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Friday, February 13, 2015

My Favorite Chicken Died After Eating The New GMO Corn

I have 8 chickens, or at least had 8 chickens.

Recently we raised our egg production form 1 egg per day to 3-4 eggs per day by feeding them 1 Teaspoon Sea Weed and 4 Drops of Immusist per day.

Then I went to a Home Show at the Tacoma Dome and brought some popcorn home for them form the show.

For 3 days - almost no eggs and all the Chickens were sick. Then my Green Egg Layer died.

Her name was Goldie. A one year old Bantie Araconna and a real pleasure to own. she loved being held.

The others are recovering - she is dead,our favorite one of the bunch. Man did she lay - one egg per day.

So Dads and Moms - what do you think this Crap is doing to your kids?

Wake up.

Pray - visualize - that those who make this GMO stuff become as ill as Goldie.
The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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