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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

You Sprayed us USAF and My Wife is Angry, Six Zero Strikes Agian

Over the last few days the USAF 60th Airwing has sprayed the heck out of the Seattle Area. as a result we have several sick chickens and my wife is really upset.

Please pray that the Commanders of the 60th Airwing fail at everything they do form this day forward.

We all know that the USAF is spraying us with Chemical Trails to not only spread Aluminum across the sky but to kill us - "Reduce the Excess Population" as Scrooge once said.

This time you got my wife really angry and she has the ability to play on your Family Support Websites.

You Jerks sprayed us with sokme sort of Virus that stopped our chickens from laying, softened up their shells, and made them sick.

Your commanders of the 60th Airwing must be some sort of perverted freaks - to afraid to meet me at any Officers Club and to freaky to be normal.
For You Freaks in the Intel World:

1) You must be freaks to work with the Grays - absolute freak that need to be terminated assoon as possible.

2) Eric Holder (Through the SEC) is now trying to fine 5 more Foreign Banks (Wallstreet Journal Today) for Bribary Six Zeroes Strikes Again:

a) Morgan Stanley
b) Goldman Sacks - who stole the US Corporate Retirement Account and gave it out as bonuses thanks to Pres Obama.
c) Credit Suise Bank - Again, they still have money and Holder wants it.
d) Citigroup
e) ABG

3) If they do not pay up Six Zeroes will take out their CEOs, even if they do pay up once they retire they will more than likely be terminated.

You will do as GOD has instructed you or you will have your money stripped and then your lives and those of your family. Any question Bankstas?

4) General Dempsey - when you retire the Obama Administration has put in place a plan  whereby you will be terminated shortly there after ---- you failed to do your job didn't you?

5) You have 3 choices General Dempsey - do what is right in the eyes of GOD and live, Die in Office, or die shortly after retiring. Your dad was a fighter - gorw some Gonads and be at least as brave as he was.

6) Look up at what is coming in 5 days, just in time for the UN broadcast. he sun moves from left to right. Alrady some of it has been painted out.

Painted out already:

Painted Out:

This they have forgotten to paint this one out:

For You alive species here on Earth: My GOD is alive and well today so get off our planet you alien freak before GOD takes you off. You will not be warned again, so HE has said it so it shall be. Need any more proof Tall Gray freaks?

Image Unavaliable

You saw this first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

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