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Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Coming World War 3 April 2015

There is a coming World War and it is coming on very quickly.

In less that 72 hours President Putin will meet with the leaders of France, Germany and the Ukraine.

Either the US/UK sponsored war in the Ukraine ends and the 1991 treaties between Russia and the Ukraine are followed AND the US participates in the World Currency reset or the US and it's allies will be destroyed.


Obama and his allies have neither the guts nor the firepower to strike back at this point- their handlers are wimpy cowards with no real backing. As for the 65,000 Nukes they possess they can all be contained within a few minutes since I have just given enough the information to do this, information I am sire they already had.

Of course - if Pres Putin stands down for another 8 days the US will nuke Chicago, NYC and DC - no loss there, except this will accelerate the move to WW3.

Either way the situation is beyond critical as  President Obama's "Handlers" are now demanding Nuclear War by 3 April 2015.

The Israeli, France, UK, US, Union led by the Pope (I - F/UK/US - U) will either be contained and surrender or the BRICS and their allies will  take them out.

I am sure the Internet is filled with stories about hat is coming.

This is a good time to pray - visualize - I - F/UK/US - Union leaders change their ways immediately or are ushered of this planet immediately.

Honorable Grace
Ambassador William B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russian

As for the future - we have seen it and therefor it can be changed.

This is a great time to pray - visualize - Obama's Handlers becoming violently sick and unable to move and the Matrix collapsing.

One last note: The Drone that crashed into the White House Lawn was flown by a 12 year old, son of an Iranian Diplomat who used to have an S passport. He generally drives a car with Diplomatic Plates. Next time it will be a plane.

FBI - You should have asked me - you Cretans.

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