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Friday, May 2, 2014

Why Benghazi Is Important To You

New documents who the the White House purposely covered up the truth about the attack on the US Ambassador to Libya - so what does this mean to you?

(((Please pray - visualize - that these murderers and brought to justice immediately.)))

As you recall, on the night of September 11, 2012 the Secretary of State ordered the US Ambassador to Libya killed by the Muhujadeen AL Kaleek (MEK).

Both Hillary and Barack Obama watched the slaughter of Christopher Stevens by hthis MEK.

The moment he was dead the US State Department issue a policy note tat the MEK was no longer on the Terrorist Watch List and then proceeded to send them 400 tons of weapons 300 for the US Backed Syrian Terrorists, 100 Tons for the US backed Russian Terrorists in Dagastan.

A few days later Russian forces were waiting for these arms exactly where I stated they would be and they killed the Russian Terrorists and took the 100 tons of weapons in Dagestan.

The same night Christopher Stevens was killed the Japanese Ambassador to China was beaten to death two blocks form his Embassy by US Thugs - he had a peace proposal for the Chinese.

So why is this important to you?

Throughout history nations have sent representatives to other nations to foster peace and promote trade. The Roman Empire did this and at it's end it was merely a collection of states held together by treaties.

The Ambassador is supposed to be the Acting President in the other nation and often times if given Plenapotentiary Powers to write treaties, negotiate tariffs and taxes between traded goods, create mutual defense treaties, etc.

To kill an Ambassador of another nation, or even your own, is seen as THE MOST barbaric act any nation could do.

You could send them home but to seize their property or kill them - this is an act of war against civilization itself.

Apparently though this US Corporate Government is more than Barbaric - they not only killed one of their own Ambassadors, trashed their own Consulate they also killed their own Special Forces and the Japanese Ambassador to China.


The only way to tame a NAZI, a Fascist Pig, is to kill them.

If you leave them alive they will continue to destroy everything that is good and sacred.

People like Nancy Pelosi who say things like: "Benghazi, Benghazi, can't we talk about anything else" will never understand. She does not have the mental capacity to grasp any thing other than greed.

Murder, rape, mayhem, war, lying - these are all justifiable in the minds of these twisted Fascist Pigs.

Case and Point: US NAZI Attorney General Eric Holder is not only going after the bank accounts of the leaders of Russia but today it was announced in the Wall Street Journal that he will take down banks in South Africa for trading with Russia.

Within a few weeks Eric Holder will begin taking down the Bank Accounts of those in Brazil, China and India just like he has done in Pakistan, Hungary, France, etc.

Eric Holder is a Fascist Pig and will not stop until he is contained - locked in a cell all alone with a toilet and sink.

You cannot retrain them.

You cannot expect them to change.

A Fascist Pig is a Fascist Pig.

The end - World War 3 - justifies the means.

This all may be planned any way. The Chief General of the Jesuits in his interview 4/15/200 stated: The financial center used to be in Paris, it was moved to New York and then will be moved to Singapore as the United State is destroyed.

These are the 3 Illuminati Financial Headquarters all run out of Rome: Paris, New York, Singapore and one roving office with a variable head quarters.

So as the US Dollar falls the Singapore Office will pick up the slack.

The US then needs to be moved to Astana in Kazakstan.

The Safeguard for the IMF/US dollar is that the dollars circulated overseas have different computer chips in them than they do here in the US so these dollars cannot come back unless Obama orders the US Economic Collapse Directly - and he and his Drag Queen (Michelle has an Adams Apple) are too cowardly to do this.

So what this means to you, THE AMERICA TAX PAYER, is that the US regime will kill anyone, steal anything, take anyone down around the world just to watch them squirm.

The US corporation is Evil Incarnate and we need to pray - visualize that every evil deed they try fails.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) The Earth is being pulled too a fro. You were warned about train crashes due to this. Yeterday another train derailed in Lynchburg, Virginia.

You need to purposely stop carrying extremely toxic waste your wish to get rid of by dumping it out in the woods.

2) US Corporate Eric Holder is coming four your bank account Chinese, Brazilian, Russian, Indian and South African Leaders. Pakistan and Greece -you are next.

You will bow to the Fascist IMF or you will be destroyed.
A Little About the Power of an Ambassador:

When I went overseas and served as an Ambassador Plenapotentiary we had 14 treaties I had verified, land, people, a set of laws, and a permanent population and quite a few treaties already signed by UN representatives - like the UN Drivers License, etc.

We also had an island off of Belieze my 15th Cousin (Queen of England) gave us as a Banking Headquarters.

My only goal at the time was to return home and fight battles for veterans with Immunity form prosecution for speaking the truth. To that end the Ukrianian Government recognized me as such.

What I learned was that with a UN banking License we could literally stabilize any economy in the world.

Let me be brief: When a bank lends out money it creates money out of thin air and then sells the loan to Fannie Mae of Freddie Mac. So when wells Fargo lends out $100,000 it sells the loan for around $90,000 and this is pure profit.

Suppose a Foreign Bank entered the US economy and could lend out money at 1% with a 100 year contract that automatically passed on to his kids in an Ir-revokable Living Trust?.

Rather than a home owner paying say $1,500 per month for a home they could pay $200 per month for the same loan.

This is one of the things a nation, with a set of morals, can do.

We had the banking license. Unfortunately - like every other attempt to stabilize the US economy, the FBI got involved so I went to the US and killed the nation. Only 1,000 square feet of this nation I served still exists today.

That is how badly the FBI, and thus the Obama Administration, hates you. If they wanted your economy to recover they would make it so.

They will kill, destroy, steal, lie, and order anything to get this war started and have YOU killed.

To this end US Army Cyber Command will triple in size in the next year to help control this Beast called the Internet. Your day of free speech will now be limited to Pravda, APFN and a few Blog Spots not compromised by Cyber Command.

If you think otherwise GOD calls you a fool.

This is a spiritual war and your leaders want YOU dead.

Georgia Stone: reduce the world's population to 500 Million.

By the way - it came out in Military Times the US Nuclear Forces are still run using an 8" floppy Disc - DOS 2.11.

When GOD speaks we should listen - you heard this here on APFN years ago so here is your proof of what GOD said.!HxSO
You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

I still can't get over the fact that Michelle has an Adams Apple - Obama lied anjd lied and lied and kissed this foot ball player - sick, perverted behavior.

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