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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Japan Demands Access To It's Gold

Yesterday Japan demanded access to it's gold from the World Bank/IMF. It is currently being held in a

Trust Account by the Global Debt Facility to "Benefit All Of Man Kind. Wolfgang Struck is the authorized signature for this account.

Please pray that the World Leaders either do as GOD has directed or they are replaced by GODLY men immediately.

This request is the first form the BRICS nations - all 140 of them - and stems from the fact that world debts are now being made in gold.

The problem here is Japan has now bought into the idea of QE to Infinity and has thus purchased over $2 Trillion in Federal Reserve Bonds, that were distributed to Japanese Banks and then converted into cash. 

Unfortunately rather than going towards debt reduction or to the people 90% of the $2 Trillion (200 Trillion Yen) has gone into the pockets of the leading 1,000 industrialists in Japan.

This formula has been repeated in dozens of nations around the world in order to continue the English Empire, using US Forces to support these top Bankstas.

Leading the way in the destruction of the English Empire are Russia and China - now demanding payments in Gold. Other nations that signed the BRIC treaty are now also beginning to follow suit.

The answer to Japan is now on hold, but the US Treasury Corporation has already been told how to respond and has sent a memo stating that: No Nation Has The Right To Access Their GOld, It Is Held in Trust For All Humanity."

Since the United States is a corporation it is not bound by any treaty.

Further - Human is defined as:" Not Able To Inherit Anything, A Hu Monster, first created when King Richard made babies on his way to the Crusades. his children could not inherit any part of his kingdom and were called Hu-Monsters....Humans." The term came form India where Humanan is the Monkey GOD.

In other words Japan - You Can't Have Your Gold Back and there is nothing you can do about it without severe consequences. 

To further complicate matters Investment Grade Silver is now running out in China and Japan - which means they are also running out of Industrial Grade Silver. In order to stimulate additional production these BRIC nations will needed to run their own Gold/Silver exchanges and drive the price up to around $50/oz for Silver and $2,000/oz for gold. If their economies recover then this price will likely double. 

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