Saturday, January 31, 2015

Worlds First 3D Printable Metal Colt 45

Thats Correct. The world has just seen its first all metal, working Colt 45 Model 1911 made completely with a 3D printer.

(((Please pray hard - Visualize - that those tryng to Kill resident Putin are made violently sick for the rest of their days here on Planet Earth)))

That's Right - the first 3 D Printable working Colt Model 1911 45 caliber pistol and it works perfectly.

Rather than talk about it here is the reference:

The Video on You Tube is: World's First 3D Printable Metal Gun
For You Intel Geeks:

1) The Ukrainian military launched 2 Ballistic Missiles at Donetsk this morning and both broke up in flight. They were shot down but by what I will not say. No Nuclear War in Donetsk Mr Obama and Kerry. Your attempts to kill Pres Putin and fire 2 Ballistic Missiles at Donetsk failed.

This morning, with President Putin deciding not to go to Israel, John Kerry cancelled his trip to Russia. The trip was supposed to be condolences to the Russian People after they had him shot.

You failed President Obama, John Kerry, and your handlers to kill President Putin today and now he knows about it. The Living GD will honor his retaliation. You had better beg for forgiveness. You idiots.

Apparently John Kerry when you got smacked in the face a few weeks ago and had 2 black eyes you did not get the message. I assure you - next time they will not be so nice, same goes for Harry Reid. I know these people. You thieving Wimps apparently did not get the message - Do Not Attempt To Kill President Putin Any More and release those "Russian Spys" you arrested before you get blown off the face of this planet - you apparently will be the First Casualties in any Nuclear War.

2) The EU Government voted to set in place procedures to ban US Made GMO crops - this includes beef, pork, lamb and poultry. The White House staff has allowed Corporations to run wild in America and these people involved in the manufacturing of this Killer Food need to be killed or contained immediately.

(((Pray - Visualize - that those dealing in GMO foods become violently sick immediately and ofr the rest of their days here on Planet Earth)))

3) Do not worry about the nuke at the Super Bowl. The break up of the Bomb Making Factory in Boise Idaho that Sorcha talked about broke up that hope. If one does go off - blame NORAD. They could have tracked it.

Worry instead about the fact that the University of Phoenix in Arizona diverted over 1 Billion Dollars meant to help veterans to this Super Bowl. We call this Fraud and Theft.

It is unlikely the FBI will investigate since they are on the take on this one.

One Billion Dollars form the GI Bill spent on WIlly Nilly things like the Super Bowl while veterans get in debt going to that Private college.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, January 30, 2015

Will The Red Dragons Stop the Rothchilds?

If past actions are any indication of future events then the Red Dragon Family will do nothing to stop the coming economic downfall.

(((Please pray - visualize - that those destroying humans and this planet become violently sick when within 1 millions miles of the planet.)))

So why are they stepping up to the plate - do they want their gold back?

It is not about Gold or silver. These can be grown in a controlled environment. In the following article how Gold is grown is described in detail:

Wayback Water Explained - Dan Nelson - at Life Enthusiast

Further - Senator Jack Metcalf here in Washington learned how to grow gold back in 1961.

It is not about money or wealth. It is about creating Pain the demons can feed off of and creating a race of slaves to work for them.

So what must you do to prepare for this coming event.

Microsoft made it very clear today that their new $29 Smart Phone is not allowed allowed to be sold in the USA. Our economy is planned to tank.

The auto companies sell cars that get 300 MPG and they clearly state on the sticker: Not For Sale In The United States.

This economy is going down - how hard we hit is anyones guess.

Stock up on the essentials, which include 3 months of:

1) - Food.

a) Pack 50 pounds of rice in 2  - 5 gallon buckets and stir in some Diatamatious Earth to keep the bugs out. A 50 pound bag of Diatamatious Earth runs $30 and a 50 pound bag of rice costs about $20.

b) Some Balsamic Vinegar and salt for flavor.

c) Immusist - I keep 3 bottle on my shelves - 3 months worth.

d) Sea Weed. Dry sea weed stores very well.

e) Oregano Oil for rashes.

f) Uncle Harry's Breathing Oil if you have athesma, I keep 2 one ounce bottles on hand just in case.

2) Water - 1 gallon per day per person. Remember - you have a hot water tank. Turn the power off at the Panel and you have emergency water.

3) Toilet Paper - OK, we did a cute article about it shrinking - but keep allot on hand as life without it is rough.

4) Ammo. One pistol per person is fine, with extra rounds.

5) Heat. You live in a cold area have alternate heat. If your building is Gas Heated have a few electric heaters on hand. I have an electric furnace and I have a wood stove and a Mr Heater in case the electricity goes out.

6) Communications. Find a  way to get help if you need it. Maybe a bell, a battery powered radio - 2 tin cans with a string attached.  If an emergency happens find a way to band together with your neighbors if you need help.

In New Orleans the neighborhoods that patrolled their streets were not damaged by the Roving Gangs of by the DOD snipers. They went after easy targets.

If you live in an apartment and do not need your neighbors - block your front door. If you have windows like mine that slide open I went to Home Depot and they cut some "one by ones"  (Or one by twos) long enough for me to place behind my window so they could not be pried open.

When my Grandfather farmed these things just came naturally. Occasionally the road would wash out for weeks, or the power would go out and it might stay out for week on end. You had to make due.

The sun comes up, the sun goes down.

Just be ready.

America's Greatest Enemy

America's Greatest Enemy lies within her own boarders. It was designed from the beginning to make Americans stupid and unable to move in any direction.

(((Please pray that these evil Toys become completely inactive immediately)))

It is designed to literally shut down parts of your brain first placing you in an Alpha Wave - a type or Trance - and then short circuiting the parts of your brain that allow you to think. Combine this with the effects of Fluoride and Chlorine and you have a deadly effect on the brain. 

You become a walking, talking puppet of your puppet masters.

All you can talk about is what's on TV and what drugs you are taking. 

This Evil Thing is called a Television.

The film included in the following article is the best explanation of what the TV does to your brain you will ever watch...

Here is the article:

The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Your Not Crazy, Your Toilet Paper Is Getting Smaller

No - you are not going crazy. You Toilet Paper is getting smaller.

(((Please pray - visualize -those hurting people and/or this planet become violently sick immediately and stay that way until they leave this planet.)))

In a recent attempt to save a few pennies producers of Toilet Paper have decided to make the rolls shorter.

The next video will show this trend - and it is a bad one. Charmin apparently lost 1/2 an inch and is only 4 inches long. They should be ashamed of themselves.

1) Forget about Israel inviting Putin to Jerusalem - two days after we warned him not to go.

Do not go President Putin  - it is a trap.

2) Forget about the US Mercinaries killing Ukrainians to attempt to start WW3 and destroy this planet - Lucifer would like nothing better and these Mercinaries have obviously chosen the Smoking Section of death.

3) Forget about Obama's Hit teams killing those bankers who have access to the Master Computer's MATRIX - which tells where you work, where you live, and when you die. Yes - it needs to be shut down - and it may be if it does not realize who is trying to stop this planet from turning intoWiffle Dust and assist them very soon.

4) Forget about the Nation Wide Ban on Body Armor and the fact that you are just a SLAVE of these MASTERS.

5) Forget about the 3 nukes headed for their target in the US 15,16 and 17 February and the fact that the Idiot in the FBI just arrested those who were stopping this False Flag.

It is Homeland Security (FBI) that is pushing for this Planet Killing WW3.
You toilet Paper is shrinking and that is all that should matter.

No - you are not going crazy. You Toilet Paper is getting smaller.

(((Please pray - visualize -those hurting people and/or this planet become violently sick immediately and stay that way until they leave this planet.)))

