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Friday, May 23, 2014

Portland Biologocal Test (Eboli Outbreak) Runs As Predicted

We have recently been told that there is an E-Boli outbreak in the Portland Area - nothing could be further from the truth.

((((Please pray - visualize - that you eyes are opened by the Living GOD and those that created this disaster are utterly destroyed immediately.))))

Think about it.

This morning it was released that the Portland water was contaminated with E-Coli.

Then, on their own Portland Water Bureau website they announced: Boil Water Notice Issued For All Portland Water Bureau Customers And Some Affected Regional Water Providers.

So here is what seems terribly wrong with the story:

1) Several of these Regional Water Suppliers that have been warned about the E-Coli outbreak are on hteir own wells, not relying on the Portland Water Bureau company for water. SO how could htey be contaminated unless someone went theyre and contaminated their water?

2) The City of Portland has several water sources. Within minutes they should have been able to turn off the contaminated water source and flushed their lines.

3) With a huge E-Coli Outbreak the local hospitals, and those of the surrounding areas, would be jammed with sick patients.

4) The News release has clearly stated that tests proved positive for 3 days in a row - then why not warn folks three days ago?

5) If this was meant to shut down a local water bottling company there would be no effect since their filters take out E-Coli.

6) Portland Water Company will be closed for the next 3 days.If it was an emergency don't you think their Customer Service would be opened throughout the weekend?

What you will find is the following:

1) Chemical Trails over Portland with a certain chemical in it that make people sick stating last Monday night - the 60th Air Wing of the USAF out of Fairchild Air Force Base hard at work.

2) On Monday Black Vehicles came to several areas in Portland (Form Homeland Security) and took certain containers and poured them into the water system. These containers were provided by the CIA from their Plum Island New York Bio-Weapons facility and they are testing how far this certain "Bug" will spread and how fast it will spread.

Homeland Security is not your friend - they are currently poisoning American's on Portland.

These folks are just plain evil.

You think - NO - they can't be that bad.

Oh Ya ---

The FDA just approved a new sweetner for use by humans, but not by cattle, pigs, dogs, cats or even chickens. It is a modified Aspertane, 100 times s more deadly - called Avantame.

Brought to you by the Ajinamoto Company, the same company that makes MSG and Aspertame - you now have Avantame, designed to kill humans.

Why would the FDA approve this for use by humans but not cattle, pigs, chickens, and even rats?

They are this evil.

Please see: Avantame. A New And As yet unknown BioChemical Threat by Stephan Fox.

The News You Are Not Supposed to Hear

Dr William B. Mount

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