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Monday, February 2, 2015

How To Access The Master Matrix

Ever wonder why every one has to have a number, even when they are 3 years old?

Ever wonder why the "Illinated" Bankstas wish you to have a umber - even the Red Dragon Family?

Ever winder why your chipped is about to be stamped with a computer chip and tracked ever where they go on Planet Earth?

(((PLease rpay that those who are hurting planet earth and People a become violently sick immediately for as long as they are on Planet Earth and that their Master Matrix is destroyed immediately)))

Those living in the Underground Bases appear to have technology about 100 years ahead of us here on the Surface. When I spoke with the Washington State Technology Director she told me at the  Microsoft Beyond Oil Conference in 2008 that we were not ready for the advanced technology they have - what an Arrogant Rattfink.

There is a Master Computer under our feet that tracks every one of us and completely control our lives.

Those that run the program are the Masters of the Bankstas we now see living an Abject Luxury. The goal here the Rich and Slave Labor. Those Bankstas killed have access to this Master Matrix.

The Matrix can be accessed through the NSA, which is part of the Department of Defense, a groups of over 1,000 contractors working under the Umbrella of the DOD and wholly controlled by the IMF, which is now run by the Red Dragon Family.

Here is a hint for you hackers: Go to the NSA Website and type in: Access Matrix

A Website not available to us very easily in America is:

Also try matrix*matrix and see where that takes you on various search engines.

Everything is in Subroutines so try accessing Subroutines like: Access Subroutine Autobatch

Good Luck
For those of you who think this is BS, here is reference form the NSA:

An Unclassified File on Security Risks posed by Microsoft Office 97 - which is on our Old Business Computer. We had no idea it was a risk to the NSA, did you?
By the way - in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy) GOD states that HIS mark is on your hands and in your Forehead. Way back in Moses times they did not have computers.

Therefor a person is marked by GOD in what he thinks and what he does - it is a Spiritual Mark, not a physical mark.

In Revelations it talks about the Mark of the Beast - Lucifer.  The Mark of Lucifer is not a Computer Chip but a Spiritual Mark, correct?

The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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