In a recent attempt to save a few pennies producers of Toilet Paper have decided to make the rolls shorter.

The next video will show this trend - and it is a bad one. Charmin apparently lost 1/2 an inch and is only 4 inches long. They should be ashamed of themselves.

1) Forget about Israel inviting Putin to Jerusalem - two days after we warned him not to go.

Do not go President Putin  - it is a trap.

2) Forget about the US Mercinaries killing Ukrainians to attempt to start WW3 and destroy this planet - Lucifer would like nothing better and these Mercinaries have obviously chosen the Smoking Section of death.

3) Forget about Obama's Hit teams killing those bankers who have access to the Master Computer's MATRIX - which tells where you work, where you live, and when you die. Yes - it needs to be shut down - and it may be if it does not realize who is trying to stop this planet from turning intoWiffle Dust and assist them very soon.

4) Forget about the Nation Wide Ban on Body Armor and the fact that you are just a SLAVE of these MASTERS.

5) Forget about the 3 nukes headed for their target in the US 15,16 and 17 February and the fact that the Idiot in the FBI just arrested those who were stopping this False Flag.

It is Homeland Security (FBI) that is pushing for this Planet Killing WW3.
You toilet Paper is shrinking and that is all that should matter.

I hope you appreciated the comedy aspect of this story but in between the humor is some pretty serious stuff.

President Putin - Avoid Jerusalem for at least a month. These are Real Hit Men the White House has sent to Israel.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Charmin - You Cheaters. I have stopped buying your Toilet Paper. 

I hope you appreciated the comedy aspect of this story but in between the humor is some pretty serious stuff.

President Putin - Avoid Jerusalem for at least a month. These are Real Hit Men the White House has sent to Israel.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Charmin - You Cheaters. I have stopped buying your Toilet Paper.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

US Corporation Continues To Push For WW3

These handlers who run those in the White House continue to push for World War 3 in every way they can possibly think of.

(((Please continue to focus - Pray - that those who wish to harm other humans or harm Planet Earth become violently sick for the rest of their lives while here on this planet.)))

These Cowardly War Mongers stand up and beat their chests and stamp their feet, all the while ordering US made weapons and cash into the hands of those who will do their dirty work.

These are the current ways this Depraved group of Perverts are forcing the world into a Nuclear Confrontation:
1) S & P Downgrades Russian Bonds to Junk Bonds.

Way back in August of 2009, just after Obama recklessly eliminated a budget, the S & P realized that the US Corporation was in trouble. You cannot withdraw $10 trillion every year form the US Treasury and only put $3 Trillion back - a practice that has continued since this time.  So the S & P downgraded long term US Corporate Bonds and Obama's Handlers went ballistic.

This would mean that Obama's Deficit is around $6.5 Trillion every year, or about $32.5 trillion since taking office, not $9 Trillion as the Wall Street Journal states. This $32.5 Trillion is not simply to help "Stabilize" the operation of the US Treasury. The currency is stashed all around the world to help start wars.

That's $32,500,000,000,000.

The Corporation of the S & P is now entirely run by the SS - Department of Homeland Security. Thus it has become a Weapon of War and the White House Handlers can taste WW3 they want it so badly.

So this week the US Corporation downgraded Russia's S & P rating to strike at their budget, as if the US Corporate seizing Russian Oligarchs Accounts was not enough.
2) It was discovered a few day ago that US Troops were found dead in the rubble of the Donetsk Airport the United States shelled with both Conventional and Nerve Gas Agents. I suppose a Train Wreck does not dispose of these deadly chemicals fast enough, now they  are openly shelling Russians and Ukrainians with these deadly chemicals for fun.

When a person goes into the military the VA is able to acquire their records. These records are then sold around the world for Grant Moneys.

When a Soldier then joins a US Corporate Killing Agency like Blackwater when they are killed their finger prints, DNA, SOcial Security Number, etc is available worldwide by any government that gives the VA a little chump change.

So when a NATO Uniformed Soldier is killed their US Dog Tags and DNA are used to identify htem and it is then matched with their current military record.

Thus when it is announced in Russia that US Service Men were in the Donetsk Region with US Made Weapons transporting them to Terrorist to kill Russians - it is a pretty good bet that it is true.

The White House Handlers allow this violation of the Espionage act to - of course - kill more Americans, especially those conducting Clandestine Operations. They have been sold out by the White House Handlers.

Since those in the White House are pretty stupid right now - allowing a drone to crash on the White House Lawn - the only possible way to stop this leak of Information and stop the killing of CIA Agents is to push my Legal Case through the Supreme Court ----- or, let more Black Water and CIA Agents die.
3) In order for PLAN C to be implemented we must have Nuclear War,. This plan would give the US DOD complete Control of everything in this nation - even the food in your pantry. It would be Adolf Hitlers Greatest Dream: Al unstoppable NAZI Pig Nation with "Permanent War."

Try HQ-66-19009, 19012, 19016, 19017, 19018
4) The US FBI apparently broke up a "Russian Spy Ring" in New York City. What they really did was arrest those who have assisted in stopping New York City from being nuked.

Of Course they were communicating with the SVR is Russia - Duh. How do you think htey were able to stop the last 50 Nuclear False Flags in America?

The VA sells military records around the world and you do nothing about this - a blatant violation of hte Espionage Act - so why arrest these Russians?

To stir up trouble that's why.

FBI - you are idiots.

These are the only people who can stop the Rockefellars from being nuked you simpletons. Do you not have the brains even of a moron?

FBI - are you suicidal or just plain stupid?

You take away the right to keep and bear arms so no one can stop these Terrorists and now you arrest the only people who can help stop this destruction of New York City?

You do not think Brazinski and the Rockefallars and Morgans are not going to go Ballistic when they find out you are trying to kill them?

Maybe these terrorists should divert their attention instead from the Rockefellar Center on 16 February to the FBI Headquarters, or maybe one of the air Shafts along the river near Langley?

Remember why you closed the Denver Airport - the old "Nuke Down The Airshaft Trick"?


If we have a Nuclear Terrorist Attack it will be because the FBI wanted one.

5) This one takes the Cake: President Putin is soon to visit Israel and the US Corporation is currently setting up his assassination using several folks in the CIA who they have promised the US Corporate Presidency to. Sound familiar George Bush Senior?

This time with a special weapon that can be concealed and cause a Heart Attack at 100 yards. Pretty sophisticated stuff, but pretty archaic as well.

Same O Same O. Same thing, different day.

Avoid Israel President Putin. If you go - be prepared. You have been warned.
On a personal Note: When the FBI put a family in my home and stole my money to print up Fake Bonds (Dumbest Thing They Ever Did) I investigated them as a Retired Federal Officer and when I stated what I stated above - I was understating their intelligence and desire for WW3. Their leaders are powerful and evil to the core yet dumb as a rock.

Their leaders wish this Nuclear War - for fun. It is a game to them and you are worthless pawn in their game. They openly publish things like Operation devolution just to scare you - for fun.

Pray - visualize - that the Corporation of Homeland Security needs to go away and is not replaced with any other entity to take their place.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Red Dragon Family Financial Plan For America

As it stand today the Red Dragon Family is simply going along with the Financial Plan for the United States today. I managed to pull out of a source working with the Secret Service that what we have said is going to happen to America is 100% correct.

(((Please pray - Visualize -  that those wishing to harm America and Planet Earth are made violently sick this very moment and remain so until they are out of this solar system)))
(((A)))So here is what will happen:

1) The New US Treasury "Shist" Dollar (See Jim Willie) is printed and has a date on the new bills of 2015.

2) The Treasury dollar is planned for release sometime after April, perhaps as far out as September. At first there will be a 1/1 trade in value, then 90/100, then 80/100, etc so trade them suckers in early.

