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Monday, January 5, 2015

Help With Your Retirement Income

If may be a tough year.

The Red Dragon Family now runs the IMF and they will apparently try and make things smooth here in this country but it may be a long road considering the people they are pitted against - the Rothchilds, German Banking System, Rockefellars, US Bankstas, etc.

So here are some tips for aging Americans to help them Ride Out what is coming.

(((Please pray that those who wish to do Humans harm become violently sick when within 1 Million Miles of Planet Earth)))
1st) Stay tuned to Ron Vandyke, Henry Makow and the Golden Jackass (Jim Willie) and Benjamin Fulford for truthful updates on what is happening in this economic change. If anyone knows these are the guys.
2nd) Many couples are getting what I cal l a Strategic Divorce - getting the US Corporation out of their beds. Instead they remain married Lawfully but not Legally. Then they go and get Civil Union papers. This allows them to individually qualify for more Government Programs.

This is 2015 - you need to learn to survive in the New "Obama Gutter Age."

If you really wish to keep the US Corporation in your bed then you will pay for it financially.
3rd) Social Security Survivor Benefits. A very good 63 year old friend qualifies for her husband's Full Social Security at 65 --- so her Social Security will go up by $500 a month when she re-files in about 2 years.
4th) If your income is below about $1,200 you may qualify for Medicare. This may allow you Food Stamos and free medical care and thus avoid the Obama Penalty for not signing up for his health care.

At 62, a single Woman can either get on Medicare or Medicaid or pay Obama $500 a month for his New Health Care. It is your choice and it will be deducted form your Social Security.
5th) I have a friend who cares for his mother. Medicaid paid him about $1,000 a month to be a care taker for her. The wife had to take a short class and then they moved the mom into the house.

The State pays for all medical care - including Diapers (She was 83) and I believe mileage for medical appointments plus Food Stamps.
6th) I have another friend who speaks perfect Russian. She took a test for the Welfare Department  and now on her days off she runs new Russian Immigrants around town to go grocery shopping, doctors, Walmart, the movies and gets $30/Hour to do so plus about $1 a mile for mileage.

Two Good Resources are

a) The Medicaid Office - Welfare Office
b) The Social Security Offiice.

A great website is:

For Veterans go to or your local Disabled American Veterans office.

Debbie at is one top hard worker for the veteran. 
A special thank you to Ron Vandyke for stepping up to the plate and working with the Red Dragon Family on what is coming to America. He may be found on You Tube. He is onwe great interviewer and a very nice guy.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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