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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Worlds First 3D Printable Metal Colt 45

Thats Correct. The world has just seen its first all metal, working Colt 45 Model 1911 made completely with a 3D printer.

(((Please pray hard - Visualize - that those tryng to Kill resident Putin are made violently sick for the rest of their days here on Planet Earth)))

That's Right - the first 3 D Printable working Colt Model 1911 45 caliber pistol and it works perfectly.

Rather than talk about it here is the reference:

The Video on You Tube is: World's First 3D Printable Metal Gun
For You Intel Geeks:

1) The Ukrainian military launched 2 Ballistic Missiles at Donetsk this morning and both broke up in flight. They were shot down but by what I will not say. No Nuclear War in Donetsk Mr Obama and Kerry. Your attempts to kill Pres Putin and fire 2 Ballistic Missiles at Donetsk failed.

This morning, with President Putin deciding not to go to Israel, John Kerry cancelled his trip to Russia. The trip was supposed to be condolences to the Russian People after they had him shot.

You failed President Obama, John Kerry, and your handlers to kill President Putin today and now he knows about it. The Living GD will honor his retaliation. You had better beg for forgiveness. You idiots.

Apparently John Kerry when you got smacked in the face a few weeks ago and had 2 black eyes you did not get the message. I assure you - next time they will not be so nice, same goes for Harry Reid. I know these people. You thieving Wimps apparently did not get the message - Do Not Attempt To Kill President Putin Any More and release those "Russian Spys" you arrested before you get blown off the face of this planet - you apparently will be the First Casualties in any Nuclear War.

2) The EU Government voted to set in place procedures to ban US Made GMO crops - this includes beef, pork, lamb and poultry. The White House staff has allowed Corporations to run wild in America and these people involved in the manufacturing of this Killer Food need to be killed or contained immediately.

(((Pray - Visualize - that those dealing in GMO foods become violently sick immediately and ofr the rest of their days here on Planet Earth)))

3) Do not worry about the nuke at the Super Bowl. The break up of the Bomb Making Factory in Boise Idaho that Sorcha talked about broke up that hope. If one does go off - blame NORAD. They could have tracked it.

Worry instead about the fact that the University of Phoenix in Arizona diverted over 1 Billion Dollars meant to help veterans to this Super Bowl. We call this Fraud and Theft.

It is unlikely the FBI will investigate since they are on the take on this one.

One Billion Dollars form the GI Bill spent on WIlly Nilly things like the Super Bowl while veterans get in debt going to that Private college.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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