3) From the start the Treasury Dollar will look strong but fall by over 80% in value as compared to other currencies within a year.

4) Rumors are wild about the revaluation about the Iraq Dollar.

5) As the dollar falls Gold and Silver will go up in proportion.

6) No Chip on your arm - no dollar exchange. Worship Lucifer or die.

7) The US economy will be allowed to collapse and KILLER WHEAT will be available to all that are chipped. Either you eat the GMO KILLER WHEAT or you die.

8) The US Economy will collapse and the New World Order Dollar will be issued to replace it. If you worship Lucifer in this New World Religion being preached by the United Nations you will be given food and not hauled off to the FEMA camps.

9) The Red Dragon Family Leaders are too calcified in the brain to stop this. Since they have not been smart enough to do as GOD has directed them to do then do not expect them to be smart enough to counter the Rothchilds/Frankfurt Banks/ Roman Pope. 

10) These Red Dragon Family Members will be slaughtered starting immediately. They have been in slavery to the West for 300 years now and will remain so. 

Many western Bankstas will also be slaughtered in this Covert War now going on. 

This will continue until the Red Dragon Family Enders ignore GOD's Requests: So HE has said it, so it shall be.
(((B)))  So here is the False Flag about to occur:

1) As you remember the Secret Service shot up VP Biden's House pretty good a few days ago thinking Obama was there - but Obama remained underground as he was instructed by GOD 3 months ago. He got pretty shaken when a man just walked into the White House ann into the room he was in - the man was Black, as are most of the shooters after Obama. 

2) The Next attempt will also be by a shooter on 17 February. 

3) The shooting  may be proceeded by the following events:

4) 15 Feb a Red "Bucket" containing a Nuclear Weapon will be detonated just Due South of the Chicago Stock Exchange.

5) An attempt ot detonate a Nuke outside the Rockeffellar Building in New York 16 Feb. The mayor was stupid enough to disarm the population so no one really has the power to stop these CIA Terrorists. Idiot New York Governor and NYC Mayor.

6) One outside the White House - but I do not see clearly where it will be placed simply becuase I live in hte wrong area. FBI - you stole my money - if I am wrong and one goes off - you and your little Freaky Feebies are to be blamed, although I do not think it will matter much when the US launched 65,000 Nukes simultaneously.

Chew on that for a while Red Dragon Grandfathers.

Please pray - visualize - that they eat Immusist and they begin to think clearly and do what they are called to do and eliminate those who wish to harm them. They really do have a good heart and need to wake up out of their long slumber.
(((C))) Who Killed The King of Saudia Arabia:

1) The king was a very old man, being born in 1925. He lived to the ripe old age of 90 and had several strokes before he died.

2) If he had done what we preach on "William Mount THE CURE FOR CANCER" on You Tube he would have lived another 100 years at least and his stroke damage would have been reversed within 3 months.

3)  Unfortunately a member of his own staff was feeding him a White Powder that assisted him in dying, and had been doing so for about 10 years.

4) The powder was provided by a member working for/with the CIA out of the US Embassy in their capitol and came through by Diplomatic Bag to the US Embassy and was picked up in the market weekly by one of the King's Food Buyers. The powder comes form some Snake and is widely used by CIA Snakes.

5) His Nightmares were horrible and he has chosen the Smoking Section of the after Death Experience.

6) His younger brother, who now rules, will be given the same food as his brother and begin to fall ill very soon due to  "Exhaustion" caused by the White Powder - which is completely undetectable by all testing standards available to the Saudi Family.
(((D))) The NEW GMO Cows Used To Breed The New Ebola Vaccinations:

The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

Do your best to bugger this article up US Cyber Command - maybe no one will read it and you can have your Full Scale Nuclear War after all.

Bucket, Get the hint?

PS = Watch the Video 15 Year Old Malamute and you will realize we have exceeded the Red Dragon Anti-Aging Formula. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

15 Year Old Malamute Puppy

Old 15 Year Old Malamute Puppy

Our 15 or 16 year old Malamute dog has a new life, we fed this to our old 16 year old Rescue Cat and his seizures stopped in 48 hours.

Dr WIlliam Mount

Red Dragon Leader Speaks at Davos, the War Is On

A few hours ago the Premier of China Li Keqiang, a representative of both the Red and Golden Dragon Families, spoke at the current Economic COnference in Davos, Switzerland. He was polite and gave a pretty standard speech proclaiming peace and economic prosperity in the future.

Behind closed doors he was also cordial and said very little - a credit to his Masters and Handlers. He is a good representative and can be trusted.

((Please pray that those hurting Planet Earth and Humans become violently sick while within 1 Million miles of the planet)))

Quietly and peacefully Li Keqiang left the stage.

What is happening behind the scenes is the US Economy is collapsing, as can be seen by the following stories:

1) Obama Proposes Tax on 529 College Savings Accounts

2) US Steel To Idle Two Oil, Gas Pipe Plants, laying off 756 .

3) Milgard Windows Business Slows and all of hte worlers were just laid off  - this came to me from an Employee.

4) 2,000 jobs threatened as United mulls outsourcing at US Airports.

5) Schulmberger to cut 9,000 jobs on Oil-Price plunge

6) Baker Hughes Inc, A Huge Oil Company, to lay off 7,000

7) Ebay to lay off 2,400 and could split from Paypal.

8) Macy's to close 14 stores this month

9) American Express to cut more than 4,000 jobs before year's end.

10 Sears filing for Bankruptcy

11) GMO Cows will be used to vaccinate humans against E-Boli

12) There is Blood On The street, Obama Economy In "Recovery"? Banks just cut 50,000 jobs. Bank revenues lowest in 8 decades - since Great Depression."

13) A Credit Card Manager just told me that Credit Card Use in in the toilet nation wide.

OK - Too Much Information.
It gets worse.

I am getting call after call from Military Veterans that are being targeting by the IRS for total destruction. Some are being jailed for IRS Debt, some are having their homes seized for no reason and one poor Retired Master Sergeant has a $253 Billion Dollar Bill from the IRS so they have seized everything he owns. Yup - $253 Billion and even his lawyer cannot find out why.



Either the Red Dragon Family will do as GOD has directed this very night of there will be a shooting war between the Family Heads and I promise you - the Rothchilds are vicious and Evil to the core.

My guess is that since these Red Dragons have been conquered for almost 300 years they will not act in accordance with GOD and choose death -and the smoking Section of Valhalah.

Major Ed Dames Remote Viewed into the future and talked about what he saw on Coast To Coast. He saw China as a Nuclear Induced Hole In The Ground.

What happens at this point is a choice by hte Red Dragon Elders. Will they do as GOD has directed them to do or fall into the Dust Bin of History.

OK - Enough

The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B Mount
Focus on how to protect your family and pray.

Good News: You can stay healthy during this mess pretty cheaply:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Be Still And Know HE Is GOD

Be still and know that HE is still GOD.

(((Please pray that those who would harm Humans or Planet Earth become violently sick when within 1 million miles of Earth)))

In Deuteronomy 29:1  Moses gave his last speech to the people of Israel and said in verse in Hebrew: He summoned all of Yisrael (God's People) and he said to them: "You have seen before your eyes all that Yahway did to Pharaoh and his officials and to his lands. Before your own eyes you saw the great trials, the signs and the wonders. Not did Yahway give you a mind to understand, or eyes to see, or ears to hear."

Moses then went on to explain that if you disobey GOD you will be destroyed  and if you follow GOD and HIS laws you will be blessed.

A Chinese representative has arrived in Davos Switzerland for a financia cinference that begins in about 36 hours. and there is panic throughout the financial world. About ten thousand of the most influential leaders are arriving by Private Jet, or are already there.

Absolute panic is sweeping the financial world tonight.

