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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Red Dragons Make Their Move As FEMA Roundup Nears

The World is in quite a tizzy at the moment - complete utter cinfusion.

(Please Visualize - Pray That - those creating this confusion become violently sick while they remain on Planet Earth)
1) When that Nuke was detonated and the Russians ground the one on the way to Stalingrad the entire face of politics changed. So far we have detonated:

     a) Nuke near Pearl Harbor - the next day the Command Structure went form a 2 star to a 3 star.
     b) The Nuke Obama threw at Omaha way back in October 2009. I raised my hand on Live TV and the            Sun broke out with Sun Spots and it will not end until GOD is satisfied.
     c) The Nuke Senator Nelson of SOuth Carolina screamed about that caused a 4.5 Earthquake in Charleston last year
     d) The Nuke NCIA admitted thy found near the White House that almost went off.
     e) The Nuke in the Eastern Ukraine that was detonated and the 4 more that are headed to their destinations.
     f) The Nuke that almost reached Stalingrad and Murmansk a few days ago - Almost.
2) The weather has  gone nuts: We have Snow in Arkansas and melting snow in White FIsh Montana
3) The President of the Ukraine and Obama have abandoned about 10,000 US and Polish Troops as they are being slaughtered in the Ukraine in the town of  "Deboltsava. Luckily most of the Polish troops got out as soon as the Ukrainian President abandoned them.

4) The nukes meant for 15, 16 and 17 February were contained and the CIA headquarters at langley is under total Lock Down and their agents are being asked to explain where these 3 nukes came form.
5) West Coast US Ports are under lock down as China (WHich now owns the ports) refuses to pay Union WOrkers $150,000 a year to work fort 2 hours a day. A Truck Driver can only drive a truck, a Fork Lift Operator can only operate a fork lift, etc.

What this means at US Ports is that you only work 2-4 hours a day if you play by the rules. This "Overhead" is unacceptable by the Chinese.
6) US Bases worldwide are preparing for war and cannot be abandoned as they have access to large military underground bases worldwide - especially under Europe.  The Pentagon is currently negotiating with the BRICS to keep most of their bases open.
7_ FEMA Roundup is supposed to begin 27 February but the US Congress refuses to fun them in their Rounding Up of American Patriots nation wide. This happens to be the day the US Corporation owe a HUGE debt payment to China.

Yes Folks - it is time to round up 20 Million Patriotic Veterans and throw them into FEMA camps complete with Huge Gas Chambers.

The Democrats, being rallied by Nancy Pelosi are Furious, as  they Demand the full finding orf FEMA to initiate their roundup of Americans.

Senator McCain is also screaming about the lack of Homeland Security (SS) funding screaming: "You Can't Shut Down The Government."

Oh yes they can Senator McCain and they will to stop this FEMA Round Up.
8) The US Corporation is still headed for a Full scale Nuclear War on 3 April 2015 and therefor being contained.
9) In the mean time the US Navy is running cable after cable 200 miles out into the Pacific Ocean and using them as communication devices with the submarines - this is why all the fish are dying. It is the Low Level Soundwaves that are killing the Whales and Dolphins, fish, birds, etc. The particular Soundwaves fry their brains.
10) Finally - Greece has said "ENOUGH." When they joined the Eurozone they had outsiders demand how they spend their Euroes and it put Greece in over their heads. They have had enough and have cancelled all Euro Zone Debt Payments. They have told the Rothchilds in England (Bauery Boys of Frankfurt) "NO" on $500 Billion Dollars of Debt.

The Germans are furious and other nations are seriously considering doing the same thing and the United States Corporation is unable and unwilling to step in to mitigate the situation.

Remember - the United States Corporation is still under redevelopment by the IMF - USC 2, Sec 286.
11) Further - Russian Credit Ratings are falling. Since they have refused to honor their debts - a $500 Million Dollar bond with an Ambassador - the Living GOD is about to trash their credit rating once again. I wonder how much this one will cost the Russian People?

Since the leadership of the Russian Federation refuses to do as GOD has asked they will always play second fiddle, never rising to Number One - so GOD has said it, so it shall be.
12) Finally - the Large Gas Clouds on Mars: The Off World CABAL has been contained. Those ofn Mars chose death.
What this means is that the US Corporate Way Of Business - Welfare, wars, killing, destruction, slavery - is about to end wither with a whimper or a big bang. This all depends on whether the Big Boys and girls in the BRICS choose to follow GOD or their own advice so HE has said it, so it shall be.

OK = Enough

Time to pray.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS: On a side note: If you  had some guy locate over 100 Nukes and 5 went off and I found 5 more under your feet ready to go off - wouldn't you think you would at least talk to this guy?

To date no one has approached me. Funny how that works.

Instead of assisting me the local police department put a NARC House in front of my house - so a bunch of Drug Selling NARCS  live next store. That should help me find the next nuke headed to Stalingrad or DC. 

No pressure there. 

I am burned out. Please Pray - Visualize - that GOD renews my strength.  GOD says there will be none after me. I am HIS last messenger.

I am not a profit or a preacher or a man of great wealth - just a messenger.
All Spelling Errors brought to you by US Army Cyber Command.

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