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Friday, May 9, 2014

What Is Happeneing Around The World 9 May 2014

Here is what is happening around the world today - it is what I have just learned in a private biefing.

Please pray with me - really visualize - that these insane folks who are doing this are destroyed by the living GOD immediately and their plans come to naught.

What you are about to read came to be during a private briefing by some very influential folks. They have never been wrong. Their aim is the destruction of the Human Race, except a few "Slaves."

The humans that are expected to survive are nor being released into the public as "Super Humans." These folks tend to be Super Strong, Super Competitive, burn out easy, die at 60 years old, and are generally dumb --- "Autistic." in nature.

In fact - according to a recent Wall Street Journal story - this DNA modification is being donw byinjscting a normal human with a virus and altering their DNA on the spot.

These Genetic Modifications of Existing Humans is being pioneered 7 floors down at the CIA HQ at Langley. There are some pretty weird looking humans down there and now the technology is being used in Labs --- soon to be sprayed on us in about 6 months.

Soon you will begin to see all  of sports records broken as these "Third Generation" athletes hit the market - especially from the major countries. We have achieved the "KAHN SPECIES" - Star Trek, The Wrath of Kahn.

So here goes on what is happening around the world:

1) China demands war.

China (Golden Dragon Society) is looking at the past and future and considers itself in a desperate way. They realized:

a) In the late 1940s the Key Japanese Industrialists (Black Dragon Society) gathered together and decided to take over the Electronics, Automobile and Optics industries of the world. By 1980 they had. as you recall in the 80's everything was made in Japan.

b) The US debt to Japanese Industry was huge so the IMF increased the value of the yen and now  the US debt to Japan was greatly reduced. Not only did the Japanese economy collapse without any prospect for the future the ecology of Japan was ruined. They were forced to build Nuclear Reactors and viola - Fukushima.

c) Any time Japan squawks about it they get another Earht Quake - like the one that hit Tokyo 36 hours ago and registered 6.0 on a scale of 7.0 --- the quake was located 169KM underground - a US made Nuke creating a new large underground base detonated just after Japan complained.

c) after screwing with Japan the IMF then moved these production facilities to Mexico in the early 1080', shipping in Billion sin US Hundred Dollar Bills and then doing to them what they did to Japan. That is what the "Collapse" of the Mexican Peso was all about.

d) Then the IMF did the same thing to  Taiwan and now to China. The New Industrial Base will be located in India as the Chinese Markets collapse and their ecology is utterly destroyed.

In despiration, China has demanded war and plans to expand militarily to build their empire. This time they plan to pick on Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Mirimar, Malaysia and the Philippines.

China has begun claiming Yangsha Island (Scarburough Shoal because it has on it a mountain of gold- but it lies withing the internationally recognizes waters of the Philippines. The island has been jointly managed peacefully by the Chinese and Philippines for 65 years - but the US also wants this island for itself.

Now only is China vying for the new world currency (Buying 1,000 tons of gold/mo form London for about 18 months) they wish to run the third Illuminati Financial Center in Singapore (Paris, NY City, Singapore) fo the Rothchilds.

China has also discovered the Oil Chevron found as US troops  left Vietnam in 1972 and are currently building an Offshore Oil Well about 30 miles East of central Vietnam. The Vietnamese are very upset and have sent their Coast Guard out to tell the Chinese NO!

The Chinese have responded with Fire Boats soaking down the Vietnamese ships relentlessly as work on the Oil Platform continues (Wall Street Journal Yesterday).

The Chinese are also ramming Philippine naval ships nearing Yangsha Island relentlessly in act Overt Act of War - (Wall Street Journal Yesterday).

2) Secretary of Defense, in a speech yesterday,  stated it is best we have our military in over 100 nations because killing people around the world daily prevents more people from dying so kill them now.

I suppose this explains why the US is currently making an active war in: Ukraine, Syria, Northern Thailand, North West India (Punjab Land), Afghanistan, Dagestan (Russia), Moldovia (Home of Queen of the Gypsies), Philippines, Western Brazil and Nevada and Michigan.

Perhaps this is why the DOD and CIA plan on killing the current presidents of Brazil ad Peru (Legalized Dope Yesterday) ad South Africa and replacing them with doubles in the next month or so. Their desire to kill Russian and Chinese leaders  during the next 30 -6 days will be blamed on "Terrorism."

3) Not to be out done - Libya is now going to start taking down bank accounts of folks they do not like.

4) E-Boli is now being released in Africa, US, Greece and Western China as a test, then it will go airborn. The idea here is to kill all brown eyed people because for reasons you would not believe. The incubation time: 2-4 weeks. Absolute Genius. It combines with a virus found in US GMO Wheat and US GMO corn and you die is you have hte gene for Brown Eyes. The A/B Virus re-released.

5) Germany does not wish to end up as an "Ash Tray" and the hard working Germans are tired of supporting the rest of Europe. They will begin to pull out of the Euro-zone - but their leaders will be ordered killed by the Rothchilds (Bauery Boys) if they go to far. They are too cowardly to strike back. They run like scared little children.

6) The Black and Golden Dragon Societies are very dis-unified at present and the Rothchilds play on the different factions.

7) Pres Obama: (((((Now divorcing his husband Michelle (Michelle has and Adams Apple)))))) -   his response to this coming war is to gut the military and add more welfare folks. Obama wants this nation destroyed.

8) The Catholic Church Alternate HQ in Argentina has come up with an incredibly wild plan. As the 2015 Argentina Olympics near they will ask the English to host many of the games due to "Construction Delays."

In one of the later game in London a man with a Brown Leather Suit Case - light brown, square, 16" by 30"m, with two brass straps on top and a leather strap with the name engraved in Gold with some of the letters being (C Z and H) will carry in this small suitcase - perhaps as a Doctor - as detonate it destroying London.

So as China and the US create more and more war over the next year this man will detonate (May be a woman) this nuke in near London upsetting the entire financial system leading to a Nuclear War.

Look for the Construction Delay in Argentina as a confirmation of this plot - absolute Genius.

There will also be a nuke brought in under London through one of the old Subway Tunnels starting with an "A". Apparently these tunnels lead to some sort of Ancient Underground Base and the US DOD Engineer Office has a map of these caves - so they are involved in this one. In all these years the English have never figured this one out.

Under Moscow the same ting exists only no one has mapper out these caves. They also lead to a very powerful underground base and tis is how the US has been able to smuggle another nuke under Moscow.

By the way - 6 Zeroes will continue to strike until the IMF and Russia do as GOD has instructed them to do. They know.

OK - Enough for now.
For Tomorrow:

A two day UN seminar in London and New York City discussing all sorts of things.

Ag Hamani Writings - read about the Archons (Annanauki).

I will report on the UN conference in an unbiased way so bear with me. This is what a reportedr must do.

You heard it first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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