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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Russia Declares Red War as US Markets Fall

Russia has declared a Red War as US markets fall worldwide and US Oil Prices Rise.

Please pray with me for your own families - visualize peace in the Ukraine.

a) This morning while you slept Russia declared a Red War. This means that wherever Russian People are threatened within the former 15 Soviet Nations Russia will send troops in to protect these folks.

In accordance with the internal treaties signed in the early 1990 any province within the former Soviet Union that wished to rejoin Russia may vote to rejoin the Mother Land and Majority Rules.

b) The latest US/UK Fascist move occurred in Odessa - now Russian Terrotory where these US Paid Forces burned 50 Russians to death for fun They rounded them up using US provided rifles and then burned the building they were in using US provided flares.

c) In addition, the US Ambassador to the Ukraine clearly stated tat these Thugs were not Russian- meaning they were America Thugs.

d) The Straw that Broke the Camels Back was when a 30 year old woman was killed by a US Blood Thirsty Sniper for no reason except to see her die. She was 30 years old and killed just because a US Sniper needed to kill someone. we call this murder but the sniper will get a metal.

It occurred exactly where we said it would only a few days earlier.

They kill because it is fun for these Fascist Pigs. The Demons (Archons, Etc) that inhabit these freaks get their jollies off of killing.

e) We are now in the early stages of a Stock Crash with Real Oil Prices going up across the board.

Tesla - down 24%
Netflix - down 28%
Twitter  - down - 45%
3d Systems  - down 50%

The US Treasury may propt up the markets tomorrow so as to fool the world - but foreign banks are pulling out of the US En Mass.


Obama and Eric Holder.

f) Today Eric Holder fined another foreign based bank just to getr money out of them. apparently the iRS investigated this Foreign Bakn and claimed that this bank (Suisse Bank AG) gave US  taxpayers tips on where to invest and pay less taxes - DUH, that is their job. Now Eric Holder wants a piece of hte action - a big piece - at least one billion dollars worth. See the Wall Street Journal today ofr more information on this one.

g) Last year Eric Holder got $1.3 Billion out of HSBC Bank and several other banks.

h) So now the IRS, a private corporation owned by (Follow the money) David Rothchilds, is a weapon of war.

If they do not comply their leaders will voluntarily jump out of locked and sealed Bullet Proof Windows,  on the 25th floor,  or end up committing suicide by shooting themselves in back of their heads 7 times with a nail gun, etc, etc, etc.

i) After the Rothchilds put out hits on Puitn and his supporters - it is likely that the Russian, Chinese, Brazilian, Indian, .... and all other BRICS Nation Leaders .... will be a bit upset with these folks. Especially after the 2 Nukes they found at the Sochi Olympics the US forces placed there and the 2 Nukes the US forces placed at the 2012 Olympics to take out London and the Queen.

j) Russian Leaders: Let GOD make this perfectly clear - do as GOD says or you will loose this war.

k) London/US Leaders - do as GOD has instructed you to do or the Living GOD will deal with ALL of you one by one by one just like the Bankstas you have already killed, so HE has said ti so it shall be.

l) I am sure that by this time you are aware I speak the truth - As of 1 Sep 2013:

1) 12 Sep Nuke found in DC where we said it would be.
2) 3 Oct 30 nukes detonated where we said they would be
3) 16 Nov - post pond for 30 days, like we stated it would be.
4) 16 Dec - Nuke  "Mailed " to Swedish Embassy - just where we said it would be
5) KC Game - cancelled by a bad Ref call
6) Superbowl - Nuke found where I said it would be.
7) Sochi Olympics - two Nukes where we said they would be. + the terrorist funded by US/UK --- they had French connections as well.
8) Sniper take out gal in Slavyansks - where we said it would occur

m) Now here is what is coming:
Obama to be terminated in public per order of David Rohtchilds 15 May (+- 3 Days) --- blamed on Russians. Tell the Obama;s (6 Doubles) and his Drag Queen  to Stand Down - stay home. Do not go to the Far East. In fact - stay out of site for those 7 days
Nuke 15 May +- 43 days Dc, Chicago and one other US city and NW London

n) So now - exactly 7 years after the FBI in Foster City, California stole my money and began working with a guy to seize my house by moving in and staying there,  and the FBI also dreamed up this plan to bankrupt both the Russian Orthodox Church and then President Putin using my stolen money, the US/UK Bankstas will now loose $ Trillions as the markets fall.

You were warned face to face 7 years ago, on Ch 77/23 Seattle, on PRAVDA and here on APFN.

o) May I remind the world of the Primary Targets:

NY City
Under Denver - already targeted
Under South Central Nebraska - US HQ now
DC - already targeted
Moscow - Now has another US Nuke under North Central Moscow. In and old tunnel connected to the subway. Your workers will know of what I speak.
New Dehli

Shall we go on?

P) Russia - there is still time to do as GOD has directed, but not much time.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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