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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Veteran and Military Suicides top 100 Per Day

APFN - thank you for the lead in story about 4 dead Americans and the cover up thanks to Pres Obama.

Please pray - really visualize hard - that these Demons (Archons) are wiped off the face of this planet immediately and all their evil plans fail miserably.

We have researched the Suicide Deaths of both US Soldiers and US veterans and what we have found is appaulling.

I warn you - there is some bad language so it this offends you read no further.

What you are about to read is not in any study and not currently found on the net.

Military, primarily US Army, suicides have topped 30 per day - or over 1,000 a year. Most of these Suicide Deaths are done by those high on some Anti-Depressant like Prozac.

LSD - US Army Lethal Drug 164 from Aergot's Disease - is a Sarotonin Inhibiter, a neurochemical modifier.

Prozac is a Seratonin Re-inhibitor.

Very little difference in the effects on people - Aergot's DIsease, LSD, Prozac are all a form of Brain Neurochemical Modifier of Seratonin.

Since over 50 chemiclas have been identified as Neuro Transmitter Modifiers we really do nto know what each and every "Anti-Deperssent" does to someone.

These drugs should be called "Suicide Enhancers,", not Anti Depressants.

When we get to the Veteran Side the number sky rocket.

Only 21 of the 50 states report whether a person is a veteran who commits suicide and most of the states do not even check in to if the victim is a veteran.

In other words - I feel actual suicide rates, correcting for state numbers and size and the fact that most cases do not check into a victims Veteran Status - the actual suicide rate tops 200 per day.

If the VA experts were correct- this means that over 7,000 veteran commit suicide per year.

This is beyond insane.

So what is the primary reason for committing suicide?

They give up.

Their (Pardon Me) Give a Damn Factor hits 0.

Scumbags like Dumb Dumb John Kerry, who spit on my brother when he came back from Vietnam, is now sending troops overseas into more and more "Vietnams."

No matter how hard they worked these scumbags are appointed into office.

They are tired of fighting the VA - the VA Secretary Schensenski is another Evil Little Punk (Coward) that is now killing veterans.

N one seems to care, no one seems to be doing anything about it.

Life does not seem to matter.

Most suicides are those 50-59 years old.... no work for White Males who are Americans, no health care for 100% War Time Physically Disabled Veterans (I experience that one), The GI Bill is a joke, and all the VA does is give out Pain Killers and Suicide Enhancers (Prozac).

So they kill themselves.

The same is true for the Active Duty Soldier.

Try and talk to Cowards like Pres Obama, Dumb Dumb John Kerry or Cowardly General Schensenki of the VA - they surround themselves with security guards YOU pay for.



Rather than killing your self join me in my fight for the vet.

Read APFN, get involved. Call Dumb Dumb Kerry or the local TV Station - I will challenge these folks Mono E Mono in debates or boxing matches.

You were soldiers once - do not let the Jerks and Cowards win. Itr is better to go down fighting than to give up.

You really want to make them mad: Pass out the story::::



William Mount The Cure For Cancer Update 4

Get a stamp with Dumb Dumb Kerry's Name on it and pass it out to all the vets --- get involved.

Harass the Autism Blogs (In a nice way) and let them know about:

Apfn The Cure For Autism Update 12

Go to the PTSD Hospital meetings and give out these stories - they were written for YOU.

Do not let them win - hit them where it counts - in the Pocket Book.

You kill one another one takes their place - these Lucifarians (Satanists) are every where so get them where it counts.

Take away their monetary base - pass out these stories around the neighborhood with General Schenseski's name on them --- "Approved by Secretary Schenseski, VA."

I know how depressing it can be - the Nightmares, the dreams - the Anger ---- pay them back with Love.

Pass out the cure for cancer and heart disease and diabetes.

Stand up like Men and be counted.

They sent you overseas to kill people so they could make money ---- so take their money away.

They thrive on YOUR pain - so make people healthy and deny them this pleasure.

Start a blog, Blog on Yahoo News, pass out my stories ---- get involved in something bigger than yourself.

Winston Churchill's Final Speech, Princeton University, 1949 (?)

Never give up.

Never Give Up.


A Friend

As a 100% War Time Physically Disabled Vet I opened an Embassy and then, after living on the road for 3 months, went to Russia to stop a Full scale Nuclear War, and it actually worked and I made it out alive.

Kind of a Suicide Mission.

Outdo me -

I am a stupid 11B and 12B - Infantry and Combat Engineer.

You can do better than me, and I need you help.

Make these stories go viral.

Give these stories to every congressional office you know of.

Send them to everyone you can think of.

I cannot do this alone.

Join me in my quest to help veterans.

This battle is up to you.

I am old and tired and need your help. For 7 years I have stood alone against to stop this coming war and I need your help.

If we unite in prayer and action we may yet stop the huge downturn in the US economy 1 June - 1 Sep of this year.

Dr William B. Mount

A Personal Story:

I have a veteran  friend who is about 65 years old.

Tears ago the FBI screwed with him for no real reason except that they were in cohorts with his boss and gave his investments over to him - they are Human Sacrificing Satanists.

At this point in life - around 35 - he gave up.

He never fought these Faggots in the FBI - yes, they are gay.

I have no words bad enough to describe my loathing for these evil freaks.

So at 35, as a veteran, these FBI Jesuit Cowards ganged up on him and took all his money - that's what they do. Individually they are cowards so they mass on the weak like rats.

Here it is 30 years later and he has given up on life.

He will not join me in the fight against these Evil Little Cowards.

He just gave up.

Do not be like him - these Evil Little Cowards count on you rolling over and giving up.


Pull a judges Surety Bond at the county annex- put a lean against it.

Pull the local EPA director's Surety Bond by putting a $2 receipt against it - challenge them legally.

Either you are MEN or MICE.

What say yee soldier?

DO these colors run?

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