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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Special Forces Vet Gets Disability After 15 Years

Fifteen years ago a US Special Forces Soldier was released form Active Duty for injuries incurred.

When this Soldier - Now VEt - went back to the US Army for Medical Treatment they dernied treating hiim and told him to go to the VA for help.

When this Special forces Vet went to to the Seattle VA hospital for help they told him htey could not help him unless he was "Disabled"

Time and time again he went to the VA to file for disability and they continually lost his claim stating: You never filed anything with us.

Fast forward 13 years and he runs into a friend of mine. He had been working with this vet to help find him a place to live and heal his woulds - 13 years after the initial claim was filed - but the vet was really depressed.

I got involved about 1 year ago and we immediately requested he go to the DAV in Seattle - 10th floor, Federal building.

After 6 months of talking to my friend he took him to the DAV (Not  the VA) in Seattle.

He filed through the DAV but the military refused to release his records to prove he was in combat and so he did not even qualify for the VETERANS PENSION.

Finally - the DOD released enough of his information to allow him to get the VA Veterans Pension - which is  $1,000 a month.

Yesterday he got his first check.

A Thank you to all involved n helping this veteran.

Names have been withheld because the VA misdiagnosed him and almost killed him twice and there is a pending Lawsuit he will ore than likely win.

Over the last 4 years President Obama has tightened up the requirements to qualify for the Veterans Pension (Not DIsability) and has purposely, and with intent, screwed many millions of vets. President Obama thus has not only violated the 1789 Constitution but attacked our Veterans - specifically in this case the US Special Forces. 

Furthermore - President Obama abandoned your soldiers in the Eastern Ukraine, allowing the slaughtering of many US Special Forces Soldiers. 

Unfortunately the US General in charge of US Special Forces and Special Ops is too gutless to change this situation so his soldiers die needlessly in mass.

For You Intel Geeks:

The Mother Ship of Syrius A has landed near our Submarine Base in Katchican.  More to follow, maybe.

See the latest Sorcha.

Russia - your Mantle Feo is out of the country and is not about to return and your nation is no longer protected. Capice'?

As for the Red Dragon Comments - prove me wrong. The Chinese and Russians both have Consulate 30 miles north of me - prove me wrong. Send one of these Ambassadorial Lap Dogs down to meet me.

Red Dragons - Prove me wrong. I am from Missouri - Show Me.

Otherwise - You Funded WW3 and the Living GOD will deal with you ever so harshly.

The News You Need

Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount
Spelling Errors brought to you by US Cyber Command.


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