Tonight we see:

1) Hedge Funds Exploding

2) Credit Bubbles Bursting

3) Oil Prices falling to perhaps $20 a barrel

4) Economies in Venezuela, Brazil and Argentin collapsing

5) Greece and the Netherlands (Both legally owned by the Queen of England) planning to leave the Euro and Iceland formally leaves negotiations of joining the Euro.

6) Monsanto abotu to produce it's New Killer Wheat - all under 5 in a test in Australia died after eating the New Killer Wheat in a test.

7) The Subprime Car Loan Market (Affirmative Action Loans) are defaulting at an extremely high rate.

8) Food shortages appearing throughout the world.

9) Obama  #3 gave an hour long speech tonight reminiscent of Nero playing the violin as Rome burned.

The Economic Confusion is increasing every where - just like GOD said it would months ago here.


After these stories are posted GOD has directed me to step outside and create a World Wide Earthquake - if ever so slight - that will shock the the planet.

Red Dragon Family, Russia, Pentagon, White House, Pentagon Officials are still ignoring GOD so HE has one question: When you die do you want smoking or non-smoking?

The Sun Goes Up, The Sun Goes Down - GOD is still sovereign.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Be Prepared for anything: Copy this, duplicate it, put it on your web page, put it on Twitter and Face Book, pt it on your computer - this is public information for you -  but be ready:

Monday, January 19, 2015

Red Dragon Family: Ready For Currency Reset

The Red Dragon Family will send a Chinese Representative to the Davos Switzerland World Financial Conference starting in about 36 hours. The purpose is to lay the ground work for the New Financial reset.

((Please pray - Visualize Hard -  that those who are harming Humans or Planet Earth become violently sick when within 1 million miles of this planet.)))

Since we stopped the Global Nuclear War way back in 2007 and the BRIC Nations formed the world economy has been hit hard with a sever Depression - Recession if you are working, Depression if you are unemployed. This was specifically created to help in this Global Economic Reset.

It was either Nuclear War or an 8 year period to reset the World's Economy - the latter seemed most plausible as a Nuclear War could get out of hand very quickly.
(A) There is enormous evidence for this Global reset and a New World Currency as:

1) Medvedev showed us the New World Order Currency 6 years ago during a G-8 meeting.

2) Pope Francis has called for the coming NEW WORLD ORDER during a Lucifarian Ritual a year and a half ago.

3) Christine LaGuard, Head of the IMF,  told us this morning to prepare for a NEW MULTILATERALISM in the Reserve Currency.

What Multilateralism means in the Political World of Nations is that many nations are now unified in what is about to be announced - 186 of them to be exact.
(B) For us in they United States what this may mean is:

1) Exactly what Jim Willie (Golden Jackass) says: A New US Tresury Dollar as the Republic of the "united states of America" is re-instituted.

2) The New US Treasury Dollar will be issued and be re-evaluated to be worth the value of a Yuan, about 16 cents in a year - so imports will increase in costs - maybe. The mark-ups are criminal so we may not see much effect.

3) The cost of Gold and Silver will skyrocket.

4) If successful - those in Monsanto and all others producing the new Killer Wheat will be killed or placed in a FEMA camp.

5) We may even bring our troops home. We may bring cancel the position of the SUPREME ALLIED COMMANDER  and the hundreds of thousands of troops now instituting Marshal Law in Europe right now.

6) The Toys of the US DOD will be severely cut -lot os Budget Cuts - and if they even squirm whatever is above us will swat them down like a fly. That is all I can say.

7) The exchange of the New US Treasury "Shist" Dollar (Jim Willie) for the New World Currency.

8) Real Alternate Energy Products will be produced - the Petro-Dollar is dead. This is why the House of Saud is pumping oil just as fast as they can - to get as much money as they can before the need for oil dries up.

(((Let us pray - Visualize -  that Fracking using anything but Steam dies with the need for Oil.)))
If this is done in accordance with the Will of the Living GOD then it will all work out very well - everyhting will be peaches and cream, Kumbaya stuff.

Unfortunately I have a very bad feeling about this. This feeling, in the bottom of my gut, says these people at the top could care less about what GOD says.

GOD is not in this financial re-organization or the Red Dragon Family and the Russians would have done as GOD has directed by now - and they have not.
I will tell you this - with what is coming you will need to stay healthy because you will not be able to afford medical care - especially if you are a senior.

I put the following video together for our Veteran - to remove Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (Agent Orange) form their bodies and heal the nerves in their brains after they  were close to an explosion.

Yes  - yea - the procedures have been know since 1854 - Dr Chase's Last Complete Works - but they are not well published so here we go again.

The clinics I contacted using these procedures have about a 99% - 10 year Cancer Cure Rate. My Wife's 3 cancers are gone, her brother's brian has re-grown and her blood pressure went form 195/175 to 120/80 with only loosing a few pounds - but at least her clothes fit now. That's a huge benefit.

I have lost 80 pounds since following these procedures.
The News You Need To Survive

Dr William B. Mount

PS - The Pope almost died as he landed in the Philippines this week and it almost skidded off the Runway. We warned you about this what - in October on APFN and Pravda?

Next you will set up an attempt on your self by a shooter within a few days to correspond with DAVOS meeting - but your actors will fail to materialize.

As for the attempted Nuclear Attack and Obama Assassination planned for 17 February - this is a go by members loyal directly to the Rockefellars. This may be stopped by the coming in of the New American Republic and the arrests of the Brazinskis and Rockefellars - time will tell. There are 6 cities targeted and with over 1,000 missing US Nukes -- who knows.

There is a very distinct possibility that DC and New York City (Perhaps Chicago as well) may go away. Too much effort to tell you more, and I am tired. I live too close to a GWEN Unit - so you figure it out MI5, CIA, KGB, or whatever.;_ylt=AwrTceEO3b1UddgAbB8PxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTB0ZWVkYm84BHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1lIUzAwMl8x?p=pope+francis+calls+for+new+world+order+and+unification+of+religions&tnr=21&vid=F257F5C11408EBE56291F257F5C11408EBE56291&l=319&

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Red Dragons Double Crossed - NATO Commanders Order Death of Million is Europe

The Red Dragon Family was double crossed again by forces loyal to the Rothchilds, and thus Agarta.

(((Please pray that those harming Humans or Planet Earth become violently sick when  within 1 Million Miles of Planet Earth, really focus on this. we will win.)))

Wile the Red Dragons are trying to stabilize the Planet the Rothchilds and their allies are trying to destroy this planet - these Lucifarians are at war with Life itself.

Please realize now that very major decision in Europe must be run through the NATO Commanders in Belgium - everything - from the construction of a large building to the building of a Electrical Generating Plant. This is part of Operation Gladio Shield - Permanent War leading to WW3 and then more war, more war, more war. The worship of Lucifer where everyone is controlled and chipped. Perfect Slavery.

Ever since the US Corporation invaded the Ukraine and started a war there the US/UK Puppet Ukrainian Regime has ordered the stealing of Russian Natural Gas. Outright Stealing.

Almost every large building and Large Factory are run, and heated, by Natural Gas. Everything is Natural Gas - from the Water Heaters to the ovens.

Russia responded almost immediately to the US Corporation Demanding Permanent War in hth Ukraine by attempting to build a Natural Gas Pipeline to Europe through the nations just North of the Ukraine. When the respective presidents of these nations cooperating with Russia approached NATO Command about the pipeline they were told that if they allowed the pipeline to run through their nation they would be killed - this was no idle threat.

One thing the United States Corporation does well under the Rothchilds - they kill. Hit men are generally part of NOAH, IRS, US Army Chaplain's Corp, etc and Hits are paid in cash in Briefcases usually - at least when I was there.

So the pipe line was cancelled.

