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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Another GOD Told Us So May 2014

What you are about to read about is events that stated here on APFN and PRAVDA would occur if no one took action to stop them and they are now in being reported in the Wall Street Journal.

Kind of nn I Told You So Form the Living GOD.

((((Please Pray - visualize - that those who can stop these horrible actions do stop them before they occur))))

1) There is an area between the boarders of Kazkhstan and Mongolia that the US has been funneling weapons into for the last year from both Afghanistan and form the air. The region is know as the Xinjing State of China.

This area offers little for people and is mainly an area of folks who graze animals. It has been peaceful there for as far back as anyone can remember.

Suddenly, after we warned the Chinese, Russian, and Mongolian governments about what the US Corporation is doing the area erupts with violence.

A few days ago a few men drove through the market in the capitol of the region hurling US Corporate supplied explosives into a crowd killing over 31 people and injuring dozens more: See Wall Street Journal 23 May, Market Attack Kills Dozens in Western China. A month before that another Car Bomber killed 3 people.

Suddenly the Wall Street Journal erupts with all sorts of claims about how the evil muslim extremists have been causing terror there for hundreds of years. This is a lie - it was a very peaceful region until the US got involved there.

Another set of attacks as occurred just north of the Thailand Boarder with China where again, US Corporate weapons are being shipped by orders of David Rothchild, London. Here last month a guy went nuts in a train station killing 29 people. Call it Mind Control or Drugs - this is beginning to happen all around the regions we discussed here on APFN.

The end game here is to create a new nation called Xinjiang as a permanent base for the UK Backed US DOD to create terror both in China and Russia. What better way to smuggle guns and explosives then by using nomads and their bands to traffic these items like what htey have done in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Bosia, etc.

China had better wake up.

Since the late 1700's England has been selling China Opium in exchange for gold, occupying the nation using either US or UK troops until 1950 after the US based Government of China moved to Taiwan with most of China's Gold.

The US then sunk 12 Destroyer Escorts off the coast of Japan into the Mariana's Trench where only US Subs could recover the gold, some is some Chinese gold stored in Taiwan and most of their gold and silver was taken by the US to the US, while some went to certain parts of Northern England coated with Cosmolene and sunk in various British Lakes. See: Book Of Mukulak and Book of Codes, Benjamin Fulford.

Since 1950 Chinas been struggling to build it's economy back up and cast off foreign influence. Unfortunately Money talks and BS walks so the Chinese Leaders have sold the soul of China for US Dollar Profits.

This is how it has worked since the end of World War 2: The UK/US Industrialists first built factories in Japan using US Tax Payer's Dollars and after their nation began to acquire wealth raised the value of the YEN form 500 Yen to $1 to 80 Yes/$1. Thus the wealth they had accumulated loss almost 85% of it's value --- they paid 500 Yen for a dollar and got back 80 yen. The Japanese Market fell horribly.

The US then did this ti Mexico, then to Taiwan, Brazil (To a small extent)  and now is about to do it to China and the CHinese Leadership is  now fully aware of this. In this way the US Dollar became the world's reserve currency - yielding  the Rothchilds huge profits in the Trillions of Dollars while you worry about paying your mortgage.

China now wishes to avoid going the way of Japan, Taiwan and Mexico and is trying to create a World Currency while the Rothchilds are using the UK and US Corporation to splinter China into many nations.

In the mean time some major corporations, like Boeing, are moving their main factories t oChina but as the economy slows these factories, build on food producing land - sit idle. You can't farm it the land any more so food prices rise in China to the point where they will buy even Poison GMOs just to feed their people.

China's Economy is in such a Free-Fall that the US "QEs to Infinity" did not work and now China has begun it's own QE1 to pump money into their failing banks.

China has gone so far as sinking an Oil Well in Vietnamese Waters and sending in agents to burn their Chinese owned factories in Vietnam and Cambodia so as to bring these factories back to China and employee Chinese Workers, not foreigners.

To further complicate matter, Eric Holder - Attorney General of hte US Corporation - has announced it is trying to hunt down CHinese military members in china using the FBI and further has announced that the US Army Cyber COmmand will triple in size over the next year for the purpose of shutting down the Chinese Computer Systems completely.

In simple Terms: The UK and the US Corporation have openly declared WAR on China - openly hunting down members of their military for killing and destroying their entire economy.

The intent here is for President Obama (Rothchild) to force China into a "Pearl Harbor Scenario", cancel all Chinese Debts, and squash them using the 300 US Submarines carrying in upwards of 70,000 Nuclear Warheads and sitting below 8,000 feet in the ocean. The more American's Killed the better.

Either way - China is in deep trouble.

