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Friday, February 27, 2015

Operation Lightning Strike - The Destruction of America Is In Full Operation

Operation Lightning Strike is the Destruction Of America and is in full swing today.

(((Please Visualize (Pray) that those who did this act become violently sick until they stop.)))

As you read this the Department of Homeland Security was busily cutting 3 major internet cables in:

1) Arizona
2) Oklahoma
3) Florida

This "Terrorist" or "Vandals" as every major TV station reported cut cut all:

a) 911 Communications
b) TV
c) Radio
d) Internet
e) Bank ATMs
f) Access through the banks to your bank accounts
g) All cell phones were cut except Verizon - the DOD provider

So here is the time frame - much of it has already been stopped and funding comes from the IMF - which is now run by the RED DRAGON FAMILY:

1) Nuke, Ukraine - 8 Feb - it happened
2) Nuke Stalingrad (Volograd) 11 Feb - Nuke was intercepted

3) Nuke Murmansk 13 Feb - is in hiding
4) A Second Nuke near Donetsk - broken detonator

5) Nuke - Chicago - 15 Feb - Intercepted, same place as last time
6) Nuke NYC - 16 Feb - Intercepted on rout to

7) Nuke - DC - rerouted, two men got scared and ran
8) Preliminary Cable Cuts to shut down net in three areas. If you see this happen again - kill the Security Guards - they wand you dead and they are FBI Contractors.

9) FEMA Funding FIght. They are now ready to round up Americans and they need extra money to do this
10) Killing of Obama Double 17 or 27 March in a door way either in DC or Martha's Vineyard. Both dates will be tried - they need their Nuclear War.

11) 3 April  Ww3. The plan is to detonate a few nukes, cut at lease 25 Internet Cables and start throwing nukes.

These people - these Demon Possessed People are evil to the core - you and I mean nothing to them - NOTHING.

The people involved in this test include: Homeland Security, Russian and Chinese representatives (Red Dragons) and the North American Electric Reliability Company.

China (Red Dragons) buys US bonds and therefor they have unlimited funding. Prove me wring Red Dragons - prove me wrong in this. Send one of your Consulates in Seattle to meet with me.
Consider these 2 facts:

A) Why does Homeland Security need more money in February?

To round us up and to run the FEMA camps.

B) Why dod the Democrat Socialists in Congress vote against their own funding bill?

As a ruse - watch the TV and ignore what is going on in your own back yard.

FEMA, Homeland Security - they are your enemies. They are private corporations owned by Eurpoean Bankstas that want you dead.

The FBI is part of Homeland Security.

The Red Dragon Family is currently funding these Departments through the IMF and English ROyalty Income.

Rand Corporation Report: America's Population to be: 69 Million in  the year 2025.

They want you dead.

Definition of Department in a 1946 dictionary: An Agency Of A Fascist Government.
And so it has begins - funded by the Red Dragons and the Rothchilds.  The Rothchilds own the IMF, the red Dragons run the organization - World War 3. A Jointly funded war to kill off most Surface Dwellers.

Watch out Russia and China and all others involved - it backfired on Marduk, it backfired on Adama, and it backfired on Mars. GOD will now deal with you ever so harshly for your War Like Intentions, so HE has said it, so it shall be.
You need: Food (Medications), Water, TP, Ammo, Heat and COmmunications for at least 3 months.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Perhaps I will tell the Chinese about the Nuke headed towards Beijing to an Odd Colored Water Tower - or not. After all - they have not asked their corporations they control to honor my debts with them - so why tell them - they dishonor me?

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