In order to support Turkey in this US Corporate/Saudi War with Syria Russia has shifted a good deal of their Natural Gas Output to Turkey.

In Eastern Europe these National Socialist Nations (NAZI-  by order of NATO Command) pay their Natural Gas Bills out of their National Budget and the nations that have had a hard time paying include those in Southern Europe, IE: Ukrain, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Romania.

As you read this Natural Gas Shipments to these nations have been cut by about 3/5ths.

Please keep in mind it is the Dead of Winter right now and US Bases are in these nations - yet they will not allow Natural Gas to come in by ship to these "Allies"

In other words - through "By Orders Of NATO Command and Operation Gladio Shield"  Southern Europe is freezing to death - pipes breaking, buildings bellow 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

US Corporate NATO Command is committing Mass Murder because they can.

Perhaps this is why the US Corporation worked with the CIA so hard to create a situation at NATO Headquarters in Belgium to create Marshal Law - so as the NATO Commanders and US Allied Supreme Command order Southern Europe to freeze and kill the people in these nations  they can be protected by these SWAT Goons in Belgium - these US Corporate Generals are big, fat, and Cowards.

To add insult to injury within the last few days 4 of the Ukrainian Reactors have shut down  due to NATO ordering these reactors to use Westinghouse Nuclear Rods - which are too hot for these reactors.

This is great for the US Corporation and the Rothchilds - those with Electric Stoves and Electric Lights to heat their homes cannot even do that AND the Ukraine is now having cooling problems in most of their 15  Nuclear reactors and having to use Backup Heating Systems to cool the reactors - where the water runs past the Nuclear rods and into the rivers - Raw Radiation Pumped into the Rivers - that should kill a few million through cancer.

These man and women in US NATO Command and US Allied Supreme Command need to be rounded up and either arrested and jailed or killed for murder and it needs to be done NOW.

Red Dragon Family - can your help from above handle this or are you all talk and no bark?

The people are freezing, especially if they live in the Mountains.

Obama's Handlers have purposely created a Humanitarian Disaster for no other reason than to kill and keep this Permanent War Culture going and now use YOUR money to protect themselves.

Red Dragon Family -- until YOU do as GOD has directed YOU will always be barking but not biting. YOU have NO respect in the eyes of the Living GOD because YOU will not honor GOD's requests.

Is that clear enough red Dragon Family?
The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, January 16, 2015

US Operation Gladio Shield - Permanent War

US Operations Order 11-002, Operation Gladio Shield - Permanent War

19 May 2011 the US Army Cyber Command published a completes Operations Order approved by teh Presidnent calling for a Permanent War Footing.

The Intent is to ensure the Primacy of the US Corporation World Wide.

(((Please pray - visualize - as you read this article that those intent on harming Humans and the Earth become violently sick when within 1 million miles of the Earth))

actors will be set up world wide to stage False Flags, and real killing, to create "Areas of Interest" so that the US Corporation can continually engage in war and remove all government officials world wide that are opposed to the murders and destruction set forth by the US Corporate Military.

We have heard allot about The Report From Iron Mountain, which actually set forth these goals years ago but havve never really seen the US Army Document calling for this PERMANENT WAR.

All NATIONAL SOCIALIST (NAZI PIG) organizations collapse when they run out of other people's money to spent so the only solution is "Permanent War" where other nation's wealth is seized.

In this document the US Corporation (Under Redevelopment by the IMF, USC 2, Sec 286) has ordered - by hte authority of the IMF - all nations to  comply or their leaders will be killed. Join in the Destruction of the planet or die.

The primary acting school for these False Flags is in Pima Arizona and employes primarily Ex-Special Forces soldiers. They are excellent at this kind of work.
Two recent good examples of these False Flags are:

1) Paris Shooting where the victims wore New US Army Boots and had no blood and the leader of the shooting had dinner with the French President not to long ago.

2) Malaysian Airliner QZ8501 where the initial Dead Bodies (7) were floating naked in the Java Sea and not even the sharks would eat them.
To 90% of the people - these things actually happened, as they drooled into  their beers and believed what the TV told them. so the Operation has been a success for at least 3 1/2 years.

As for the young kid that the FBI claims bought 1 AR15's and 600 rounds of ammo and planned to shoot Obama - completely fake, yet there is a real attempt that will be conducted tomorrow on an Obama Clone if he does not keep his head down.

So - the Operation to date is a complete success - good job US Army Cyber Command.

The second part of the Operations Oder involves controlling YOUR mind and since 90% of you have a TV - this Operations Order is a complete success.

In February the FCC will vote on taking over the Entire Internet - thus they will be pumping lots of Propaganda and frequencies into the internet sites and you will again be Mind Controlled out of Langley.

Red Dragon Family - if this happens you loose. Even your mothers will be Mind Controlled out of Langley - unless you destroy US Corporate Command and Control Centers.

Look up - look at the asteroid belt that used to be Adama and Marduk. Do you really wish the Earth to look like that?

Then Red Dragons - pay the Debts GOD directed you to pay and us what GOD has given you and you will live. Otherwise it will be a shooting war. How many more members of the Red Dragon Family must die for you to figure this out?

GOD promises you - the Rothchilds are the most vicious and evil entities in the galaxy and you play it GODs way or die, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

Death: Smoking or Nonsmoking Section Red Dragons?
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Thanks to Jim Willie and the Golden Jackass Website for alerting me on this.

An analysis of US Operations order 11-002

US Operations Order 11-002 --- Permanent War

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Red Dragon Family: US Contractual Obligations

Five and a half weeks ago the Red Dragon Family took over the IMF and is now in control of the World Bank. In order to stabilize this WOrld Economy they have a big job ahead - and whatever they do will obviously fail unless they do as GOD has already directed them to do.

(((Please pray - visualize - that those wishing to hurt Humans or Planet Earth become violently sick when the within 1 Million miles of Planet Earth. Also pray - visualize - that the Matrix used to support this evil breaks permanently.)))

If the Red Dragon Family is successful in dispersing the wealth of the Federal reserve Banks and the US Corporation they will find more than enough currency to pay off all US Corporate and Federal Reserve bank debts.

Let the Illegal  Hedge Funds Fall.

The Contractual Obligations the New US Republic must pay are as follows:

1) Executive Department Budget, including One Ambassador per nation. That is all. A small State department consisting of perhaps 15 secretaries, two assistants and one Secretary of State is all that is needed.

2) A Budget for Congress - to include One Secretary per Congressman. Lobbyists are thus illegal and any money the COngressman earns outside the halls of Congress can only be form Investments.

3) US Navy, which pays their Retired and Physically Disabled sailors.

4) US Army, which pays their soldiers, airmen and physically disabled soldiers and Airmen and the rate they were disabled at. So a disable Private is paid a Privates wage, a Captain is paid a Captain's Wage, and so on and so forth. The VA must go away.

5) A US Supreme County with one secretary per Judge. All other courts are done at state, county and city levels and run by the local law enforcement as People's Courts.

6) Social Security for Retired and Physically Disabled as a result of a Work Related Injury - like War or you fall off a ladder at work. all other payments must be terminated immediately.

This idea of cutting ALL social Security Payments by 25% is unlawful - as was proposed today in the house.

The current proposal is to cut all Social Security (Except that to Aliens or Refugees) by 20% immediately. So if you get $1000 per month your payments will go down to $800 per month.

That is all.
Red Dragons - you know I speak the truth. we spoke about the Obama Attempt to cut Social Security months ago and this is the month weird and Strange events will occur - like an Illegal Proposal like this.

Further - the two stories at the end of this article confirm the attempts at killing Obama 17 January and the Nuking of several US cities 17 January.

So when GOD states: You have been given the Finacial Obligations to pay on immediately or nothing you do will work - you know I speak the truth.

