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Monday, February 9, 2015

Nuke Used In Ukraine As US Takes Down Internet

As you might have noticed many internet sites and Search Engines are now going down.

This is to hide the fact that someone in  the White House sent in a Nuke and torched it off in the Eastern Ukraine.

Донецк Мощнейший, мать его, взрыв! 08 02 15 - YouTube

The Nuke was brought in by a US Military Plane form one of their hidden arsenals - part of the 1,000 Missing Nukes we described no to long ago - to the Airport just South East of Kiev, transported by Special US Army Vehicle and then two men (Both Ukrainian).

A Corridor was created to allow these two "Pack Packers" to enter through the North East to their target.

This 10KT Strategic  Nuke was armed and set to take out a target. The timer was set to 3 hours.

The 2 Ukrainian men walked away and will "lay low" for at least a month and then be paid in a combination of US, Ukrainian and Russian currencies and then will be terminated upon arriving at their final destination somewhere in the near Granada.

This detonation was to correspond with the Peace Talks President Obama was having with Angela Merkel, PM of Germany. A sort of Black Mail. Shortly afterwards Google.Gr (Greece) had their server shut down by forces loyal to the Fascists in the White House.

Further - A Nuclear Safety Conference is set for 17 through 18 February in DC corresponds well with the Nuke set to go off in DC on 17 February. While all the World Leaders are their to discuss Nuclear Safety they will all be turned into ashes blowing in the wind. I wish I was kidding. When President Obama leaves the conference - get out, run like the wind. His handlers are aware of this potential Nuclear Detonation all too well.

I knew about the incoming Nuke long before I learned about the conference.

Yulia Tomashenko - leader of the " All Ukrainian Party of the Fatherland" started by Hitler got her wish today. Russian citizens who are part of the Ukraine go nuked. She was told about this by the US Ambassador to the Ukraine but refused to participate in this Nuclear Murder of her fellow citizens but also refused to try and stop it.

Other websites taken down by those loyal to the Fascists include:

1) Whatreallyhappened
2) Henry Macow

The Fascists of Israeli, French, UK, US Union have  now have resorted to Full Scale Nuclear Blackmail.

NUKE EXPLOSION IN UKRAINE? - A Huge Explosion Rocks Eastern Ukraine - YouTube

Leaders of the Fascist Brigade (I  /F/UK/US Union) you have just stepped over the line, so HE has said it, so it shall be. There will be consequences.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Spelling Errors brought to you by US Army Cyber Command

11th Annual Nuclear Energy Conference | Home

A note about the Nukes headed into Russia. The original Nukes were built way back in the Mid-1940s and were made of Plutonium and Uranium. We moved to Hydrogen Bombs in the 50s and Neutron Bombs in teh 60s.

In the 70s the USA began playing around with Californium 252 and a host of other odd elements to create a Big Explosion.

Accelerants like Lithium 6 were made ot make these explosions huge and leave almost a Zero Nuclear Trace  - as were hundred of other nuclear Accelerants. Testing continued underground and in the Atlantic Volcanic Range now for over 40 years. All new developments included Alien Intervention except the Compressed Titanium rods and Iron Metal Bombs - using Sonoluminescence to blast a piece of Iron like a Nuke.

Neutron Weapons (Berilium in a can) and later Anti Matter Weapons were also developed.

The Energy Pulse weapons now being installed on US Ships were developed in the Late 1920s, we did a TV show on it and showed the patents. These weapons are about 90 years old. Go Navy.

These bombs headed into Russia have an entirely different signature and apparently look nothing like the 70  year old nukes of Yeasteryear.

Their detonation pattern is different, their radiation signatures are absolutely completely different. This is how I knew what was used in the Ukraine 8 February 2015.

Good luck finding them. Two are sill in the Ukraine, two in Russia. Read me and see if I tell the truth.

Good Luck BRICS Intelligence. Without the Mantle Feoo in place - you are pretty much screwed. President Obama plans to take down the Internet one website at a time and you will looses contact with every lead you have. and the President and White House will be destroyed in 90 days after I go off line. So HE has said it, so it shall be.


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