The Chinese  land is polluted, food producing land covered with cement, and millions now live in the cities. Vast areas of China's inland highlands remain undeveloped and could be utilized with little cost or effort - but the Chinese Government, and to Golden Dragon Society, ignore this fast. They remain highly divided and will remain so until they listen to what GOD has to sat and do it.

China is now a Debtor Nation.

The Industrial Production Base for the world was beginning to be moved to India but the workers there proved unreliable and the infrastructure of roads and electrical distribution remains second rate. Although thousands of plane loads of US Hundred Dollar Bills were flown to India and remain there little can be done until it is used to build reliable roads and power grids.

Many factories are now being built in Russia to manufacture Ford, Boeing, GM and many other UK based manufacturing corporate products. Road networks are adequate, there are no major religious holidays to destroy production, the workers are reliable and they can be paid around $200/mo as opposed to 10-20 times that here in America.
In the mean time - on to other parts of the world, the US has been orderd by the Rothchilds to:

1) Break the Congo into several tiny littel countries. Send in weapons, create a cirsis, and split the nation up into tiny, more easily controllable, nations.

2) Do the same to Brazil - see the Wall Street Journal - - -the Native in the Jungle now have lots of US made weapons -- those who live deep in the Brazilian Jungle have weapons. We discussed this 4 years ago on Channel 77 Seattle --- President Obama sent $3 Billion to Honduras as cover to buy these weapons for the Jungle People and now  this "War"  is in the Wall Street Journal. The Brazilian Government did NOTHING to stop it.

3) The US Corpration is now placing a military base just south west of the Timor Sea to be used to harass the South East Asia Islanders and split these nations up into tiny, controllable regions.

The base may be as far south as Exmouth - good airport, good roads, good harbor, etc.

Samo Samo - send in weapons and money, create a revolution, kill millions, come in with "Democracy" and run the nation - raping the environment and making billions of dollars.

Indonesia is the first island to be hit hard by the UK/US - so that the gold mine there (3rd Largest in the world) remains squarely in US Corporate (Rothchilds) hands.

Then they will ramp up the revolution in the Philippines to take control of Joint Management of Yangsha Island (Scarburrough Shoal) - a Mountain of Gold China wants.

4) Another Wall Street Journal Article 23 May we warned folks about years ago here on APFN and on PRAVDA- there is a revolution in Thailand created by US forces in an attempt to get China and India in a war. Well - the Thailand Military has put a stop to that and thrown out the UK/US backed government.

5) If the Rothchilds cannot stage a shooting of an Obama Clone in Martha Vineyards 14 June 2014 then they will be in total disarray. This is the last major Lucifarian Holi Day on the first year of the Age of Aquarius - the day of "Good Will," the day the UN prays for Lucifer's Teacher to come to earth --- "World Invocation Day."

The Rothchilds  need a Pearl Harbor or 9/11 on this day or they will be proven unreliable by Lucifer and may be thrown out --- with the primary targets for Nuclear Destruction being London, DC, Under Denver and under South Central Nebraska.

6) The Black Pope - Chief General of the Jesuits, has resigned two days ago and abandoned ship - he does not wish to be around when his plans to start WW3 fail. Like most Jesuit Scum - they are cowards and according to their head (Hanz Kovlenback) need to be terminated in order to bring the money back to the people.

7) The US Meat production is about to fall horribly due to:
     a) US created drought in South West America
     b) Like the Bundy Ranch in Nevada being put out of production due to oil, millions of acres of land all across America is now being shut down by the Obama Administration.
     c) Taxes are killing the small farmers so they are selling out.

8) Poop begins to hit the fan economically 1 June - exactly 7 years to the day I found out the FBI stole my money and refused to return it so the 6 Zeros will now strike hard and will continue to strike hard until these leaders do as GOD has asked.

9) GOD will strip these high ranking Illuminati of Money and power harder and harder, increase their infighting making life itself unbearable, turn their allies against them so badly they hurt and continue to do so until they cry Uncle and come forward - So says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come. It begins 1 June.

10) Again, as s reported in the Wall Street Journal, thousands of stores across the nation will now be closing - like Office Depot, Radio Shack, etc - but don't worry, as they shrink in size their stocks will go up in value.

The Market is Rigged.
11) Expect within a few years the Mississippi valley will begin to shift hard - the Eastern US moving North, the Western  US moving South. The US Depot of What Do I Know has been injecting Phosgene Gas - Yes, Poisonous Phosgene Gas - into the Thunder Horse Oil Reserves to increase pressure and make her blow for 3 years now - and now it will move.

Head ready to explode - TMI

By for now.

The News The US Does Not Want You To Know

Dr William B. Mount

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