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Friday, May 16, 2014

US Corporation Once Again Threatens Nation After Nation WIth War

Once again the US Corporation has threatened nation after nation with massive war.

Please pray with me - Visualize - that those threatening these nations are immediately humbled by the Living GOD and if they do not listen they will be removed form Planet Earth.

Once again leaders of this US corporation have threatened other nations with war if they do not obey their Puppet Masters.

1) US State Department threatened Iran with War if they do not comply, but comply with what?

The US thrusts massive stock piles of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons on SYria sold to them by the La Farge Company (Hillary Clinton, See Senator Reigel's Reports) and then we threaten them because they have them?

The Secretary of State Dumb Dumb Kerry) threatened Iran with compliance or more sanctions by July 20th. The Iranians are still wondering what they have to comply with.

As you recall the US gave Iran the "Ultimatum" back in 2012 and 2013.

US Corporate Leadership has gone mad, Utterly MAD.

2) The Pentagon had a conference with the leaders of the Chinese Military. In the exchange both sides threatened each other.

These Adults who lead the militaries of the world actually "Sniped" at each other like little children. It was down right childish.

There they were, grown men, threatening each other like little babies. Put me in there - the "Sniping" would end in about 1 second -- state your piece and be down with it.

3) We have Secretary of State John Kerry sending explosives and Blasting Cap through the mail to US Embassies world wide in "Diplomatic Bags."

Only a fool would do this - a absolute fool.

You do not send Blasting caps through the mail - Dumb Dumb Kerry  has lost his marbles, he has gone batty, he is 3 bricks short of a full load, his elevator does not go up all the way.

4) VP Biden sends his son to the Ukraine to take charge of an Oil Company there - to frack the nation and permanently pollute the Ground Water and destroy Ukrainian Farms forever.

5) Senator Harry Reid's Son wants the Bundy Land because it has  --- ready --- OIL. So now Senator Harry Reid has ordered the murder of Nevada Ranchers.

Senator Harry Reid has gone mad.

6) Perv Snyder, Governor of Michigan -- outlaws chickens on small farmers in Michigan - he has lost his marbles.

7) The VA has recently has a story about how the Phoenix VA Hospital  had two appointment listsw and purposely used tis list to kill vets who they did not like.

That is called Murder.

Guess what - that list is also kept here in Seattle. Patients who refuse to act as Guinea Pigs for tests so the doctors can pad theyir pockets get NO health care --- they die.

If they complain then the 100% Disabled vets have their claim messed with in various ways and there is not a darn thing you can do about it.

It is called Murder and no one is holding General Shesenski (VA Director) accountable.

8) All New Born Babies in NATO are now chipped with a Computer Chip in their left inner arm.

9) Tonight I listened to a Washington State Governors Banquet that was awarding children awards for reading and writing. All of the awards went to those who loved Homosexuals and DIversity - screwing the White Male.

They have gone insane - what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong.

A Message form the White Dragon Society to the US/UK leaders I have been asked to pass on, and it is sanctioned by the Living GOD the King of Kings and Lord of Lords:

"If you go along with the White Dragons you will be taken care of. If you do not go along with the White Dragons you will be taken care of."

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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