Further - Since Goldman Sacks stole most of the US Corporate Federal Retirement you will need to "Skin Them Alive" to find out where it is - not kidding. The money is, however, trackable through the SWIFT system for every dime they stole.

Further - Ashton Carter (Ashley) - the incoming Secretary of the DOD, has dirt on every one. This is why he rose so fast. He knows every little piece of dirt on everyone in the DOD so no one will cross him. He is very dirty himself, swearing Loyalty to Lucifer at a very young age. He is also very easy to access. So if I want some dirt on someone I will simply crawl into his mind and access it.
One last thing - the Insurance Scam:

In London the Rothchilds insure people and then kill them.. So a town in Iraq may be fully insured, each and every perason to have Life Insurance Policy taken out on them, and then the US Destroys the town - every one.

The Insurance Policies then pay the Rothchilds little Hedge Fund for the Dead People.

Ever wonder why a Dam breaks and everyone in the town is dead?

The Osa Land Slide - killing everyone who was retired?

All to collect on these Insurance Policies.

To cover the cost we here in America MUST HAVE Home Owners Insurance, Car Insurance, Health Insurance through the VA, Obama, etc. A good part of the proceeds go to pay the Rothchilds for their insurance policies on the people he has ordered dead. suicided, killed, murdered. It is a game to them - killing and destroying.

Many of the Suicided Bankstas were tied into this and worked on the Master Computer to pay out this Insurance Money.

Red Dragon Family: You must unwind this, but again nothing will work until you pay off what GOD has already told you to pay off, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

Frankly - I do not care. I am just a messenger an Ambassador if your will - but the death of your family member yesterday was real and you will do as GOD has directed or face GOD's Wrath.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Again - pray that those harming Humans or the planet become violently sick immediately and remain so until they are 1 Million Miles away form Planet Earth - I mean really violently sick.

Sorry about the miss spelled words - a gift from US army Cyber Command.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

US Population: Year 2025: 69 Million

By now you have read the store is about the Daegel Corporation, estimates that the US Population will be 69 Million by the year 2025.

(((First - please Pray - Visualize Hard - that those wishing to harm Humans or Planet Earth become violently sick when within 1 million miles of this planet --- so violently sick they cannot even stand up)))

So who are they and is it true and who has ordered it?

1) The Daegel Corporation is a military contractor. Here are their estimates:

They may be taken off line very soon.

2) Where did they get these estimates?

The Deagel Corporation published these results after reading a Private Report from the Rand Corporation  that has been pulled off the internet yet YOU paid for it.

3) Who Ordered this?

The Director of the US State Department, Dumb Dumb John Kerry, who is about to get hit by yet another Base Ball Bat between the eyes.

The Secretary of State has ordered the US State Department Office of Population (Control) to reduce the US Population to 69 million by the year 2025 without disrupting the economy through Plague, War, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (Chem Trails) , and Frequency Weapons, GMO Foods and Weather Modification --- and YOU are paying for it.

4) Supporting Documents:

a)  Operation Devolution: The ongoing operation of the US Corporate Government without a surface population.

b) Operation Gwendy: "COOK YOUR GOOSE"

The use of GWEN Cell Towers worldwide to fry people - like a microwave gun. Their range to be able to destroy your brain is about 200 miles and there are tens of thousands across this nation.

Using frequencies similar to a Cell Phone of Microwave (Radar) they have particular frequencies that can literally destroy your ability to think.

These GWEN units not only effect aerial frequencies but have huge and very long Copper wires running  going deep into the Earth to cause huge disruptions in the Earth's Frequencies and causing Plate Disruptions thus destabilizing the Earth;'s Crust - causing Huge Earthquakes around the world.

c) Operation Woodpecker

A Russian High Frequency weapon similar to HAARP that literally changes the Earth's Magnetic Field and fries your brain.

d) HAARP: There are literally thousands of HAARP arrays around hte world, but here is a map showing hte major arrays:

Intel Geeks: These Lucifarians are at war with life itself and must be contained or killed.

aa) As a side not: The US Corporation has now sponsored Monsanto to spray the entire Ukraine with GMO Corporation to kill Ukrainians and Russians. As you read this US Planes and Jets are spreading these deadly spores all over the Ukraine.

bb) This morning two Ukrainian Reactors went down - they overloaded and went off line. This caused their backup cooling systems to come online and the water comes directly out of the river. runs along in tubes directly next to the Nuclear Rods, and then back in to the river.

In other words - the Reactors are pumping huge amounts of radiation directly in the rivers people drink out of. These rivers that run down into the Black Sea and are absorbed by the fish  - yup - the FIsh are now becoming radioactive in the Red Sea.

All part of US DOD: "Operation scorched Earth, Ukraine."

This will not be reported in the news. I would describe where these are but it would cause panic.

Wait until the cancer skyrockets along these rivers in Southern Ukraine.

cc) US DOD - did you not see the Chinese and Russian Nuclear Subs in the Puget Sound a few hours ago - the Russian being just south of the Tacoma Narrow Bridge at about 400 feet and the Chinese being just North West of Seattle and about 100 feet?

They both carried about 12 Nukes on them - yet you have not even one destroyer on the water or plane in the air.

Getting sloppy US Navy - very sloppy.

Too busy checking toilets on private boats to bother --- oh wait - at 2PM there were no private boats on the water at least in the South Puget Sound.

What about the mini Russian Sub in New York Harbor this morning?

Or the Chinese Nuclear Armed Submarine off of Galveston?

Finally - you have been briefed about the Nuclear attempts on February 2015. How about the next attempt on 17 March 2015 around the world?

Also - SVR (KGB) I hope you are still varying Pres Putin's Schedule as one of the Oligarchs is tracking his through a low paid employee about 20, male, thin. They will begin tracking PM Medvedev very soon - perhaps as soon as tomorrow but alas - it is time for bed. Maybe more tomorrow.
OK - To much Info

The News You Need To Hear

Dr. William B. Mount

Sorry about the miss spelled words. A gift from US Army Cyber Command.

Sorry for their stupidity.

Finally: The Cure For Cancer: Put this on your Face Book Page if anyone you know died of Cancer - do not let these idiots win:

Do You Think the US Corporation, with 65,000+ Nukes, will go down without a fight?

May I suggest doing it GODs way?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Operation Dead Duck

Operation Dead Duck, commonly referred to as "Quack Quack" is an operation set forth about many moons  ago to test a new frequency weapon developed for underwater warfare.

For the last 5 years the US Navy has been testing this frequency directed weapon on Whales, Dolphins, Sharks and recently some Old US Tankers. The tankers hulls simply dissolved first  - coming apart at the seems and then dissolving.

When tested on Sea Life the animal literally cooks itself in the water. This is why we see so many dead whales - their brains were targeted and they were literally cooked from the inside out --- like an Underwater Microwave Gun.

These tests were initiated just after Iran perfected the Neutron Beam Weapon - literally - Berrillium in a can then plugged into a wall outlet.

The next phase of the test will be against moving Chinese Cargo Ships. If the shipping lanes can be disrupted then trade comes to a stop and the Chinese Economy dies over night. Not even the New SILK HIGHWAY will help.

Captain Nemo on steroids.

The Next Phase:

1) The First ship targeted just south of the city of NAHA will be registered in Southern China and contain allot of Chinese writing on it and has a name similar to "Shang Ha." It will be headed to LA carrying mainly plastic toys painted with led paint.

In a few personal lockers and a "Boyancy Room" welded shut will be weapons. The Captain will be clueless what is in this room - Plausible Deniability.

Since the Rothchilds control the Central Chinese Bank it is unlikely the Chinese will be able to respond in any significant manner so the Red Dragon Family will have to once again bow to their Western Masters - something they have done now since 1727.

