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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Plastic In Your Buns Please


In a recent series of articles we have learned that the same chemical used to create Yoga Mats is also found in the breads sold at Subways.

((((Please pray that those who allowed this will be neutralized by GOD  immediately.))))

The chemical is: Azodicarbomide and is a Sulfur Compound used to help either Fluff Plastics or Bleach Wheat Flour.

It is used in breads made across America, poisoning folks from Russia to South Africa, form India to Brazil. Major companies that use this compound include almost ALL American based companies, including the following chains:

1) Franz Bakery
1) Mc Donalds
3) Burger King
4) Dunkin Donuts
5) Wendy's
6) Arbys
7) Jack In The Box
8) Carl's Junior
9) The list goes on and on and on.

Although this compound is outlawed in Europe the Buns may still be shipped there with a variation in the labeling on the bread  - little do the Europeans know.

a) So - what exactly is this compound:

It is a Plastic Foaming Agent that makes Plastic soft and Pliable.

b) Who makes this compound?

It is an easy chemical to synthesize and it is made across the globe by various manufacturers like the Big Pharma companies.

Make the product, make you sick, sell the cure.

c) What does this New Compound do to us?

The World Health Organization has clearly stated that this compound, in extremely low doses, is "Linked To" (Causes) Athesma. Allergies, and other respiratory issues.

Azodicarbomide is also high;y carcinogenic. Eat Wheat Bread in America, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and England and you WILL be exposed to a cancer causing agent.

One last thing bakers tell me Azodicarbomide does to you - it make you really, really, really hungry just like Aspertane and Sucrose does. So you eat and eat and eat instead of feeling sick - and you get fatter and fatter and fatter.

If you limit your intake the chemicals still build in your body and you get more and more hungry, eventually breaking the diet and gaining all the weight back and then some.

Azodicarbomide  also  causes deformities and genetic alterations in your children.

Wonder why your kids are not that smart and have health issues?

Ya Think it might be the food they eat?

Since your body does not recognize things like Processed foods like Corn Syrup and Azodicarbimide it either ejects it or stores it in your fat cells - so you swell up like a pear and no matter what you do you get fatter and fatter.

Your Buns are made up of chemicals.

"A Little Plastic in your buns?"

Actually you have allot of Plastics in your buns - so stop eating garbage.

So what happens when I go out to dinner?

A few hours ago we went out to a local restaurant tonight named Johnny's, a great place to sort of Unwind and the end of the day.

We had Ice Tea and  ate some Clam Chowder and Potato Skins. These foods were so laden with chemicals we almost fell asleep while driving home. It was that bad.

From now on we will just eat the Potato Skins and go 100% Gluten Free, limiting our food intake from these Non-Organic restaurants.
So here is what you need to do to get healthy, loose weight, and keep it off.

1) Do Not Eat:

a. Wheat
b. Dairy - Goat Milk and Cheese may be OK for some people.
c. Canola Oil
d. Chemicals

2) Eat:

a. Sea Weed - like Kelp
b. Eat Immusist - it is like the Surfactant found in Kelp - but more concentrated. Minimum: 5 drops per day. One bottle should last you a whole year.
c. Eat Organic Foods. No garbage in, no garbage out.
d. I eat allot of meat - grass fed non-vaccinated. I can eat and eat and eat meat and I am still loosing weight and never slow down. My blood pressure is 120/80.
e. I eat Diatamatious Earth in my coffee 5 times per week, just a tea spoon. You can get a 50 pound bag at a local feed store for $35.
f: After brushing my teeth I now put my tooth brush into non-aluminum baking soda and leave it in my mouth - no more Gum Recession.

Using the abovve procedures we have walked folks out of: Malaria, Cancer, Autism, MS, Lupus, Heart Disease, HIV, Hepatitis, Lymes Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Hepatitis, Babesiosis, and a host of tother disease I cannot even pronounce with 100% success and no relapses unless they stop doing what we recommend.
The Following Story is Banned from most websites and has information the US Corporate Government does NOT want you to know.

Dr William B. Mount


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