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Monday, May 12, 2014

A Note About Pres Putin's recent Note About Destroying The US

On 28 April President Putin claimed to have a vision where He and Russia stood alone in destroying the Great Satan USA through a Full Scale Nuclear Strike and then the ROman Pope claimed that this was hte Third Secret of Fatima, and oh yea- the Roman Pope said we have 3 more Secrets of Fatima we forgot to tell you about.

We need to pray hard - really Visualize - that you understand the truth about this matter.

So here is the rest of the story:

1) Way Way back in the Kennedy Era Kruschev (Russia) publicly stated: We will burry the United States.

2) Way back on 4/15/2000 in an interview with the Head of the Jesuits (Hanz Kovlenback) stated they must destroy the United States and if any man stands up against the Jesuits in hte name of GOD they will be destroyed, having their last stronghold in America before it is finally destroyed.

He also stated that is any one touched this man they would be killed.

I am that man 0I stand up against the Demonically Possessed Jesuit Order in the name of the Living GOD, but that is for another day.

3) On October 28th of Last Year Pres Putin visited the Roman Pope to organize this whole affair we are seeing unwinding today with Obama:

a) Ukraine War

b)  Syrian War

c) Russian Jets flying by a IUS destroyed in the Black Sea and completely jamming the US missile system and they US navy is too stupid to have even a Stinger Missile or even a 45 Cal Pistol  on board the Destroyer.

d) US State Department shipping explosives, debt cord, blasting caps through the mail as "Diplomatic Bags": in accordance with the """Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations""" - the rules you live by as an Ambassador.

e) The 200+ US subs that can sit at 7,000 feet under the water for 3 months at a time and run off of Nuclear Packs using tiny yet powerful engines that are now tracked (And Targeted) by the Russians through their.....

f) The 2,500 Cleaked US SPace Fleet that are now tracked (And Targeted) by the Russians though their ....

g) China's involvement in Africa and South East Asia to drain the US resources.

h) Obama cutting the US military and creating absolute havoc here in the USA

i) Economic Collapse

j) Perv Snyder of Michigan outlawing home grown chickens

k) Bundy Ranch Nevada - US "Obama Thugs"  threatening Americans

l) Many more.

4) On 28 April President Putin claimed he had a vision where he and Russia stood alone to destroy the Great Satan the USA.

5) Within an hour the Catholic Church announced that that was hte Third Secret of Fatima and destroyed all other references to this message and oh yea, the Roman Pope Forget - there are three other messages form this Mother Mary Demon.

6) What really happened is that Putin did go to the Valaam Monastery - an Old Russian Military Base - and did meet with some sort of "White Energy Being" with the form of a fuzzy "H" and indeed was told what he must do. He met with a spirit form the "Great White Brotherhood."

In fact - President Putin had laid out the entire Battle Plan for the destruction of the US/UK and France and was assigned a special member of the Great White Brother Hood to assist him at the Valaam Complex.

The US has some very uncooperative Gray to assist them from the third harmonics, Russia has Spirits form the 8th Harmonics assisting him.

As a side not he Fuzzy "H" is an old military symbol worn by Russian Royalty Military Leaders - See Baron Robert Osten Saken, Commander of the Crimean Forces in 1858.

Apparently the Russian Orthodox Church is all right with this meeting - so those from the "Great White Brotherhood" will now give Putin what he needs to destroy the US/UK.

7) A note from GOD: "If you move forward without doing as GOD has told you Russia it will all fall apart and President Putin and PM Medvedev will loose power, so HE has said it, so it shall be."

8) It looks great right now as the Eastern Ukraine has just voted to rejoin Russia in accordance with their 1990 treaty with Russia. If the Irish/French/UK/US Australian New Zealand union steps in GOD will cause great pain to the leaders of this Lucifarian Union, so HE has said it so it shall be.

9) Just a note on htis Mother Mary Demonic Abirition: Twice I have stated something on Live TV that GOD showed me that was coming and twice this Demonic Mother Mary repeated me "word for word" stating she was to do this.

Those who participated in this Fatima Vision: Two fo the three girls died a year and a half later in the plague, hte third girl spent 80 years locked away in a convent and said nothing.

The Abiration of Mother Mary is a Toxic Demon, it kills and destroys.

If you have any questions you may contact a Satanic Priest who turned to GOD - the real GOD - and he will tell you who this Mother Mary Demon is:

For You Intel Geeks:

Read the Wall Street Journal:

a) US Mergers are falling apart.

b) The astern Ukraine is now legally part of Russia in accordance with their internal treaties - but the US Intel Community is not allowed to read them. Too bad I do not work for you.

c) US is currently conducting a Nuclear Drill in response to what Pres Putin said. Get out the 8 Inch DOS 2.11 floppies US Nuclear Command - really up to date stuff. The B-52 is what - over 50 years old?

d) All New Babies are now chipped in the Euro Nations.

e) If you need an explosives, Det Cord, Blasting Caps just go to any US Embassy Now - they are the New department store of Explosives- "US Embassy Bomb Making  Bizaar" - "US BMB Mart". It all comes through "Diplomatic Bags."

US Embassies - the "Bon Marche' Of Explosives"

f) John Shapiro, Assistant Secretary of State, 1 June 2012: "The Purpose of the State Department is to sell weapons."

g) The Six Zeros Strike US/UK Bankstas in Eastern Ukraine Will you ever listen US/UK Bankstas or will you have to die first before you do what you are supposed to do?

You heard htis first hereon APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

Film About Human Sacrifice and Demons in Devas, Sw:

YouTube - Sphinx in Forest, Cave Dwellers, WEF in Davos, Krauchthal High Security Prison & Hans Rudolf K├╝hni

Black Eyed Demon Possessed Swiss Police


Remember: Michelle has an Adams Apple - she is a HE!

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