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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

UN Broadcast 3 February 2015

Coming to you from the heart center of the United Nations we have a summary of two UN Broadcasts concerning the Festival of Aquarius.

(((Please pray - visualize - that those harming this planet and Humans become violently sick and remain so until they leave this planet)))

This month's Theme is about the coming of the age of Aquarius, which arrived only a short time ago.

As you recall, there are 12 Dimensions and 12 Harmonics between each Dimension. Humans (People) vibrate at around 50-86 Mhz, or 10th the 6th here in the Third Dimension, 1st Harmonics. The next plain up (astral Plain) vibrates 100 times faster. It is a bandwidth where life is found. The next Harmonics 100 times faster, and so on and so forth.  Man is capable of traveling up 7 Harmonics. Thus the 7 waves of energy, represented by Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mrs, etc.

Roughly every 2,000 years the Earth enters into a New part of the Galaxy - a New Sector if you will.

Every 25,000 years (+-) the Earth rises above the Milkey Galaxy Galactic Plain and enters into the 2,000 year age of Aquarius as it leaves the Age of Capricorn.

Capricorn is represented by extreme individuality, the striving for Money, Wealth and Power.

The Age of Aquarius is represented by the desires to come together and become one..

That which tries to hold onto the old ways must be terminated, killed to allow the new Age to come into place. Thus the Bankstas and their Masters will either yield themselves to this New Age of Aquarius or be utterly destroyed in their greed.

Over the next few hundred years The Age Of Aquarius should bring about a new Human Conciousness through energy flowing through the constellation of Aquarius that will bring about  Justice, Love, Unity and Sharing and a greater awareness of that which is around us not in the Physical World.

The Asherons from Shamballa (Ashera, Ashtarte, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Minerva) are the ones who are primarily responsible for ensuring the growth of Humanity and reside in the 3rd Dimension, Third Harmonics inside our planet.

These Asherons are organized much in the same way as the Federation in the Original Star Trek. You have  s society where basic needs are taken care of and there are Star Ships with Captains, crews,  etc.

The Basic Principle is that of Non-Interference much like the Prime Directive of Star Trek - they will only interfere when it is absolutely necessary. Their presence is not to be noticed as they intermingle with people on this planet.

The Heart of the United Nations comes together every month to create a Group Fusion and unify the intentions of this body to bring about changes to benefit Humanity.

Thus these 2 broadcasts brought about about 450 people together to unify in thought to bring about the will of those in charge of this planet - the Asherons led by Lucifer.

Lucifer, who apparently came here of his own free will to help us "ascend."

If the Astral Plain does merge with this Harmonics on this world in the next 4 or 5 months then we will learn how to make our own desires and wishes come true and we will begin to be unified in our wills and minds.

That which does not assimilate will be destroyed.

If you look on top of the US Capitol Building you will find the statue of Minerva. This nation was built to serve the Asherons and Lucifer's Sub Commander Minerva. We will all serve an be completely unified in purpose.

During this Full Moon we come together to use our creative imaginations to unite in purpose with:

1) Shamballa
2) Asherons
3) New Christ
4) New Group Of World Servers
5) Men and Women of Good Will around the world
6) Physical Centers of Power Distribution:
   a) Geneva,
   b) Tokyo
   c) London
   d) New York City
   e) Darjling India
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