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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Syria Weapons Agreement With US Breaks Down

Over the last 24 hours all previously made agreements between the US and Syria have been violated by the us so talks have broken down.

(((Please Pray - Visualize - that all that Lucifer does over the next 30 days fails and that the radiation in Fukushima vanishes.)))

Two days ago Secretary of State John Kerry said that the US had collected 95% of all hte Chemical Weapons room Syria and things were going well.

A Few hours later the UN Secretary General announced the US Peace Negotiator for the UN had resigned and it is unlikely they will appoint another Peace Negotiator.

John Kerry, after getting a Phone Call form the leaders of Saudi Arabia, was told that the US Airbase in Jordan just south o Damascus was done, the 5,000 US troops there were ready to invade Syria and the 30,000 Saudi Arabia Funded Troops in Jordan were ready to invade Syria and a Local Contractor was ready to release a large amount of Gas Tomorrow and blame it on Syrian's President Assad.

The Attempt to start a war by killing Obama has failed - he has cancelled his trip to the Far East. Obama also left New York City this morning just in time for yet another Nuke to be brought into the city. I do not know what the CIA wants to do with this one - nuke the city or store it under ground - the energy here in Tacoma is very confusing --- and these terrorists are also on some type of Performance Enhancing Drug that has clouded their judgement. Time will tell.

The CIA nuke Sorcha Faal talked about in Detroit was seized by foreign agents after a few CIA Goons were terminated.

The Nuke headed for Chicago was - sort of - intercepted. It may be used n South Central Eastern Ukraine to start the war in exactly 28 days after US forces referbish it - it's electronics were slightly damaged by a fast traveling piece or soft metal.

So what else can hte US/UK do to start a Full Scale Nuclear War?

There are  US/UK Funded Mercanaries and US troops starting revolutions  in:

1) Pakistan
2) Indonesia
3) Venezuela
4) Western Brazil
5) Eastern Brazil
6) Pakistan
7) Afghanistan
8) Ukraine
9) Beellarus
10) Moldovia
11) Serbia
12) Nevada - Bundy Ranch is loaded woth oil

The US FBI Joy Boys are also preparing 50 armed Agent Sabatoeurs to stir up this crowd headed for DC in the "American Spring."

American Spring ---- Arab Spring ---- Same MO, just coming home.

The CIA/FBI do not care if you are Russian, Egyptian, or American --- they want YOU dead.

If you see an armed man in the crowd pullout a gun - beat him senseless and hang his body on the front door of the nearest FBI Office.

Evil is as Evil does.

Fortunately the rest of the world is waking up to the US Joy Boys and their desire to kill, kill, kill.

They are also waking up to the fact that US/UK banks cook the books world wide

In the Wall Street Journal today it was announced that Citi Bank - which has small branches all over the world and a great bank to deal with - cooked the books to the tune of around $350,000,000.

In addition - the IMF tried to pawn off their new WORLD DOLLAR - the SDR and no one wanted it. It is only backed by air.

Combined with the Bank of America $4 Billion Dollar Scandal and the:

1) $76.65 Trillion Dollars we identified taken form Ambassador Wanta and the US Treasury

20 The $15 Trillion Dollars transfered from HSBC to the Royal Bank of Scotland landing on the European MTN Market in Europe over night to cause Greece to go bankrupt.

3) The $2 Trillion on the TOMFLOCCO.COM website stolen from the US Treasury.

4) Fortress FInancial being created out of Thin Air and buying banks like PNC.

5) The latest PNC Scandal.
What is happening all around the world is that the energy of Lucifer is growing but it is being scattered. FOr example - rather than focussing on one issue - like a war in the Ukraine -- they have troops all over the world trying to start WW3. These Luciafirans (Satanists) cannot focus --- they came agianst GOD's messenger and GOD's people.

Thank you APFN for your prayers - they are working.
For Medical Community: FISH ON

We got a call from a close relative who just got a probe stuck up her rear 4 feet - it was called a Colonoscopy. She like  it so well she scheduled another one in 5 years - that's called a FISH ON.

All the pre- appointments and Follow Up appointments - you (The Tax Payer) pay around $5,000 for her to go get this procedure. She has around 35 feet of intestines and they examine only 2-4 feet of it for 5 grand.

Further: Cancer treatments have not changed in 50 years since my wife's grandma died of cancer - not on iota. You get sick, the doctors make you sicker, you die broke and in pain so they put you in bed and administer Morphine so you die painlessly and all your relative can cry for days.

So why would anyone not choose to eat Sea Weed and Immusist and EDTA?

Instead eating healthy and loosing 150 pound this relative got this procedure done. She has Polyps in her upper intestines and lumps in her breast and the Doctor said: It's OK, we are watching them.

This relative of our is what the medical community calls: FISH ON.

She is dumb enough to go back over and over again while they watch her tumors grow. SOrry - they are Cysts and Nodules until they wish to try some new US Army Chemical Weapon on them p then it is "Cancer" and they get allot of money to administer this "Cancer Fighting Drug" on you.

If you want to live in pain and feel like crap - this is your business - not mine or GOD's - I told GOD I will not lay hands on anyone else and have them healed because they get healed and go back to their old habits.

The medical community will drag my relative around form appointment to appointment  and suck her dry until she has no more insurance and then they will let her go on a Morphine Drip.

She brags about it: "I got to go to the "National Cancer Institute" to get this procedure done - She sounds so special and her nose goes into the air with Pride that she got to go to this clinic.

By the time they are done with her they will throw her out out into the wind after they have taken her for every dime she has and then after she dies they will sell her organs.

I urge you, if you wish to be healthy - to read these stories here on APFN about health.

How you live YOUR life is up to you - but there is a pain free alternative.


For You Intel Geeks

1) The forces of the US COrporation and UK corporation are currently scattered. The idea of nuking any city - including and especially London and DC - is on the table. These Round Table folks are trying to come up with another "Believable" terrorist group and a New Osama Bin Laden. The one in Nigeria is not bad enough.

2) In the mean time these IMF/US/UK and Vatican Banks will continue to be hit as their corruption is exposed, so say the I  AM That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

3) IMF DIrectors - you were shown how to fix the economy. Maybe London and New York City need to be turned to dust for you to wake up - it is up to you?

4) With a nation of  316 Million folks and 108 million out of work and 96 Million working full time, 54% of all people now on some form of Government Handouts, you might as well bend over and kiss it good bye because you underground DUMB bases are all targeted. The Cloward Pivens Model Works.

5) The corruption of the Nigerian People (Lotto Scams is just the beginning) has reached the ears of the Living GOD and this nation will now be destroyed, so HE has said it so it shall be.

6) One final note: The Roman Pope stated today he "Demands" a redistribution of wealth. When is he going to release all of the wealth the Catholic Church has stolen from the people?
You heard this first here on APFN

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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