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Monday, May 12, 2014

UN Conference 10-11 May 2014

You are about to read a synopsis of a UN Conference held at the their "Temple Library" over the weekend. How they think, and act, directly effect you.

Agenda 21.

Please pray - really visualize - that you understand what is said and how YOU should react to this conference.

This is not for everyone but for those with strong heart who really wish to know exactly why our planet is so messed up:

I am grateful to be able to participate in the conference and will report on it to the best of my ability, so here goes:

About 50 people and 8 hosts attended the conference in New York City.

1) The THEME of the meeting was about GROUP FUSION. How we can, as individuals, come together and recognize the problems facing humanity and as a group focus on fixing these problems.

The problems may be as simple as finding every one there employment or as broad as moving to renewable energy like Tacheon Generators or Water Powered Engines.

As an individual we think so differently and this means as small groups we may think very differently than another small group yet when we come together in large groups we will some up with a consensus on how we can work together to fix these planetary problems.

The Asherons, Lucifers Children, are there not only to create the problems bu to assist us in bringing ourselves together to solve these problems - so they stir the pot and then help us calm the pot. In this was we grow.

We some down form the 4th Dimension where we are united, come down here and learn to come together in the material world, and then grow enough to go back to the 4th Dimension where Matter and Energy merge.

2) The Emphasis throughout the meeting was really about group fusion - so those who participate in the conference can get to know one another. People spoke but most of it was presentation based on reading a prepared statement or book - there was no "Heart" in the meeting just scattered energy throughout the conference.

3) Things GLEEMED from the meeting:

a) Syrius is the Home Planet for Planet Earth - Syrius A - where the BLUE Temple is. The White temple being here on Planet Earth. This the levels of the Illuminati - Red, White and then Blue.

b) Only by serving others can we find true happiness. Material wealth is fleeting but helping others lasts many life times.

c) The SUN acts as a Star Gate for those coming from the Syrius Constellation.

d) There exists in a higher Harmonics (12 Dimensions, 12 Harmonics between each Dimension) a real Valley of Weesak - and we celebrate our going there after we die.

e) The Seven Rays of Light:

A) Ray 1 (2nd Harmonics) Magic - Were Demons/Angels hang out, Shadow People, Ghosts, weird things that go bump in the night.

B) Ray 2 (3rd Har) Mental Plane

C) Ray 3 (4th Har) Magnetic Forces - where extraterrestrials get magnetic pulse from to travel across the galaxy. Also Astrology since plantes project into 4 Harmonics up.

D) Ray 4 (5th Har) Hath Yoga, Physical Development - where the god "Gneshu" hangs out ready to pour money out upon you.

E) Ray 5 (6th Har) Alchemy - manipulate Matter. Here frequencies reach into the 10 to the 13th Megaherz, or 1,000,000,000,000,000Khz. Here Gold may be grown from a Gold Wire.

F) Ray 6 (7th Har) Altruistic Love, Service - Bhatki Yoga, the highest Devas (Spirits) hang out.

G) Ray 7 (8th Har) Ceremonial Magic - where the spirits that bing life to us hang out.

H) Ray 8 is not accessible to humans directly and is where matter and energy merge.

f) Solar Deity = Solar Logos = Devas = Solar Angels = Archons = Annanauki
Just a note about the book: The Time Machine, 1895, HG Wells. The last chapter saw the Human Race as becoming Hairy Like Rabbits without a care in the world because they had no stress. This chapter was banned but represents the fact that this philosophy has been around long before the UN was even a spark in someone's eyes.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

The Cure For Cancer, Heart Disease, Weight Gain, Autism:


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