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Friday, May 2, 2014

The Cure For PEDv

PEDv is a virus that is currently destroying entire herds of Pigs. What exactly is is, where did it come form, and how do we stop it.

Please pray with me - really visualize - that the pork Producers across America read this article and follow up on it.

1) What is PEDv:

PEDv is a nasty virus that seems to have arrived in America a few years ago. It is very similar to HIV and literally makes the Pigs have diarrhea until they die.

PEDv came form the US Department of Agriculture's study of Sheep Wasting Disease in the early 60's.

From there came the AIDS virus and a host of other viruses now attacking the Cattle, Pig and Chicken Industries.

An internal study I have in my files from the US Army states: If you are a carrier for (You have been exposed to) Malaria, HIV, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, etc... if you are bitten by a tick of mosquito and they bite someone else there is a 5% chance they will be exposed to what you have.

This transfer occurs between animals and Humans.

Thus if you grow pigs and one of your workers has HIV - they are gay - you have a chance to loose your entire Cattle Farm, Pig Farm and Chicken Farm.

Go to Wilcox Farms and look at the precautions they take to keep a sterile, disease free flock of Chickens.

It is called: Porcine Epidemic Disease virus - PEDv.

2) How bad is it and what does it mean to me:

It means pork prices will go up.

Whit a shortage of Pork this also means higher prices for chicken, beef, and meat substitutes.

Last year the "Hog" industry lost 10% of it's production due to PEDv, at least that is there official statistic.

Some ranchers have personally told me that every litter of pigs on their farms were born dead and they are now out of the Pork Production.

3) What is the industry going about it:

They are petitioning Congress for More Money, More Money, More Money to study this disease.

The Universities do not have a clue how to control this disease.

Didn't William Mount write a Masters Theses on how to cure Black Stain Root Disease (Tree HIV) way back in 1990?

4) Isn't there a vaccine to help the Hog farmers?

Not for at least another year.

What the vaccine industry is saying is that it takes 2 years to develop a vaccine.

So when you get a flu shot this year it is for the 2011 flu.

5) What do the Hog Farmers Associations say about all this?

We called 5 state Hog Associations across the nation and the National Hog Associations and wished to share with them how we controlled AIDs in thousands upon thousands of AIDs victims, with 100% success.

We even tried to contact the National Future Farmers of America Headquarters - Nothing.

No one, except the Washington State Hog Farmers Association would even talk to me.

The National Associations simply wish to lobby and get, and make, money and grow their income.

The state Associations did not care - their main push is to grow in numbers even though their herds are dying in mass.

The Universities doing research only wished to get more money for research.

The Hog Farmers were so disgusted they gave up.

Forget about talking to the Department of Agriculture - they created this mess and these diseases in Hamilton Montana and Plum Island New York.

In the case of PEDv I was told it was created in Hamilton (MT) and released to control the Chinese Population through famine.

It's the end, we're all doomed, all doomed I tell you, doomed!

6) So what do we do as a farmer:

The good news is that we can control HIV, Cancer, MS, Lupus, etc 100% of the time.

a) First, stop feeding your animals poisons like: Wheat, GMO Corn, Canola Oil, and Dairy products.

b) Read and follow the instructions given in the story: APFN THE CURE FOR CANCER UPDATE 4

c) Tell every one because your State and National Hog Associations will not do it.
Thank You APFN for hosting me - there is a reason to save America:

AA) We just published the Cure For PEDv from America that should work on almost all animal diseases.

BB)"Patch Adams" just got back form another historical Clown Trip eliminating hate one person at a time this time he was in Morocco. He is 67 I believe and still going strong.

CC) Ed Skilling from the Skilling Institute just sent out another Rife Machine programmed to boost your Immune System so much you bugs just hate to be inside you.

DD) We have a friend who is a Native American and a VA Patient and he just made the decision to stop drinking 12 cokes a day and use Immusist to help regain his health.

EE) A retired couple is now using Immusist, and I sent them a box of Sea Weed, and the wife will more than likely reverse her Stroke Damage and regrow her Pancreas in a year.

There are reasons to save America.

We are doing some remarkable research here, research that boggles the rest of the world.

We just need to pray for a Godly Group of Leaders.

You heard it first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount


Rife Machine:

Patch Adams: I am so proud of him.

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