2) The Second Ship to be sunk has a name similar to "Dong Shu?" It will be carrying containes filled with various products and will pass just south of Naha 2 days later. I will not research it's contents. Ilive in Tacoma and it takes too much effort.

The Submarine will initially be accompanied by 2 other US Attack Subs - a NAZI Wolf Pack -  and as soon as they reach their destination they are to get out of hte area at a High Rate of Speed.

What you will see from the air is a Donut of Bad Weather but the center will be very calm. The US/UK  Press will black Out the stories of these missing ships.

The Offending Submarines are too deep to read their names but they wear funny uniforms similar to the NAZIs in WW2 and the sailors are very clean and well dressed. No slackers in this bunch of All Men.
What you can do in China:

1) Tripple coat the Rubber Life Rafts with Rubber and Wax on the bottom and provide NON-MATAL paddles. When the ship begins to "Buzz" ever so slightly, the ship will begin to jar as if it has no rudder, it will slow as the propeller dissolves,  and then all the crew members begin to get very hot.

2) As the hull begins to peel and then dissolve. Get on the Life Rafts and paddle like Mad Men to get out of the area.

3) Film Everything.

4) Create Pressure Sensitive Depth Charges wrapped in Paper or Plastic using CDX Russian High Explosives set to go off at the depth of the shelf just South East off NAHA. The coating is important and a great coating would be with Altamont Crude Wax from Utah, wrapped in a Parchment Paper.

Although it will take several minutes for the Depth Charges to reach their target and the ship will not be saved - it might just cripple the US Submarine and save the second ship.

Test the Depth Charges as they go down because buoyancy changes the deeper you get and non metallic charges just might not sink deep enough unless weighed down with very heavy plastics.

In hte Korean War we found many Metal Free Land Mines. Go back to your old 1955 Mine Manuals and look at these Land Mines - then use a Plastic Pressure Sensitive Detonators.

5) This Frequency Weapon is Unidirectional so another option is to use a Chinese Submarine that goes to 3,000 feet and can fire a Nuclear torpedo just after the ship begins to dissolve and target the bottom of the shelf. You must a long ways away to sue these torpedoes.
On to other mattters:

1) The Red Dragon Family is about to start buying US Press Outlets - this will be a Game Changer.

2) The White House ordered the French Police Commissioner of Paris to be killed because he was issuing an Arrest Warrant of Obama for the Paris False Flag. Apparently one of the Gun Men was seen eating and dining with the French President in 2009 as an honored Guest and was the guest of many in DC.

It was all a False Flag meant to create Military Rule and to kill the French people.

3) When Hillary ordered the death of Christopher Stevens for taking HER commission for 400 tons of weapons sold to the Muhujadeen Al Kaleek (MEK) and ordered the death of the Black Dragon (Japanese) Ambassador to the Golden Dragon (China) family this set out a series of events that are about to lead to some very serious consequences for Obama's Handlers.

4) Obama's Staff is Weak, stupid, and pre-occupied with Gay Sex and Drugs in White House. They are ripe for toppling.

5) Russia is getting clobbered by the Rothchilds Russian Central Bank - they refuse GOD's Protection by doing as HE has directed them so the Blood os on their heads.

The Russian Oligarchs set up by the SVR (KGB) are becoming anxious and loosing faith in their leadership - mainly President Putin. They are rips for bribes and blackmail. This will continue to get worse until Putin and Medvedev decide to follow GOD.

6) The Russian Navy is about to experience huge poblems. They ware about to have several wiring 'Fires" in their High Tech Ships. They contracted out many wiring harnesses to bae made in China and they subcontracted them to be made in Southeast Asia. The Wiring sizes were decreased and Fuse Panels were not installed in critical places to save costs.

The Fix will cost them about $50 Billion Dollars - or about 2.5 Trillion Rubles.

These are the same troubles the Ukrainian Reactors are having - the wiring is too small and no Fuse Breakers or Circuit Breakers in critical places and the New US Rods supplied by Westinghouse (By Orders of the US DOD) are too hot and burn out their wires. Another reactor went off line today --- but it is not in the news.

There are 6 Reactor Shut Downs in the last 60 days in the Ukraine due to US Meddling in Ukrainian Affairs.

Ukraine - have you not had enough Nuclear Reactor Problems?

The US Goal in the Ukraine is "Scorched Earth" - to kill everyone in the Ukraine and make it uninhabitable.

It is called: "Ukraine, Operation Scorched Earth."

7) The problems with Russian Navy Ships will also now be found on Russian High Tech Jets and Tanks. Your electrical Engineers thought 18 Guage is better than 16 Guage - they have NO practical Experience and got confused by the contractors on the phone.

The Sales Reps for these Subcontractors need to be hung and your High Tech folks need a US Electrical Contractor's Course. Not kiddng.

This is why many of your Nukes now need rebuilding - bad electrical work caused by thinner wires.

7) I had an Audiovox Cell Phone and a worm crawled across the face from inside while I was on the phone with Verizon. There are worms that eat wiring and they come from South East Asia. If you have your parts made there they come with these worms and they eat your wiring. This is very bad in High Tech Jets, Ships, Tanks and Nukes - think about it.

8) Prince William Mount, my 12th Cousin Removed, will now quietly take the thrown of England as the Queen is incapacitated.

9) If you research this - neither Eric Holder nor Chuck Hagel have officially resigned. Check it out in Wikipedia - you have been lied to. It was all done to pacify the Red Dragon Family. They were lied to again - double crossed.

By the way - weapons are still being shipped into Mexico while laws tighten about YOUR ownership of guns.


Perhaps tomorrow we will discuss "Operation Cook Your Goose" - a real Operation to kill people around the world.

OK - Enough

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The Cure For Cancer Video - Lets hope they do not screw with this link:

The Next stepp in DEAD DUCK (Operation Hull Devolution) will be a

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Red Dragon Family Has reached A Decision

The Red Dragon Family has reached a decision. In the morning they plan to call their Ambassador to deliver a message to the Rothchild's and their the Committee of 300 and their Round Table:" Obey Or Die. You have 24 hours to decide."

(((Please pray that those who wish Humans and Planet Earth harm become violently sick when within 1 million miles of Planet Earth.)))

As you recall - the Red Dragon Family has been double crossed again and again and when they gave the Rothchilds the Ultimatum last week they responded with a Fake Shooting by French Special Forces on a Gay Porno magazine that the French SPecial Forces was running. In other words - they told hte Red Dragon Family to "Go "F" Off."

That was apparently the last straw for the Red Dragon Family.

Time will tell what happens now. Neither the Rothchilds, the US Treasury, the Russians or the Red Dragon Family are doing as GOD has directed so expect some sparks to fly.

In about a month President Obama the Traitor will host an Anti-Terrorism Conference in DC. In the day great speeches will be delivered, behind closed doors these Evil Presidential Handlers will discuss their next terrorist plots, which World Leaders they will kill and replace with a double, and the times of these events. The desires of the Red Dragon Family are NOT on the agenda. 

The Rothchidls and their Evil Lucfarians know full well that unless the US Treasury, Russia or the Red Dragon Family do as the Living GOD has told them they have ZERO protection form Lucifer and his minions. NONE. The Rothchilds (Bauers from Germany)ey please.  

These NAZI sponsored Terrorist Attacks will be centered around the Full Moon - as was the Fake Attack on Paris - +- 3 days roughly.

So what are they planning:

1) The Russian Federation has just lost a BBB Credit Rating and has ben down graded to a BBB-, soo to be made a C+ - their bonds will be rated as Junk, non-investment grade. They ignored GOD's requests.  Too bad, so sad. Now their economy is going down thanks to their leadership of Pres Putin and PM Medvedev.

