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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Peace treaty In Ukraine holds As Red Dragons Tighten Their Strangle Hold

The Peace treaty - as it was written - seems to be holding in the Ukraine.

The Peace treaty signed in Minsk 12 February was very long and very specific.

(Please pray that those making war become violently sick immediately as long as they live on Planet Earth)

(A copy of the treaty is available on the net if you live outside the US/UK/Israel Area.)

The fighting that is now occurring in and around Debaltseve was not covered in the Peace Treaty. What this is was about 9,000 Polish, Ukraine and US Special Forces Troops that were rounded up and pounded with artillery.

Early on in the game the Polish General fled the Ukraine and many of his troops followed.

The Ukrainian Troops appear to be surrendering in droves.

The US Special Forces are being slaughtered as President Obama simply abandoned these US troops to be killed by the Russians.

In essence the Presidents of Poland, the Ukraine and the US Corporation completely abandoned their troops and left them to die on the battle field. What will now happen in the US and Poland is olny a guess.

What is happening in the Ukraine is two things. First - President Poroshenko, despite placing  US Corporate Personnel on his staff, has lost  control of the Ukraine. The military will no longer listen to him, his American Buddies have abandoned him, and there are still riots in the streets.

Further - the US Corporation has been paying for all Ukrainian Social Security since it became a nation back in 1991 but the US Corporation has cut off their Purse Strings. T

In response (due to lack of money)  Poroshenko is no longer paying Old People's Pensions in the Embattled Area near DOnetsk and thus has admitted in a "Defacto" Manner that this area occupied by "Russian Separatist Area" no longer belongs to the Ukraine.

In other words - President Poroshenko surrendered  the Russians after the Americans torched off a Nuke in the Ukraine and sent one to Murmansk and one to Stalingrad.

The one headed to Murmansk is (was) headed towards Severomorsk, a Russian Nuclear Arsenal. I believe they blew it 2./3rds of the way to Murmansk since the Radiation Signature is almost non-existent but I can not confirm it.

President Poroshenko has now become  a liability to the US Corporation and the US State Department there is planning to kill him soon but an adequate replacement has not been found. The HIT is planned within the next 14 days and will come from one of the US Food Contractors in  Kiev. It will be an "Angry" Ukrainian who will  be killed by US Forces imbedded in the Police Force after capture.

Even the Chief of Police Office on Bogolmosta has been infiltrated by forces loyal to the US corporation. It's All About Money there.
Tied to this war is the Greek People saying they will no longer honor their debt with the Bankstas of Europe They are preparing to Exit the Euro Zone and switch to a Rubble as a currency called the Drachma.
NATO is preparing for war - except - their Weapons Of  War are made in China and South East Asia. No spare parts - no war - and China has not only closed the US West Coast Ports but the Red Dragons have mustered the BRICS 188 nations to terminate supplying NATO with Spare Parts.

No more Dollars or Euros will be accepted to buy Weapon's Spare Parts.

No New Tank Treds, the M-1 Tank Stops, right?

No new Butt Springs for the M-16, the weapon ceases to function, right?

No more tires for the F-16, they can't fly, can they?

The Federal Reserve Dollar is cracking all over the world and the FEMA Round-up has been halted on 27 Feb 2015 --- for now.

The New US Treasury Dollar is ready to be issued and has an Issue Date of 2015 printed right on it - but this too will fail, os says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come. They know why.
I would like to apologize for the errors in last nights stories - you can thank US Army Cyber Command for them.

Both my Blogspot and this website have Spell Checkers and for these errors to appear means the story was tampered wit.

The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

Perhaps tomorrow we will discuss who the Red dr are

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