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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Aliens and Demons View Humans as Stupid Little Creatures

The Aliens (Demons) on this planet view Humans as stupid little creatures - no greater than an Octopus - to be eaten and cast aside like food.

Please pray with me - really visualize - as you read this that the Demons (Archons, Grays, Annanauki) are expelled form this planet immediately and all Lucifer does comes to naught.

These creatures that come form a higher dimension view us as cattle - slave labor - less than they are --- as we view, say, an Octopus.

So please defer to this story of a film of an Octopus opening a jar to get out and opening a jar to get it's food.

The story is: Octopus vs Jar

Guess an Octopus is not so dumb after all?

I would also like to remind these Aliens that it is here on APFN that we successfully outlined over 100 plots to kill world leaders and start WW3 using a Nuclear False Flag.

You were not mentally capable of deciphering this - and would you not have been blown to Kingdom Come if any of these plots had worked?

So was it your intelligence that stopped your own destruction or some lowly Human's Intuition - something YOU can never have?

It is here on APFN we described their magnetic drive systems for their space toys.

It is here we successfully outlined ways tro extend Human Life to over 700 years.

Sure - we are suppressed - for now, but have we not shown through this that we are not mere Octupi and when we get a chance we will break your bonds and cast you out like chaff in the wind?

Perhaps that by no realizing this - that convincing world leaders to follow your inferior minds - that we will eventually over come.

There are others out there (GOD's Angels) that will eventually destroy you.

Aliens - is it not true then that you are leading yourselves down the road to Perdition?

We shall see how long it takes for the evil to reach such heights that your species is cast back into the abyss where you all belong.

Let us hope it is very soon.

Let us pray - really focus - that it is now.
You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

(((((When you read the next story about the UN broadcast please realize I am a reporter and am only reporting on a news story. Besides - today's seminar was very boring.)))))

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