This morning PM Medvedev is trying to stop the huge price rise in food all over Russia.

Did Pres Putin, PM Medvedev and other Russian Leaders think GOD was joking?

Is a 20% rise in Bread Prices in St Petersburg funny to an older retired person?

What good is your military might when your relatives cannot afford bread?


2) Chinese held Treasury and Federal Reserve Bonds will no longer be honored by the US Treasury of Federal Reserve. They will not honor my bond, GOD will destroy their ability to cash in on theirs. They are holding Useless Paper they paid good money for. Too bad, So sad, Touche'.

3) Before the Conference there will be an "Attempt" on an Obama Clone. Failing this the Rothchilds will set up a Fake Hit against the Roman Pope. 

4) If the Red Dragon Family plays by GOD''s Rules and actually has the guts to honor what they have been told to honor (Not Likely, but just maybe) then many in leadership positions who work for the Rothchilds and Lucifer will simply vanish. GOD will bless these Red Dragon Family Members, not kill them. 

The Rothchilds know the Red Dragon Family. To play according to GOD's Rules and to be Honorable is only for Holly Wood and the poor. They count on the Red Dragon Family not having the guts to do as GOD has directed them to do  - or so they think.

Time will tell.

5) The US Corporation has ordered a huge increase in Child Kidnapping tall over the world to support their insatiable desire to kill and destroy by raping and poisoning. The Area just North of Northern Idaho will increase in activity in Child Porn Video Making and Child Murder - films used to control their Illuminated Members and supported by Hillary and Mit Romney's Wife. See Abel Danger for a confirmations - or previous APFN Stories. 

The US Child Protective Services and FBI will be fully responsible for these kidnappings, rapings and murders. Look at their website - every one they arrest has Child Porn on their computer - supplied by the FBI after the arrests. 

6) The US Rand Corporation estimates US Population to be 69 Million by the year 2015. Now how do you suppose that they will kill what - 280,000,000 Americans?

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons - that's how. They will blame it on "Terrorist Attacks."

So how are you going to drives your truck Macho Man when the gas stations are gone and what you gonna eat when the Deer, Bear, fish, etc all die of what they are spraying us with?

7) These coming attacks worldwide will center aroudn the Full Moon +- 4 days. Consider 1863 in the American Civil War, who's many battle were fought at "Devils Den, Devils Etc:

Date Full Moon         Battle                      Casualties
Jan 5                         Galveston                1500
Feb 3                         Dover                     1200
Mar 5                       Thompson Station    1000
Apr 4                         Charleston Harbor       36, many, many  more on land
May 3                       Chanslorville            30,000
June 1                       Port Hudson             18,000
July 1                        Gettysburg                40,000
July 30                      Stoney Lake                     5 Started a Series of Indian Wars
August 28                  Devils Backbone            31
Sep 27                      Sterlings                        800
Oct 26                      Whatahoochie               700
Nov 25                      Chartanooga             13,000
Dec 25                       Mossy Creek              400

All were fought as a Sacrifice to Lucifer and the Rothchilds profited by selling weapons to both sides.

The purpose of these Terrorist Attacks will be to start WW3, and take away your rights.

Terrorsts shoot at innocent victims so take away the public's right to defend themselves.
About 20% of the public will wake up. WHat you need is :

a.....Food - Incuding your medications. What I recommend is: Immusist, Diatamations Earth, Sea Weed, and Oregano Oil, and Citri Care and an Essential Oil to help you breath like Uncle Harrys Breathing Oil.  months.
b....Water - one gallon per day per person for 6 months.
c....Toilet Paper - Lots
d....Ammunition - One pistol  per person along with 20 rounds. Hide the pistols when the NAZIs come by to seize your guns and food.
e....Heat - Wood or Propane to last the winter
f...Communications - a way to summon your neighbors in an emergency.
When things break down a little silver and gold may also be useful - but for how long I do not know.

Buy a 50 pound bag of rice and mix Diatamatious Earth in with it and it will not go rotten. This will go an awful long way. One pint of the Diatanmatious Earth per 50 pounds of rice. It can be stored in a Home Depot Bucket very easily. Rinse before cooking.
At this point - expect anything. The Assassination Attempts on Obama will be stepped up - as well as Real Attempts of Chinese, Russian, Tajikistan, Khazahstan, Mongolian, Indian and African and South American Leaders who will not comply with the Rothchilds. This will continue until either the Russian's or Chinese Leadership decides to be Honorable and do as GOD has directed them to do, So HE has said it, so it shall be.
The News You Need

Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount

Sorry - I could pinpoint the next False Flags but I live in an area that only allows me to access certain amount of Information - too much electrical interference. So when the Chinese President,  or Argentina (Etc) is targeted - sorry. You will die because you have ignored what GOD has asked you to to.

Remember - HELL is forever and I have the formula for living a Very, Very long life.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Obama's Staff Is Loaded With Traitors

Obama's Staff is loaded with traitors and the Red Dragon Family has given them an ultimatum: Surrender or Die.

Their official response was to carry out a False Flag operation in Paris and spit in the eyes of the Red Dragon Family telling them to: "Go To Hell, You Do Not Have The Guts You Cowards."

The story just gets worse day by day ans the Alternate Media folks understand how fake the shooing was and and the TV watchers drool into their beers and say how horrible hte shooting was.

The only option for the BRIC Nations, and the Red Dragon Family, is to make good on their threats or go down in history as another John Kerry":" Do Not Cross This Line Or Else"

Either way - if the Rusians, Rothchoilds and Red Dragon Family continues to move forward there will be CAOS - GOD will not let either win until one side, or the other, does as GOD has directed, so HE has said it, so it shall be.


In a sign of his Traitorous Acts the President's Staff personally go involved in a trial of a US Second Lieutentant who shot at 3 men approaching his platoon in Afghanistan and was charged,, and convicted, of murder.

Apparently in 2012 Lt Clint Lorance of the 82nd Airborne was on routine patrols to protect the CIA Opium Fields there when he was warned over the radio by helicopter patrols to watch out for 3 Motorcycle Riders - they were the enemy and a threat..

Shortly this after 3 men on motorcycles headed straight towards them and he had his platoon open fire on them, killing 2 and wounding 1.

Rather than awarding him a commendation for his highly accurate assessment of the situation President Obama ordered him to go to jail for Murder. These actions make President Obama, and his staff, traitors in accordance with the United States Codes.

I spent a hour with a Marine who just got out and what you read here is very typical of the right now in Afghanistan.  This policy is part of the  "Rules of Engagement" the Obama Administration just signed while he was not in the White House.

May I remind you President Obama and your Gay Cowards in the White House: The Red Dragons do not like traitors and if this is true and you do not Pardon this 82nd Airborne LT, they will deal with you. You may be out of office soon. I am only a messenger but I can see the hand writing on the wall.



His Handlers are assigned by the Committee Of 300. They need to be contained or die.

(((Please pray - visualize - that the Committee of 300 is completely immobilized from this day forward and forever.)))

The real question is: Is there any general in these Chain of Command who is MAN enough to arrest these Traitors in the White House or is the US Military filled with Gay Drug Users that do not care?

Are there and MEN left in the Pentagon, is John Ashcroft another Wimpy Little Gay Boy like President Obama?

(((Pray (Visualize) that these Gay Cowards in the White House and Pentagon wish to kill and destroy become so violently sick they cannot stand up when within 1 million miles of Planet Earth)))

(((Pray (Visualize) that all those involved in prosecuting Lt Lorence become so violently sick they cannot even stand up until they reverse these false  charges and place him back on Active Duty)))

We are winning.

(((I also wish to pray that the Red Dragon Family, Putin's Handlers and the Rothchilds do as GOD has directed here on APFN or become so violently sick they can never stand again)))
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount