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Monday, May 5, 2014

Another Banksta BitesThe Dust - Go Six Zeroes Go

In yet another Suicide (Suicided) yet another Banksta bites the dust.

Please pray with me - visualize - that these Bankstas get the message.

Lets see: Thrown out of a 25 story window that is sealed and bullet proof, thrown off a roof top after going through a locked steel door, entire family killed, 8 Nails to the in the back of the head, shot 6 times in hte back ---- all suicide, right?

The latest one is Andrew Jatzyk who's body washed up on the shores of a rivers in New Jersey on the Hudson River on 30 April - but you are only hearing about it 5 days later.

All suicide,right?

Fourteen major bankers in 4 months, not including Fund Managers, Insurance Company Managers, etc..

Andrew Jatzyk's body was found and the coroner said there was no sign of foul play. This  27 year old jogger just fell over dead while jogging along the Hudson River preparing for a Marathon. Wehnhe was foundhe had hi wallet with him - so it was not likely a mugging was it.

In addition, his jogging rout was heavily traveled and there are allot of camera's on this rout and he jogged when it was light out. Don't you think someone would have seen him?

This latest Banksta, Andrew Jatzyk, was working for PNC Bank, a subsidiary of Fortress Financia, and was working to expand hte bank into Black Neighborhoods in Trenton, New Jersey - ever been there, I have allot as a child.  It ain't a pretty city in down town Trenton. This means Andrew had to ignore credit reports when lending out money - "Cooking The Books For PNC with the help of the Feds."

Fortress Financial began around 10 years ago and popped up out of no where with $6 Billion Dollars, a Rothchild Creation. The money came out of thin air - poof, $6 Billion Dollars. PNC has great people working for it and is a credit to the banking industry. I have worked with them many times. Cooking the Books is not something that would sit well with the Bankers I know in any bank - yet this is what the Federal Reserve (Owned 54.5% by David Rothchild) has so ordered.

The penalty for going public about cooking the books is apparently death.

Dead men tell no tales - so Andrew is dead  - he refused to violate Federal Banking Regulations.

The Bankstas were warned - Six Zeroes strikes again and will strike again soon.

You heard this first here on APFN.

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