong.

WHatever GOD is, whoever GOD is, HE can change the sun in seconds and give some Numbscull like me frequency codes to shut down US Radar while I am putting cedar siding on a Gazebo.


Bringing YOU The News You Are Not Supposed to Know

Dr William Mount

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