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Sunday, January 4, 2015

UN Broadcast 4 Feb 2014 - Mass Conciousnes

Today the teaching wing of the United Nations gave two talks, one in London and one in New York City. This talk is in relationship to the full moon of Capricorn - which occurs at about 8:54 Western Standard Time tonight.

There are two subjects discussed today.

1) First - the teachings:

As the Earth passes through the sky of the area of Capricorn there are particular aspects those who deal in astrology are very much aware of.

Capricorn is all about being lost in the Light of the Supernatural and yet tuning your back on the Light and returning to the dark to help those who are still in the dark - to shine a light for them and show them the way. You must free your self of all desires and separation form others and teach people how to come together as one.

You have arrived on a Mountain and must now shed your light upon the world. No more nations, no more boarders, no more money. We all learn to share.

As you grow in consciousness you become more aware of your surroundings and less aware of the riches of the world. It is - a teaching of Buddhism.

The UN teachings talk allot about their goals to end boarders and redistribute wealth as we learn to put aside our differences and follow the goals set forth by the United Nations - which is here to end poverty and war

2) Second - Consider what Art Bell calls Mass consciousness.

The teaching center for the UN has about 450 listeners and about 30 participants all across the world. This number is less than 500, yet look at what they have accomplished.  They have UN centers around hte world , hugs buildings, and are controlling governments all over the world thanks to the US Corporate military.

If they do not do as they are directed then the US Corporate Military kills them.

All of this with 500 people praying together on the full moon.

Today both broadcasts were scrambled. The one form London did not turn on their mikes until 10 minutes into their broadcast, the one in New York City was completely scrambled.  Yet - they had 450 of us trying like Mad Dogs to get the broadcasts. During seminars as many as 10,000 people world wide tune in.

Imagine what we can accomplish on APFN and Pravda?

Imagine if we continue to pray together on a full moon what we can accomplish?

So let's try: Pray (Visualize) with me that

a) US Gets its audio fixed completely and forever
b) All entities that mean Humans harm through pain, weather modification,  Evil Laws, genetic manipulation, war, and mind control become violently sick when within 1 million miles of Earth.
c) The red Dragon Family and Russian Leadership either do as GOD has directed them through APFN or their leaders become violently sick immediately (And stay sick) until these tasks are accomplished.

We will do as the United Nations and the Theosophical Society have taught us - use Mass Consciousness to rid the world of those trying to destroy Humanity, shutting down their labs,, hteir clones, and all their Evil Little toys.
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Dr William B. Mount

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